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8 Top Traits to becoming an Effective Leader in your MLM Business

How to become an Effective Leader for your Network Marketing Team



What is the most important skill to have to become that rockstar, that effective leader,  or top sales leader you have always wanted to be?

You have to be an EFFECTIVE LEADER in order to rise to the top, but what does that even mean?

Being an effective leader means that you are not just the B. O. S. S. 


It means you guide and motivate your team to achieve their goals!


In this Episode, I’m going to give you the essential qualities you need to possess in order to be an effective leader, as well as a few bumps in the road you may be encountering in your Network Marketing business and how to get over them.




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Before I get into it, I want you to ask yourself the following question:


“What are the reasons you need to make money in this business?” 


Let me tell you one thing, Heeler, understanding your “why” will help get you to the “how”.  Not only that, but really understanding your motivation (your “why”) will help you shift your business to the next level.   


When I began my journey in this industry, I hit a point when I felt that all I was doing was,


→ making the calls

→ going to events

→ networking

→ following up

 but it was just not enough…. 


The bottom line was that I wasn’t ready for a big team because I couldn’t get out of my own way. Rather than inspiring, encouraging, and motivating, I was complaining each month that I had to rebuild my team. Keeping it REAL for you Heeler.



In the beginning, it was more about making money than empowering my team members. I found out that the truth was that I needed to inspire and empower in order to keep my team committed.


When I hear things like, “My team isn’t growing,” or “My team isn’t hustling the way that they should be,” I have one thing to say: No matter where you are in your business, you have to lead! OKUURRR! 


Just because you are not at the top right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader on your way there. I was a leader in my business before I was even ranked, proving it is possible. Regardless of your current rank, you have to be ready to step up to the plate and lead.


Let me tell you one last story before I dig into the 8 traits that make an effective leader. This is legit, my very own personal experience. I had a really big team that grew within 90 days and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t ready for the sudden growth in my team. After speaking with industry leaders, I came to understand that I had to up my game. I had to be ready to take it to that next level and take action. I also understood that I had to train my team and the excuses had to stop.


I had to stop pointing out the “I have no time,” excuse. I figured out one of my favorite #HeelerHacks here:

 Wake up an hour earlier or go to bed a couple hours later.


Once I started doing this, I really made it work.  I understood “My Why” and I started grinding from the moment I woke up, to the moment my head hit that pillow at night. Then I would do it all over again.

You must be willing to make the sacrifices now in order to reap the rewards.


Remember: Instead of focusing on what you deserve, think about what it is that you bring to the table.

This is a WE game, not a ME game.


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Okay, now let’s dig into it. Here are the 8 Traits to becoming an effective leader.


1. Time/Money Management Skills

Great leaders are efficient at managing both their time and their money. Successful leaders don’t just manage their money well, but they also reinvest their money back into their businesses. If you struggle with managing your money, it is vital you get better at it.

Managing money is a weakness of mine, I mean, I gotta get all those heels LOL. Instead of complaining, I took a proactive step and found a simple solution that works for me. I let my hubby handle and manage the money because he’s good at it, shout out to the #HBO. This may not be your solution for managing money, but I guarantee there is a solution. Time management means making time for your business and your team. If you manage your time well and discipline yourself, your business will reap the benefits. #makemoneymoves

2. Disciplined Work Habits

In order to be a successful leader, you have to be disciplined and create habits that will benefit your team and your business. If you’re saying, “I just don’t have time,” it is not acceptable. Make time! That is an imaginary limit you are setting for yourself. I am constantly making calls, doing trainings, empowering my team, and am completely immersed in my business at all times. There is a saying: “Work smarter, not harder.” I disagree with this statement. The reality is that it takes both to be a great leader in this industry.

The first step toward change is awareness. If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, you have to start by becoming aware of the choices that lead you away from your desired destination. – D. Hardy


This is one of my favorite quotes from the book, “The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy,” I mentioned in the video. If you want a jump start to changing your life, this book made a HUGE impact on my life and I really suggest reading it!

3. Dependability

Being dependable is crucial because your team has to be able to count on you. You have to show up when you say you’re going to show up and do what you say you’re going to do. Hold yourself accountable and truly commit to what it is you say you are going to do. When you don’t show up, you will lose that dependability with your team. I always talk about duplication, if you are not dependable, your team will duplicate this.

4. Punctuality 

Being punctual is a very important element in being an effective leader. When you have a call, always be on time. Better yet, be 5 minutes early. If you manage your time well this shouldn’t be a problem. Effective leaders know how to discipline time and money, they do not make excuses about time.


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5. Consistency

I can’t stress the importance of keeping your word and showing up when you say that you will be there. I understand Network Marketing can be a roller coaster ride and your emotions can be all over. I understand that life happens; but in my experience, staying consistent will make you a perfect appointment setter, which will in turn, grow your team. I make sure that every 30 minutes of my calendar is booked. Why? Because I understand what it takes to succeed.

6. Trust Worthiness 

Another key trait effective leaders demonstrate is being trust worthy. The word “trust worthy” means people worthy of your trust. For example, if someone is stealing enrollments from your downline, they are proving that they are not trust worthy. This type of person would not be an effective leader, let alone help you to grow your team. Try to surround yourself and build your team with trust worthy people.

7. Avoid/Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are time wasters. If you’re not ready to get rid of a particular distraction all together, then carve out a specific time for it. I have a distraction (a show) that I set aside a time for it Wednesday nights from 8-9pm. Avoiding distractions molds successful leaders. It’s really important to grind and stay focused in your business.


8. Giving Credit Where its Due

If you make sure to praise your team members for their accomplishment. This increases the quality and stability of your team. Effective team leaders don’t just cheer on their teams, but they’re in the trenches with them. A successful leader helps their team by showing them the appreciation they deserve, especially when they are grinding like rock stars. If you do not give credit when it is due, your business will crash and burn. When you do, your team will grow and be more stable.




Think about whether you have these qualities or not. If you’re missing some then work on it, act as if, or do whatever it takes. These traits will transform you into an effective leader which will lead to a bigger paycheck.


Being a successful team leader means you have to consistently improve your game and grow up. Let’s quickly review the 8 Traits to becoming that effective leader you always wanted to be.


Time/Money Management Skills

Disciplined Work Habits




Trust Worthiness

Avoid/Eliminate Distractions

Give Credit Where its Due

Remember Heeler, you have to GROW UP to BLOW UP!

What is one thing you are going to do today to motivate & encourage your team? Let me know down in the comments! 


Marina Simone


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