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August 3, 2018
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How to Avoid Facebook Deleting Your Content

Facebook lives are disappearing! Facebook is deleting Fan pages without any warnings! Will yours be next?

There are probably a million questions going through your head right now,


→ Why Are Fan Pages Being Deleted?! Is my page next?!

→ Where did my live video go?

→ How can I avoid this from happening and not be next on the purge list?!


If you are using a Facebook Fan Page for business or for your Network Marketing Business, or   you know someone that does, for sure share this with them ASAP!  It’s so important to learn why Facebook is doing this so you aren’t their next target!


As for live video, Facebook has yet to tell us exactly why they are deleting lives, only that, “It is a possibility that the video violated one of their community standards or policies.” But I wanted to go over how you can be targeted and what to do to avoid your content being deleted.


In this episode, I am going to tell you the best ways to AVOID getting you Business Fan Page deleted and what to do on your Facebook lives so they don’t get purged!


For more training on this continue to the Facebook live video below.


Let’s start off with your Fan Page.


Can you believe this Heeler? Facebook decided to delete over 84 fan pages without warning or notice. These pages literally had millions and millions of likes, comments and posts. Here are some examples of the ones that got deleted:


Heath and Healthy Living (450k Followers)

Health Awareness  (2.5 million Followers)

I Want to Be 100% Organic (700k Followers)


Do you see a trend in these? Natural Health and Alternative Medicine seems to be the major target right now. YIKES! If you are actually thinking of starting a health page fan page, I would advise to read the policies and procedures of Facebook ASAP!!


In early June 2018, Mark Zuckerberg hired about 3,000 additional employees to virtually trace and purge any and all Facebook Pages with #FakeNews, causing a huge problem in the natural world of health. I know you are thinking, this is not fair, why would Zuckerberg do this, how am I going to build my Network Marketing Business online without a Facebook Fan Page.


SCREEEEECH!!! Put on those breaks and let me first tell you what words are the RED FLAGS!


What is the connection?

There are  specific words that are being targeted

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Traditional
  • Wellness
  • Holistic


These pages have been flagged and even erased with no warning!!! So if you are using fan pages to generate MLM Leads, let’s really dig into what I personally found so you can lessen the chances of this happening to you!


1. Don’t depend on Facebook 

You need to learn how to use multiple platforms. Don’t just build your business solely on a Facebook Business Page! Your business can also be built on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest and through your own personal Facebook page.

An easy way to do this is to repurpose your content on all of the social media platforms. This is a major time savor!

I’ve actually showed my Heelers in the Heels Up Academy exactly what I use to do this. {P.S. If you want to check out this Elite community, the doors are actually opening up on Wednesday, August 15th!


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Think about this, you may be relying on Facebook and Facebook ads to build and promote your business but just remember how affective word of mouth really is. You can organically make a six figure income by doing this through different social media platforms.

2. Capturing an email list

Let’s just say your Facebook Business Page did get deleted…what now? HOPEFULLY, you have taken my previous advice on starting an email list and you can reach out to your lists and let them know what has happened, and the next steps you are going to take.


Remember, having an email list is SO important, not only for back up for social media crashes but it’s a great way to keep direct contact with your business leads, customers, and team all online. It feels more personalized to the individual that is receiving it instead of them just scrolling through the news feed and seeing your post on Facebook.


You want to have a back up for the back up for the back up!


People usually don’t go days without checking their email, social media platforms, and text messages. One way I utilize a back up is keeping lists on Facebook so I can stay in connection and consistently be seen to my customers by commenting on their posts.  Another way is utilizing email lists.  This will help you become more successful and organized in your multi level marketing business and keep a direct line of communication open with your customers and distributors.

3. Use your Name as a brand 

If you are thinking of starting a health & wellness fan page I want to encourage you to instead BRAND YOUR NAME. Take a step back real quick.

What if, down the road, you decided you wanted to join a different Network Marketing Company or Direct Sales Company with a different product? You are sitting here right now, promoting make up and it didn’t work out for you, but now you are joining a weight loss company, that is going to look weird on your page, right?

Listen, I know you are probably wondering HOW the heck you can brand yourself and work your Network Marketing Company at the same time. I had leaders in my upline telling me “no it’s a waste of time” and “only people who can’t build their network marketing business do it”. 


I finally cracked the code.


I grew faster than one of my mentors, outranked my upline, and now have a six-figure brand and network marketing income and now I am freaking pumped to show you how I “Developed Super Fans” and legit created a tribe of incredible humans that buy and promote my brand because they want to.

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Facebook does not like it when you keep changing the name of your Fan Page. Make sure you are staying up to date with the policies and procedures of Facebook Pages. Treat this like a business and stay up to date!  Now, let’s dig into what Facebook is looking for as far as “Fake News.” 


What is actually considered as fake news? Spam Accounts.

Around 2016/2017 Facebook actually went through the accounts that had fake likes or fake followers on their fan pages and purged them all. They actually realized that people were buying these likes and followers/comments and removed these half a billion fake accounts. Zuckerberg priorities are to keep people safe and create new ways to protect them.


If you are thinking about buying followers, DON’T DO IT!!! Build your empire organically. Here are some tips to make sure you are not producing and sharing fake news.


♦  Make sure you use a Fact Check! 

One of my favorite tools is to use Anytime you are going to share an article, copy and paste a YouTube link, content for your Facebook lives, you don’t want to be sharing this fake news. You want to make sure the news you are reading is real. Viral fake news = no bueno.

I’m going to keep it real with you guys, I don’t like to share just anything. I have to know and trust the source that it is coming from. It all goes back to building trust. You aren’t seeing big mentors out there in the Network Marketing profession getting deleted, it’s because they are fact checking their stuff before they share it.



♦ Always read beyond the headline!

Let’s face it, there can be headlines out there that really grab your attention. If someone has a great headline, it doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and share it. You need to READ the information, go behind the headlines and really find what this article is about.


♦ Check the Author/Check the date 

There can be real information being shared but then it’s distorted like the game “telephone.” This can go in one ear one way and come out completely different and maybe even misleading. Again, just be conscious of the content you are sharing.



Say you aren’t at the Business Fan page level yet but your are using live video to get more eyeballs on your PERSONAL page. How are you going to avoid your live video from being deleted off of Facebook?


You go through all this planning and practice just to notice that your live video is….POOF GONE!


Again, Facebook wants their users to feel SAFE and build a SAFE community. Below are some things you want to avoid when doing a live video on your personal page.


1. Posting Links in Your Titles. This is a major no no. If you are posting links in your Facebook Title, Facebook sees this as SPAMMING and will throw a big red flag on that video. Instead, wait until your video is completed and add it as a comment.

2. Engagement Bait Titles. You are probably like….what the heck is engagement bait? Have you ever posted something like this:

Like this if….

Share this to…

Comment below for…

Tag someone to…

I mean, let’s just keep it 100, I personally have LOL! Why did I do it? Obviously to  get more people to comment on my video. Facebook hates this! It actually messes with your algorithm. I have a Free Live training I did on all about Facebook Algorithm, to check it out simple Click Here.


3. Playing Copyright Music. Facebook HATES this! If you do post any video what so ever, live or uploaded, they will actually mute your video and send you an email telling you about the copyright infringement and using the music without the consent/permission of the artist.

Even if you add “I do not own the music,” it still flags the bots and your video can be deleted or even worse, copyright.


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4. Making Health Claims. Just don’t do it! Don’t make promises to people, let’s just face it, if they start using your health products and they don’t get the exact results you are telling them the ARE going to get, it’s going to make them a very angry person. Think about how you would feel in their shoes. Keep it real with your client and instead share stories of those who achieved successful results.


5. Over tagging People.  Have you ever gotten tagged on something, rolled your eyes and blocked the person or unfollowed them? The same goes for you. Don’t just start tagging everyone on your friends list just because you want to have 1k views on your video. You want to avoid being that SPAMMY human I always talk about. Be authentic and inviting by personally reaching out to them and asking if they are open to learning more about your “x” video.


6. Sharing your Lives into Multiple Facebook groups.  Its Simple, check the rules in the Facebook Group you are in. Some groups discourage business related posts and also do not allow you to share your Live video in there. Abide by their rules or you will be reported! #DontBeSpammy

If Facebook also sees that you are the ONLY ONE sharing your videos right when they are finished into multiple groups they will flag you!


So what is the point of all of this. Let’s do a recap.


It’s really important that you don’t share fake information on Facebook so your fan pages don’t get flagged or maybe even worse, deleted! Check and see if the information you are sharing isn’t just fake news and that it is actually important and valuable information coming from a trustable source.




When building you business online and when sharing information on social media, always remember:

  1. Don’t only depend on Facebook
  2. Build and Capture your Email List
  3. Use your Name as your brand
  4. Don’t be a SPAM account
  5. Make sure to use Fact Check
  6. Read beyond the headline
  7. Check and confirm the credibility of the author
  8. Check the date the news was published


You have to remember to always be authentic and real. If you post spammy content Facebook will not like this. Simply Avoid:

  • Posting links in your titles
  • Creating engagement bait posts
  • Using copyright music
  • Making Claims
  • Over tagging People on your Posts
  • Sharing your lives in multiple groups


Marina Simone


Now, I have a question for you Heeler.  Have you experienced your Facebook Lives being deleted?  Tell me about it! What are your thoughts on why FB is doing this?


Marina Simone



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  1. Hi Marina
    Great posts!
    Ive had my Personal Fb profile and Page get hidden for my security
    I had some posts re collagen and Health claims but testimonials. So hard to get anyone to help.
    I had conversions from the Page and My Lives
    I only had 500 likes but it was getting ing traction and

    • admin says:

      Hi Kym!
      So frustrating!
      We are all searching for other evidence or reasons of WHY facebook is randomly deleting content.
      Unfortunately it sounds as though the health related posts are what flagged them.
      Try emailing them and contacting support.
      (Which will probably get a generic response.)
      But I will do my best to keep up on this info for everyone!
      Keep me updated

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