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September 17, 2018
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3 Factors Why Facebook Algorithm is Costing You Money in Your Network Marketing Business

The average person on Facebook has 500 Facebook Friends meanwhile back in the day when Facebook first came the average was around 55-100 Friends.

What does that mean?


In this EpisodeI am going to go over the 3 factors that are costing you money in your business because the Facebook algorithm is not working for you. 



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Take a moment to really think about your Facebook Profile.

How many friends do you have? 

Do you think it is good to have a lot of friends?

Do you think it doesn't matter or having too many friends hurts you?


I learned that the average person has around 500 friends on Facebook and they like 50 different pages and are maybe in 150 Facebook groups. Why does this matter?


Two words, Facebook’s algorithm. 


Algorithm is something Facebook uses to decide what is to be shown in the News Feed. The algorithm on Facebook is not supposed to work against you but FOR you.



Facebook is designed for people to be social! It wants you to come back and log on somewhere between 5-20 times per day. But what happens when Facebook shows you content you don’t want to see? Then you are not going to continue to come back and log on. Facebook wants us to see the content that we want to see.

One of the questions I hear so frequently is, how do we get around this algorithm and actually get our friends to see us and engage with us?


It’s not just about commenting on other peoples post.

It’s not just about doing Facebook lives.

It’s not just about interacting with people throughout the week.


There is a lot more that goes with the Facebook Algorithm than just those things. One thing I wanted to talk a little bit about first, before getting into the 3 factors is the User Experience.

Guess what Heeler, there is this thing called a Relevance Score and Facebook is using it on us.

They are scoring us based on the amount of engagement our posts receive. For example, if I created a post and only got 5 likes and 5 comments, Facebook sees this as something not to share with the world. 



Within the first 60 seconds that you posted, they are only going to show 1% of your Facebook Friends your post! So if you have 1000 friends, 1% is 100 friends. The more friends that you have that you are not engaging with, it’s actually going to hurt your algorithm. So if you are only talking to those 10 friends out of 1000 you have, it’s just not helping you!


So I thought by having my friends maxed out at 5,000 would help me, but it didn’t. I figured out though how you can increase the engagement


The more data that each Facebook friend has the harder Facebook’s algorithm has to work to show you and your friends valid content and stuff that you actually care about. If you are in a million groups and liking a million pages, Facebook is going to use that data to show you things that matter to you.


Let me give you an example, I bought eye shadow the other day from a Facebook Ad, and guess what happened? Facebook started showing me videos of lipstick, make-up ads, foundation, and all things beauty. Why?


Facebook knew that is what I wanted to see. It goes the same way with your Facebook friends. If Facebook finds the information you are providing is not relatable to your friends, they won’t show it to them.


Now, let’s dig into the 3 Factors that can literally be costing you money in your business. 

#1 The Engagement 

This holds the power of the algorithm. What I mean by engagement is when your friends or followers like your post or comment on your image. When you first post something on your Facebook page make sure you immediately, heart your own post, you can even throw in a comment. When you do this, it is actually going to trick the algorithm and make your post stand out there a little bit longer, maybe keeping it on the News Feed for an extra hour or two. So hopefully some of your friends catch on and comment as well and stay engaged in that post.


#2 The Content

Content is king and engagement is queen

If people are interested in your content and they are liking, commenting, or sharing (creating engagement) you’re going to get rated. For example, if you get a like it's like 1 point, a comment is like 2 points, and if you get a share it's like 6 points. So Facebook is rating you to determine how long that post should be in the newsfeed. Crazy, right? But it’s so important to understand this so you can increase your rating.


#3 Hot or Not

Here’s an example, let’s just say we have the same friend, Betty. I am actually ‘Live’ on Facebook right now and you just made a post. Who do you think Facebook is going to show to our mutual friend Betty?

They are most likely going to show my Facebook Live to our mutual friends first because I have more engagement, content, and actually, people that are on the live stream with me sharing, commenting, and liking.


Does this Make sense? 


Let me ask you something now, Heeler.

  • Have you ever wondered how many times a day you should be posting?
  • Do you struggle to figure out exactly what you should be posting?
  • Are you getting completely lost in the Facebook world?
  • Do you scroll through the Facebook Newsfeed for hours realizing you didn’t accomplish anything?
  • Are you wondering how much time you should spend on Facebook?

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Now, here are some other tips will help you understand your relevancy score and improve it. 


1. Positive Points

Likes/Comments/Shares definitely going to help increase your score but one thing I have not mentioned yet is Lurkers. Let’s keep it real, I love them and I am totally okay with them! They actually help your algorithm whether they are just clicking on your photo, click on your Facebook Live, and watch more than 60 seconds of it. Even though they aren’t liking or commenting on it still keeps your video/post-HOT!


2. Negative Points

People who unfollow you.

People who comment on your post and give negative feedback.

People who hide you.

Maybe you’ll get 30 points for the “positive” stuff but then if your friend unfollows you or hides you, you’ll get -100 points. So you want to make sure people that you are adding on Facebook aren’t going to give you negative feedback or aren’t going to unfriend you. Only add your tribe of Facebook friends! 

The Decay Factor


What’s the decay factor? It’s a way to trick the algorithm, *wink wink*.  Your posts are only going to last 1-2 hours and fall off FAST. I want to say this changed around 3-4 years ago, they actually stayed in the feed for like 6 hours.

Go back and comment on old posts. Anytime I’ve done a product Facebook live or a post I go back and comment on them so they can be on top of the newsfeed again. HELLER!!!


You can also reply to every comment that you receive. Sometimes I actually leave comments not replied to and maybe just “heart” it so I can go back on a hot post that I had and reply back with a GIF. That is going to help your algorithm.


I’ve got some homework for you this week Heeler. Don’t be scared LOL it’s going to help you!


  1. I want you to go through your friend's list and delete the people that you are not engaging with or maybe they just aren’t a part of your tribe. You’re legit just making the algorithm work harder.
  2. If you are in a bunch of groups you don’t want to be in, GET OUT of those groups.
  3. If you like a bunch of pages that just aren’t valid with you, UNLIKE those pages.


Just one last question, do you know that you have a unique score that links to you? I explain this more in one of my masterminds where I especially go over what a business page can do for you versus having a personal page.


Just know, there are ways to get to more people on a business page than a personal one but I want you to make sure you have mastered your personal Facebook page before you jump to a Facebook Business Page. Check out the SOS Facebook Live Course if you are ready to take your Facebook Business page to the next level.


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Remember Heeler, you need to be working your business from the back end. It’s not just about what you're posting on Facebook, it’s not just about Facebook lives, it’s just not about adding and deleting friends or Facebook stories, it’s about ALL OF IT COMBINED! If you are just doing a few of these during the week to “trick” the algorithm, it’s not going to matter.


You have to be consistent! If you are looking to build a solid influential tribe, you’re going to have to be consistent, provide content and do the back-end work. You can’t be lazy! If you are lazy what’s going to happen? Your follower is going to end up watching someone else and then following them. Does this make sense? 



In Conclusion: 

What I want you to understand Heeler, the algorithm is here to help you. Facebook is about the users and making sure they aren’t getting spammed with things they don’t want to see. They want to make sure you are seeing ads that matter to you or your friends posts that matter to you, over and over again.


I want you to have success in Slaying Online Sales.

I want you to be successful on Facebook without being spammy or sending scripts that don’t matter. 

I want you to be able to build an online empire. You can absolutely do it! Just remember that you have to put in the work and be consistent. 


Remember, your relevance score matters! Don’t forget the key factors you learned today to keep up with the algorithm. Facebook algorithm is here to help us, not hurt us.

#1 The Engagement Trick

#2 Create Valuable Content 

#3 Stay Hot with Facebook Lives

Always remember, to increase or receive positive points towards your relevance score, attract those that can be a part of your tribe. These are people who would like, comment or even share your posts. HECK, I don’t even mind having lurkers because they also help your algorithm by simply just clicking on your photo or watching a part of your Facebook Live.

But don’t forget there are such things as negative points and you can get these easily by having people unfollow you or even give you bad/negative feedback. Do your homework this week Heeler and let’s get your algorithm back up!



Let’s Slay Online Sales, Heeler! I know you can do it! 


Marina Simone


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    • Marina Simone says:

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      Otherwise please email
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