3 Ways to Recruit Up with your Facebook Lives
January 13, 2018
New Facebook Algorithm Changes😫that WILL mess with your ranking! If you are a Network Marketer/Direct Sales REP you need to watch this! What to STOP doing ASAP!
January 13, 2018

10 Commandments to Never Break on Facebook

Are you ready to start attracting more leads to your personal profile?

I mean like influencers?

When you think of your Facebook I want you to think of it as an autobiography the world will see when you are no longer with us.

Ask yourself, “What does your autobiography say about me right now if someone were to go to my Facebook page?”.

Now think about if you were to ask 5 people that question about your Facebook page what would they say?

Is it full of negativity?

Is it you being an infomercial for your company?

Are you plagiarizing and always copy and pasting posts instead of being creative?


Are you being entertaining?

Are you being authentic?

Are you sharing insightful information on your industry?

Are you positioning yourself as an influencer/leader?

Are you inspiring others with your stories of how you have overcome obstacles?


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Here’s the deal, in order to attract quality people into your business you need to position yourself correctly on social media.

Balance your posts:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Empower
  • Engage
  • Evaluate

This took me years to realize and I want to help you shave down the time and learning curve.



10 Facebook Commandments to follow:

  1. Clean uplifting attractive profile
  2. Change your settings on others tagging you to be able to approve first
  3. Public Profile (How can you attract new people if they can’t see your page?)
  4. Make eye contact by engaging with others posts and Facebook Stories
  5. Post 2-3 times a day MAX and make sure they are 4 hours apart at least!
  6. Do NOT accept friend requests until you have looked at their profile and shoot them a message to connect.
  7. 3-4 Facebook lives a week on something! (Click here to check out my 3 Step SOS Facebook Live Formula course)
  8. Get in Networking Groups you can provide value in!
  9. Do NOT randomly add people to groups!
  10. Be authentic and stop being lazy! Create valuable content Facebook wants to show your network!

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