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September 21, 2018
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6 Factors You MUST Consider When Choosing a Mentor or an Expert for Your Network Marketing/Branding

What These Leaders and Branding Experts are NOT Telling You…


Finding a mentor or “expert” leader to help you with branding or growing your MLM Business can be tricky


In fact, it infuriates me to see so many people taken advantage of with courses, programs, masterminds, and promises to deliver NEW information when some of that information has been taught already for free!


I’ve been taken advantage of before and I refuse to stay quiet about this anymore. 


In this episode, I will go over 6 Factors you MUST consider when choosing a mentor or an expert in your industry.



Here’s the thing, I feel like there are a lot of people out there that are claiming to have had success in either their brand, Network Marketing business, or both, but they have NOT and in fact have no proof of it either! I’m going to break down exactly what to look for when finding a mentor so YOU do NOT get bamboozled as I have in the past.

Let me just say, I wish I looked for these myself but I did not! I made impulsive decisions based on “testimonials” on a sales page instead of truly knowing the REAL results they provided.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. I really want to help you not get screwed as I have and even spend thousands and thousands of dollars to try to get results but you end up not getting any except for an empty bank account.


Here is a quick and VERY critical Heeler Hack

You don’t need a website to get started with your personal brand! 

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There are branding experts out there that are telling you that the first thing you need is a website; but listen, when you are first getting started with your brand, this is not the right place to start!


This is what I want you to take away from this…

You don’t need a website in the beginning when you are building your personal brand to have success. There are so many free Social Media platforms out there and even other websites like WordPress that are FREE of charge! Remember, content is king and engagement is queen! I myself, in a year period, did not have a website and I made multiple six-figures with my brand.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t be putting thousands of dollars out for a website if you don’t have money coming in.


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Let me ask you a question. Have you bought a course before with the expectations of the sales page and then disappointed you with the content? Sometimes what happens is that a sales page twists the truth!

Do your research, especially when it comes to testimonials. Instead, reach out to the others that have given reviews and have worked with the expert. Check out their Social Media and see if they have an influence and compare it to where you stand in your business/brand.


Do NOT just trust what their website says. Instead, ask yourself these questions to determine which mentor is best for you.

6 things I want you to ask yourself when choosing your next mentor. 


1. What do you need RIGHT NOW?

Unfortunately, there are mentors out there that are amazing but they aren’t what you need, right now, but maybe 5 years from now!


Good mentors will have a discovery call with you and not just take your money. I had a conversation with someone the other day and I knew that what I teach, they are not ready for. I’m not trying to take their money and run. I’m not trying to coach them and say, “Sorry you already paid me and I can’t give you money back.” Instead, I told them I had a small group coaching program that is less than $40 a month that I think is perfect for you instead of paying me for personal coaching. It’s totally okay and honesty is the best policy! 

If you are interested in setting up a discovery call with me (must be first-time multiple calls are not allowed)

Please email marisa@momsandheels.com in the subject PERSONAL COACHING.


But unfortunately, there are mentors out there that just want the moolah or they just want to do a hard close on you instead of familiarizing themselves where you stand in your business.

Great mentors will do a discovery call, a free 15-30 minute call, to see if you are a good fit for each other. If they aren’t doing this and just ready to take your money, they aren’t right for you.


2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of that mentor?

Figure out what this mentor is good and is this the type of mentor I see myself working with.


Does this person compliment your style?

Will I be proud to share them with others? 

Does this person compliment the way you work?

If you could have their business, would you be super excited?

Do you have the same vibe and are in alignment with what they do? 



3. In the discovery call with that expert/mentor, were you the one talking the whole time or were they selling you hardcore?

This is what drives me bonkers! I’m in high ticket masterminds, I do them myself, go to different conferences, I look for business coaches to work with on a regular basis and what I have found is when there are people who try to close me quickly, they turn me off right away and completely.


I had a call about online marketing and I really looked up to this person. They had a huge following on Instagram, they have built a massive empire and I was overall SUPER excited to talk to this woman about her mastermind. When the discovery call was made, it was actually a man on the other end, it wasn’t actually her (no, I am not against male mentors, no judgment here. See questions #4). It was LEGIT, a sales pitch. I kid you not, I was only asked 2 questions and this guy felt like he was going to hard close me LOL. I stopped him and I was like,


“Listen, I do this for a living and you’re not coming from a good place right now. It sounds like you are a cash cow and honestly I don’t think you are representing this person really good and I will have to let this mentor know. I just don’t feel comfortable with this call right now.”


So, you need to understand when you are on the discovery call with the mentor, are you receiving value from it and learned something from that call or was it just a sales pitch?

If you feel like you’re being sold, push the breaks and just go with your gut feeling.

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4. Man or Woman? 

This was important for me.

You need to decide if you can work with a man or a woman. Let me explain something to you, if I know me and I know that when I work with a woman I have a completely different relationship with that woman, I look up to that woman, I thrive with her and that’s just the way it is for me.

I’m not saying one is better than the other or one is wrong, you need to know what suits you best because for me I had a block in my head that only males could teach me certain things because of the way I was raised. I’m Just keeping it real with you.

Have you had something in your head about the way you were raised and it has come into your life or business decisions and you had to reprogram your brain?

Really think about it and determine if it matters to you whether you can work with a woman or a man.


Here’s another quick Heeler Hack!

Don’t just pick mentors because of their names. That means absolutely nothing. Remember, Its all about quality over quantity and the value they give to you.


5. Have you found value in the free content they put out? 


What their value in their Facebook Live and their posts? 

Does it challenge you?

Have you created some results just from the resources and advice they have given?


Or do you find that they are only giving a little advice to you because they want to reel you in and make you pay them? I’ve been in courses and let me just leave this here….



Their content did not even relate to their sales page! Make sure you find the value in their free downloads and any content they put out there before committing to paying them for mentoring.



6. Have I personally reached out to testimonials that are on the website and ask specific questions of results they have gotten?

Why? You want to be able to look at reviews on business pages and do your homework before dropping hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars.

You want to make sure that you do your due diligence. In the online world, someone can make it seem like they own a jet and at the end of the day, all they did was rent the jet to stand in front of it and take pictures. In South Florida, it’s done ALL THE TIME LOL!!! 


Be careful when you have these experts teaching you about Facebook, branding, Instagram wants you to spend thousands of dollars. Until you have a massive tribe and it’s time to rebrand none of that matters when you are dropping fire content. Maybe buy a course instead to get a feel of who they are prior to spending thousands of dollars

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In conclusion:

I truly care about you Heeler and I don't want you to get caught in the same trap as I did. It sucks when you look up to someone and you think that person is someone you can completely trust and count on. I want to protect you as much as I can.


I’ve had great mentors that I have hired and even ones I didn’t that have given me information for free. There have been mentors out there that have taken advantage of me and there is a lot of that out there. I want you to avoid this happening to you and STOP emptying your bank accounts when you are not getting results.


Don’t get sucked into the experts out there! Do your research on them and remember these 6 Questions to ask yourself before you say yes: 


  1. What do you need RIGHT NOW?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of that mentor?
  3. In the discovery call with that expert/mentor, were you the one talking the whole time or were they selling you hard core?
  4. Man or Woman?
  5. Have you found value in the free content they put out? 
  6. Have I personally reached out to testimonials that are on the website and ask specific questions of results they have gotten?



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Marina Simone


Has it ever happened to you that you found an “expert” but ended up clearing your bank account for nothing? How did you cope with that? 



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