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August 24, 2018
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September 7, 2018

How I Recruited 30 People in 30 Days using Facebook Marketing in my MLM Business

Are you struggling with getting your list started? 

Inviting humans to join you?

Are you wondering how to get people in front of your opportunity and just don’t know where to find people? 

Let me just start by telling you some of the struggles that I see when a new Network Marketer is first getting started in their business:


They don’t have a list

The Fear is taking over 

They don’t know if they made the right decision

They don’t invite

They are scared to close


But in my opinion, the NUMBER ONE mistake that is made in Network Marketing is the lack of THE LAUNCH.  

In my second and third Network Marketing business I quickly grew an organization that paid me a six-figure income. Not only did I do this, but 10 of my team mates achieved the same.  


The mistake that is made most often in Network Marketing is not launching YOUR business.


See, when you launch your business and you launch your team you will create momentum. Building fast is easier than building slow.  


In this Episode, I am going to go over how I launched my business and my team with solid duplication all using Facebook Marketing Strategies. 



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Maybe you heard of the 90 day launch plan or a 90 day run.   Have you ever heard your mentor or someone in the industry say that before? I actually learned this from a mentor of mine, Eric Worre. When he first came out with his 90 day run YouTube video, I flipped out. I was SO FREAKING EXCITED! How could I make this happen and make it happen FAST! 

Another example is Holton Buggs and how he launched his business in 30 days. Driving his business with POWER calls.  This gave me the chills.  How could I duplicate this and duplicate this online? 


So basically, I took both of those and squished them together and I was going to take my business from “Zero” to “Hero” and launch it, and here are the results. 


My first company in 90 days, I hit multiple 6 figures and in my second company, the same thing happened in the first 90 days. 


Today let’s go over the steps that helped me recruit 30 people in 30 days using Facebook marketing strategies. 


But here’s a disclaimer, if you think that you are going to listen to this and do nothing to recruit 30 people you are cray cray LOL.

… And that is not going to happen. I want you  to understand that I have influence that I have built overtime. When using my launch method results will vary. But you will absolutely recruit people if you follow the simple steps. 


Now, why did this method work when launching our business on Facebook. Its pretty simple. We married the process and divorced the results. 

I was not worried about who was saying yes and who said no. Instead, I was focused on continuing to get more bodies in front of more presentations, more stories being told to more people, and I was utilizing my upline to help me close and seal the deal (obviously we close deals in heels over here LOL) 



So let’s get into the 3 things that I consistently teach every new Network Marketer that comes into the business…


1. Keep a Running List

I immediately sat down and created a list of over 200 names and then I utilized social media to expand those lists of thousands and thousands of people. If you are like, “Marina, I NEED to know the step by step on how you exactly did that,” and use my SOS Memory Jogger, here is my quick mini course on how I turned a list of 200 into 6,000. 

Click Here to get the mini course 


When you start your list, go through your phone, go through your friends list on Facebook and make a list and write the names down. DO NOT pre judge. When I did this and looked at my list and saw the names, I told myself that these were the people that are going to be in my business. This is the easy part HAHA. 


2. Invite those on the list to take a look (no pressure)

I’m sure you remember Episode 7, where I talked about  “How to invite like a Boss,”  and throw your little edge in there (this is a great training to do after you finish this one). 

Here is what I did, I went through my list and invited them to learn more. You can even take it a little further and say, “Hey X, listen, I invited Y at 7:30 PM, are you going to come? It may be for you, it may not be for you.”  

Then they will say yes or no. 

Now if they say YES, I challenge them to invite 5 of their friends to come to my house or meeting. 

There are a few ways to launch your business, my previous company did it with in home meetings but now that we are strictly building online, I was using Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, and Webinars to launch our business. 


(For more info on how I created a simple 3 step launch formula online in 30 days Check out my 30 day launch plan formula.  This is strictly for someone looking to lead from the front.) 



Empower and encourage your prospects to invite 5 or more of their friends into the group. This will create some momentum. 


Something really cool that I’ll be training on in my Elite membership, Heels Up Academy, is how to leverage all of the Facebook features in the groups. Facebook just actually released this really cool new feature, watch party, that you can use now in Facebook groups.  I highly encourage you to learn more about that. 

For more information on the Heels Up Academy, Check it out here. 


3. Go live on Facebook 

What I mean here by going live is actually to go ‘Public’. Make curiosity posts, do some Facebook live videos, and get more humans into the Facebook group. Duplicating this over and over again, launching EVERY single person that came into the business was CRUCIAL for us to grow as fast as we did. 


Listen, you won’t die if you go live.

Do an unboxing video! 

They always catch attention! 

People just can’t help themselves.  

Guess what that did… 


It created more stories on the product, more stories on the business, and it got people even more excited to join the group to learn more about what we were doing. Every single week we would have a live presentation for the people that were just recently added after the last presentation. 

Okay Marina, but what the heck are you trying to tell me here….


Launch or re-launch your business! 


Seriously commit to this now and follow the 3 simple steps and go ham! #GoDoMore. 

Listen, your business will grow as fast as you allow it to. If you move slow, your business will grow slow. If you move fast, your business will grow fast! It’s all about your IPAs, income producing activities. 

Now, I want you to imagine this. What if every brand new enrollment that you had come into your business followed this 3 simple step launch system?

 Do you think you would see some duplication and some massive results?  Some ROI’s (return on investments) happen over and over again? 



The answer is YES. 


I did a 6 month mastermind that is now one of my TOP selling courses, my 30 Day Launch Plan. I really dug in deep on how to create and set up a duplicatable system that your team can legit, press play and grow their business while they are sleeping. There were some amazing results I want to share with you below. 


“From the simple strategies Marina taught in this training I added 48 NEW people into my Facebook Group with 1 post!”  -Kelly G.


“Our team ran a campaign like Marina suggested and my live video had 547 shares, 13,000 views and we added over 1,000 new leads into our Facebook group!” -Shamra H.


“Because of Marina's training and simple system, last week I have got 3 new team members! All in one week!”  -Erin M.



Yes, it took me a little bit to launch my business, invite, and get them into my group but now it was about the follow up. What helped me stay on track was creating my DMO, Daily Method of Operation, that I could do every single day to keep up with my leads, to keep up with my list of exposures. 

First it is about “Compliment and Connect” and then it’s about  Expose and Close.”  What this did for my business and what it still does every single day is to help myself and my team stay in action.


Now let’s find your number. 



What I mean by this is to find out how many invites/exposures does it take to find your yes. 

Is it you get 20 no’s and 1 yes? 

Is it you get 10 no’s and 1 yes?

I know that for every 10 people that I expose I will get one business partner. 


Listen, I’m not at 100% closing ratio, I get 1 out of 10, that’s just my number. So if I want to enroll 30 new humans, I have to expose 300 in a 30 day period. 

Heeler Hack: Know your Number


You guys have heard me say it before, if you connect with 10 new people per day and you can drive them back to your page on Facebook, where they can see a curiosity post, I guarantee you that 1 out of 10 people will ask you what you do. 

Don’t worry, not everyone is going to have high closing ratios in the beginning, I legit sucked when I first got started back in 2012, LOL. But don’t worry, you’ll get better.


In conclusion: 

Let’s just say, these 3 simple steps of how I personally recruited 30 people in 30 days are extremely powerful when launching on social media. Remember Heeler, don’t stress out and let the fear get to you! 

1. Keep a Running list

2. Invite those on your list

3. Go public on Facebook

Use the tools that I have below to help you launch your business and as always, keep slaying online sales!


Marina Simone

Question of the Week: What is your expose and close number? Drop it in the comments! 


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest. 👠❤️


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