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July 27, 2018
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The Power of Recognition for Your MLM Team

Leveraging the Power of Recognition While Building Your Network Marketing Business 



When was the last time you received recognition in your job or in life? 

When I think back to when I was working for a 3rd party company for Amazon, (Corporate America), I remember getting scolded and told what to do and when to do it. Basically getting talked at like my boss owned me. It legit made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of anything more or better and that I would be stuck working in a cubicle FOREVER!

I even remember my boss coming over to my desk after I helped close a 1 million dollar deal and she legit piled more on my desk with a smile and walked away. It actually put me in a deep dark place.  Having to wake up every single day, go into work, and know that I was not going to be celebrated was not empowering at all!


You know what though?

I am grateful for those stories that I now have and appreciate the drive it gave me to go from cubicle to throne! LOL


In this Episode, I will share with you 5 ways I give praise and celebrate our team for their wins.  How it can create momentum for your network marketing business and how it can help attract more business opportunity leads into your funnel.  See, when there is HIGH energy in your team, leads will be attracted to that energy.   I highly suggest you copy what I do in my personal team so you can grab some of the results in YOUR MLM business as well!  Sound good?  Remember, your team isn’t getting it from their jobs!



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There are many ways to celebrate your team and to give recognition but before I go over those different ways, I need you to understand how important it is to do this. This is something I believe that is overlooked in the industry and it can make or break your team, your culture, and make you look like a real crappy leader.



Let’s get into the reasons why you need to celebrate your team and why it is so important. 

#1 – It creates and builds momentum and excitement.

Think about this. When you have someone that is using a product and they have a success story, what ends up happening? They end up telling others about it. The same thing happens in the business.

If you have success stories where people are getting their ROI or they are really excited about the business, it’s going to put FIRE under YOUR existing team members!


When you are celebrated doesn’t that make you want to work harder? 


By doing this it’s going to build that momentum from the excitement and create some duplication for your business.


#2-It is going to show appreciation. 

Think about this…

In the normal 9 to 5 workplace you are not getting appreciation. You are just expected to do things like be on time, work overtime, and follow directions.  Everything is always expected!

When you are Your Own Boss, “Be your own boss” you are in control of what is expected and are searching for appreciation.  Its human nature to want to be celebrated.

There are so many ‘I, I, I,'  leaders in the industry. You want to avoid being the lame leader who makes it all about them! UGH!


Here is something you need to remember and please stick it in your head. 

  • When your team feels appreciated, they are going to stick around longer
  • When your team feels appreciated or even recognized for something they did good, they are going to continue doing it over and over again.



This next part might sound a little crazy but I promise it’s all going to make sense at the end.

When a puppy pees on the floor, we spank them, shove their nose in it and we tell them NO! So they know if they go pee pee on the floor they are going to get spanked. Most of the time that does not always work.


What happens when you celebrate a puppy for going pee pee outside? You give them a treat and they know that if they go pee pee outside they are going to get a treat.

I am pretty sure I just compared our Network Marketing opportunity and team to a puppy peeing outside but it is all good. HAHA  Just keeping it 100 with you all, right?


When you reward your team and you show them appreciation and celebrate them, they are going to want to continue to do the right things and you won’t have to expect from your team, they will want to be celebrated. 

When your team feels appreciated, it creates a culture of a winning team. This will help you build a solid team that sticks around. And let’s face it…..50% of your team will stick around just for recognition. 


Guess what?! The Heels Up Academy OPEN!



You can celebrate BIG wins and SMALL wins in your team. I suggest you do both! Yes, it takes time, yes it might cost you money, but reinvesting into your business is crucial! If your team feels like you are “making money off of them” and not “with them” you are a shitty leader. #sorrynotsorry


Here are some more things to remember:

» Give attention where it’s deserved «

» Celebrate those using the system «

» Acknowledge effort «

» Offer feedback and encouragement «

» Be public about celebrations «


OKURRR…let’s go over the 5 main ways I celebrate my team and do the recognition. 

1. Pushing Leaderboards in the Team page.

This can be:

  • Top 25 Sales Team
  • Top Recruiters
  • Top Volume
  • Top Distributors in first 30 days

This is a big deal. It creates some competition in the team but also recognizes those busting their asses, right?! I actually do all of the above listed throughout the month.


2. Go to Their Facebook Page (personal recruits or big ranks) and post a Congrats on their wall!

Remember, you are not going to say the name of the company and please DO NOT post how much money they make because that is just SUPER TACKY and the FDC hates it!

Celebrating their wins will not only makes them feel special but it is going to create that curiosity to their friends. They are going to wonder “why is she being celebrated? I don’t get celebrated in my everyday job. I want to be celebrated, this is really cool!”

This is going to pique their interest and their friends on Facebook to stop and usually ask questions.

3. Interview the Success Stories LIVE.

You can conduct theses interviews

  • On your personal profile
  • In the team page
  • In the prospecting page

Why? Stories sell. Success stories are going to, again, empower the system that you have created for your team. It’s going to show people that if they follow the system and they use the right ‘ingredients’ they are going to bake a successful ‘cake’.

We basically are reinforcing the system and celebrating the distributor. Makes sense


4. Celebrate rank advancements with Certificates for Rank/Gifts 

⇒ What is your rank system? Do you know it? If not, you need to get familiar with it. 

⇒ What about running reports in your back office? Get familiar with that too!

Every time we have a rank advancement of a leadership level, BOOM, my team gets a thank you hand written note, and a certificate of rank. When your team sees this, they are going to turn around and duplicate it creating that winning culture in your team and create that solid foundation. (Yes, even if your company does this, do it anyway!)

Now, here is a little side note. Anyone that I personally enroll in my organization receives a welcome gift, thank you notes, and rank up gifts no matter the size of the rank!  It’s worth reinvesting time and money into my team because at the end of the day I want them to know that we are in this together!

5. Personally call your sponsored or enrollments and say congrats! 

I think this is something that we lose sight of because in today’s world it is all about technology and texting/emailing. Just like when we are prospecting, it’s really cool if someone hears your voice. It creates the same power. Celebrate with them! 

One of my favorite things to do is to actually FaceTime with my personally enrolled once they rank advance, especially a big rank. I actually remember doing this with Nikki. She lives in Michigan, and I am in Florida, we FaceTimed! I took a screen shot. Her kids were in the background and it was just a moment when we were able to celebrate together.

Does you company have somewhere (Facebook Group) where you can celebrate your team members for ranking up? If not, utilize your team page to recognize with a pretty flyer or collage utilizing or PicCollage celebrating their wins.


Bottom line, your team might have a shitty job, a shitty home life, and maybe was NEVER celebrated EVER (excuse my French by the way, just keeping it real with you all).   Copy and leverage the 5 ways to celebrate and recognize your network marketing team.  Reinvesting in the people that brought you a residual check goes a long way in this industry.


You can legit make a huge impact in their life just by celebrating them! You can make a positive impact in someone’s life inside or outside of your organization just by saying,“I appreciate you.” What that can do in someone’s life or in someone’s world is a BIG DEAL.

So this week, I have a challenge for you. Every single day find 5 people you can say, “I appreciate you” to.  I do this to waitresses, when I am at a grocery story checking out, if someone helps me with something, and I absolutely do this in my team.




Find ways to say I appreciate you and see what it does for your organization. 


As always, if you feel like at some point you found some valuable information from me here, what I would love for you to do and encourage you to do is to share this! Share it with your team, with those people that are inside the industry of Network Marketing. Someone needs to hear this today and you can help get the word out.


Last question of the day…

What does it feel like when someone celebrates YOU? Drop Me a comment below! 


Marina Simone


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