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August 16, 2018
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August 31, 2018

How to Create Your Personal Brand Online for Less Than $30

How to leverage your personal brand to generate more leads


What is personal branding and is it worth it to grow a brand to generate leads on Facebook? 

Do you need it to grow your Network Marketing business on social media?

I just wanted to throw it out there that the answer is YES! 


Now, will it consist of dumping thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars into your brand, which you just don’t have right now? {Side note, it did cost me thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, but I ended up learning all this information from the research I did.}

What if I could show you 6 quick steps you can take that will cost you less than $30 bucks a month? I want to help you to STAND OUT on social media when it comes to building your brand. 

In this episode, I will cover how to successfully generate leads with a social media marketing strategy while leveraging your personal brand to build your network marketing business.  I’m also going to show you 6 steps to starting your personal brand online 



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Why is it that there are leaders finding success in Network Marketing using Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and other social media platforms?

You want this too, right? 

  • Increase Facebook Followers
  • Increase Facebook likes
  • Increase Instagram Followers
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Generate leads daily
  • Increase Facebook Recruiting 

….I’m assuming the answer is HECK YES MARINA!


Before I really dig into the 6 quick steps, I first need you to understand what Personal Branding means and why MOST Network Marketers are getting it wrong. 



Personal Branding is a marketing strategy where you build your brand and focus on your most important product: YOU! 


You need to know: 

  • Who you are?
  • Who is it that you are helping?
  • What can you offer as an experience that can help someone overcome the experience they are about to go through? 
  • What’s the solution that you can share with them that you’ve had that can help them go through the obstacle that you have already gone through?
  • What makes you different?

Unfortunately, what most Network Marketers are doing while trying to build their business online is branding their company. 

Something as simple as my passion for HIGH HEELS helped me to build my personal brand as well as my brand, Moms and Heels. How did that come about? 


I’m a mom. 

I love fashion, I love high heels. 


None of that has to do with my Network Marketing business. I don’t sell makeup, fashion, or shoes.

Once you can understand “How to Tell Your Story,” you can recruit leads into your MLM business with ease. 


Your story is more powerful than the product and the company and it actually inspires people! But if you are not sharing your message or sharing your story, your personal brand will never build.

If people are going to be attracted to your story, attracted to your personal brand, attracted to you, before they join the business or try the product, why do we still see people spamming their Facebook walls with flyers of the company or product? 

To me I just think it’s laziness. I’ve talked about how important and effective it is to create and boost that curiosity, which was actually in one of my previous blogs. Using my 5 proven posts will help you get around the Facebook algorithm and be seen in your friends news feeds! 

When you can really put your own stamp on your personal brand, you can stand out amongst others and that will attract more people to you because you are positioning yourself as an influencer on social media.


So how do you connect them all and stand out from the rest on Social Media and quickly start building your personal brand message?

Let’s go over the 6 quick steps to get you started. 

1. Your Logo (PDF)

Hold up! I don’t want you to get all cray cray right now and say, “Well, I don’t have a business like Moms and Heels.” I just want to keep it 100 with you all. I did it backwards here and I used my Moms and Heels as my brand instead of using my name. I want you to know that your name is your brand and who you are is enough! 

Once you create a logo with your first and last name and every time you have an image or a quote the you put up using Word Swag or canva.com to put your logo on it (p.s. you can actually create the logo on Canva as well)

Now, if you do want to hire someone else to create the logo for you, yes it will cost more $$ but may save you some time, check out fiverr.com . 

Having your logo on your images will out your “stamp on it.”



2. Your Bio – Consistent on all platforms

Think of your Bio as a mission statement. You are explaining who you are, what do you love, who do you love to help, BOOM, what do you do. 

It’s that simple. 

Here is an example of my mission statement. 

I teach busy moms how to Slay Online Sales and to become fierce, flawsome, and free while leveraging their personal brand on social media. -Marina Simone


It’s specific.

It’s clear. 

It’s directed exactly to my target audience. 

It tells them what I can help them do. 


This bio has drawn a lot of leaders in this industry to me. So start thinking about that. What would your bio say? Throw some emojis in there and just be yourself. Remember,  you want to make sure that your bio is the same on EVERY social media platform. Make sure they match each other. 


3. High Quality Profile Photo

This image is going to be the same on all social media platforms. If you have an iPhone (sorry Android users, I can’t help you, my bad! LOL) you can use the portrait mode. 

Simply sit in front of your selfie light or even by a window with natural light and use the “portrait mode” to take a nice, high quality photo. 

#HeelerHack: Use Focus Feature on Instagram for a Free High Quality Image 


Yes, I am using a filter. #sorrynotsorry LOL!! If you have had some great photos taken of you recently, you can use those too! Just be sure they are up close and personal of your “faccia” – which is face in Italian. This is YOUR Facebook page, so avoid having anyone else in your picture. 


Here is my very own Content Calendar 

Click Here to download!


4. Create Social Media Templates

Canva is my BFF with creating these! Honestly, it’s only $12.95/month so it’s totally worth it because you get to create more than just a logo on there. You can create templates for each social media platform and they even have a ‘magic resize’ tool that changes the image size for the social media platform you want to post on. The look and the consistency of you brand colors will be more appealing and eye catching and when someone sees something, it reminds them of you. 

If someone happens to see a high heel, they think about me and often message me saying it reminded them of me. This is identifying your brand. Now, this might take a little bit of time, let’s be honest, I’ve changes colors and designs probably about 4 different times in the past 3 years, but I want you to know that is normal. 

Start playing around with your logo/brand. Look for your colors, look for things that you love and even look at one of your favorite websites and figure out what you love about it. 

5. Be Consistent with your posts 

If you really want to stand out with your brand, you have to be consistent. I don’t really agree with scheduling posts on all social media platforms because of the algorithm and because most social media platforms don’t like it. 

So here’s what I know. I found out what my biggest platforms were and I will manually post on those platforms. For my Business Facebook Fan Page, I schedule them out through Facebook, same goes for my Facebook Groups.

When it comes to Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, I want to remain consistent with my brand and use specific apps that help schedule them out, yes, it does hurt your algorithm but it just makes my life easier and saves me time in the week to engage in other ways. 

Bonus #HeelerHack: Find yourself a social media manager if you plan on building a massive brand and tribe down the road when you are in profit. 


If You have some extra money, you can find someone that can help you with your designs, help manage your page and all that jazz. 


6. Create a Monthly Content Calendar 

So, I created a Content Calendar that is going to give you an example of exactly what I do to plan out my whole month for my content and personal brand. This will really make you stand out because you are consistent, you know what you are posting, every piece of content can be wrapped around that one subject from that day. 

It just keeps you dependable and shows people that no matter what day it is, they can come to your page, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., and find content that will help them and that positions you as an influencer. 

“Marina, where do I find content? How do I know if I am building an influence? What if it’s not perfect?”

Listen to me, you will NEVER be perfect. Accept that and just Do! 

The people that are winning in the Network Marketing industry are these that:

#GoDoMore (hence one of the famous Heeler Swag Hoody)

Put out consistent content

Stand out from the rest

Engage like a beast on social media


Wash, Rinse, Repeat 

My question to you is HOW BAD do you want it?


I put together an amazing PDF download for you on “How to create a monthly content calendar for your brand.”  You are welcome 🙂 – LOL

Take action! Know that in our private Facebook Community we are here to support you on that journey! 

If you missed the masterclass on “How to Build a Super Fan brand to Build Your Bank by Leveraging Social Media Influence for Your MLM Business, CLICK HERE, to access the replay!




In Conclusion: 

You are your brand! That’s what you need to remember. It’s just that simple. If you are ready to stand out amongst the crowded social media platforms, then follow my 6 quick steps to start personal branding in Network Marketing. 


1. Create a Logo

2. Create a clear Bio on all social media platforms

3. Have a high quality profile photo and make sure it’s the same on all platforms

4. Create social media templates

5. Be consistent with your posts

6. Create a monthly content calendar 


Here’s the deal, take action immediately on these 6 things and be consistent with it! If you are interested in taking this to the next level, like my Elite Membership Community, go ahead and take a look at my Heels Up Academy. Let me tell you, we have a super cool group of humans who are taking their personal brands to the next level for less than $40 a month.   


Thanks for stopping by this week Heeler and keep on slaying it!


Marina Simone

Now I want to hear from you Heeler, are you creating a brand, what are your obstacles and what quick steps are you going to implement from this weeks Episode?


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest. 👠❤️


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