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September 27, 2018
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October 12, 2018

10 Tips For Balancing Your MLM Business, Brand, and Motherhood

Do you feel completely overwhelmed trying to balance your MLM Business, online brand and mom life? 

Do you struggle with balancing out enough time for the family and your business?


I’ve got to be completely honest and transparent here Heeler. This ish is hard at times, crazy, time consuming, and some days I want to give up!

11 weeks pregnant with an 8 year old daughter with activities, sick (insert barf here) almost 24/7, and running a global team while mentoring others has been a serious challenge.

Some days I’ve looked at my #HBO (Jason, honey bunches of oats) and said, “I’m completely nuts right! How the hell can I balance a new baby in a growing business and not lose my mind?!”

Then I realized when I went searching for answers there weren’t a lot. Instead, I had to sit down and create a new plan of action. When the sail shifts the direction shifts, right? So I needed to adjust my sail to head into the direction I needed.



“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


In this episode, I share with you 10 Tips for balancing your Network Marketing Business, online Brand, and motherhood.




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I will show you exactly what my plan is and I know you can find yours as well. Just know Heeler, there is no secret recipe or perfect plan. There will be times you are working and you’ll feel like you should be with your kids and vice versa. I get that.

Let go of the guilt for a second and know you are doing your best!  Do not allow that guilt to stop you from finding the success you deserve. We just need to find your mojo.


Now, here are the 10 tips below.

1. Organization

Do your best when it comes to organization. For me being organized in my career has helped me dramatically.

…and let’s be clear, I HATE cleaning. But something happens magically to finding more time when you aren’t searching for that one piece of paper LOL!   Everyone has their own way of being organized and staying organized. So test out a few different ways and see what is the most successful for you.

This is a fun and easy way to stay organized. Use colored Post-It notes to remind you of priority tasks and stick them on your desk! Have fun with it. I like to use at most 3 different colors. If I use more than 3 it becomes overwhelming. For example, I use Pink for my Brand, Green for my MLM Business, and Yellow for mommy stuff. I keep it simple on the post it notes with a short reminder.


2. Plan it out

We all know that saying….


“Fail to plan, Plan to Fail.”


It's true right? I want to ask you a few questions Heeler.


→ Do you have an appointment calendar?

→ Are you writing it all down?

→ How do you remind yourself of what needs to get done?


So, here is where I found so much more time in my day. I began writing everything in my planner:

Gymnastic Times



Phone Calls

Time Blocking

and more!


Planning out my day and even my week removed anxiety of the “no time” excuse in my head. There is something when I think it I ink it! So writing everything down helps me out tremendously. Here is one of my favorite planners to use for keeping my life together LOL!



3. Include your family

This is a WE game not a ME game.

95% of the time as moms, we do this business for our family. So why wouldn’t we include our family? It’s a great reminder to WHY we work so hard and believe me, as women who forget to put “us”first… we need that reminder to let go of the guilt. Am I right?

Something started back in 2012 with my daughter when she was 2 years old. We celebrated with her when I hit any goal. I wanted Anaiyah to know this was a WE game. Now, she cheers me on every month and respects my work time.

(This will take time for some familiar to get on board and respect what you do. 6-7 years and my outside family is still not involved in my business. Remain patient.)


You shouldn't feel guilty when it comes to building your business and being a mom!

Download my simple way of scheduling out my week today  FREE!



4. No more 9-5 office hours

I personally hated when I worked in Corporate America. Working up to an alarm clock, being told when I could eat, and for how long…..hell to the no! So why would I create that mentality or work schedule for myself now?

However, this meant I needed to be very specific about the time I did work my business and, I know that when my daughter is at school it’s game time to get ish done! So here’s what I scheduled out for myself…( yes, when the baby comes in April I’ll have to create a new plan).

Say it with me, #makeshifthappen


• Take Anaiyah to school

• Sleep until 9:30 am (yes, I’m pregnant LOL)

• Breakfast & personal development  at 10:30 am

• Check emails, social media until 11:30 am

• Actively Prospect at 12:00 PM

• Lunch and Relax 1:30 PM or 2:00 PM

• Work on Brand 2-3 PM

• Anaiyah comes home

• Dinner & Quality Time

• Begin Brand and Network Marketing work 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Now, I try and stay consistent with this DMO (Daily Method of Operation) along with responding to team members, etc. throughout the day.


5. Be 5 steps ahead

It’s night time, you’re exhausted, you want to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, Empire, and Shameless, but guess what?! T.V doesn’t pay those bills!

You will feel so much better when one week out of the month you can binge watch Netflix and make money while doing it. (yes don’t judge me I did that a couple months ago with Game of Thrones only it was HBO not Netflix) LOL!!

Pack those lunches at night

Lay out the clothes for the kids

Pack your purse for the day

Wake up before the kids to get your mind right with 30 minutes of John Maxwell (free on YouTube) and don't let those excuses in your head be bigger than your dreams and goals.



6. You are not Martha

I know Heeler, “what the heck?” LOL  But seriously, I had to let go of not being the perfect mom or perfect cook.  It was so hard for me to plan meals while trying to get work done and stay consistent with my brand. We found a meal plan company that was organic, non-gmo, and fit out needs. It saves us time and money and I don’t stress out about dinner every night. If you wanted to check them out you can go to www.meals.momsandheels.com. Literally life saver!


7. Rewards Day

Once a week, reward yourself for being a bad ass mom and mompreneur. Why? Because I said so, so it’s that simple. Don’t have the money for it? Go lay out or take a walk by yourself. You deserve it and take that time to reward yourself with all of the hard work you have been doing.


Download your free checklist today!

Inside you’ll learn, helpful ways to track activities for your children, how I personally structure my weeks and quick tips on the Social Media and running a DMO for your business


8. Focus on the process

Do NOT focus on the results all the time. Your business will show up 90 days after you’ve put in the work as long as you are consistent.

“Marry the process, divorce the results.”


9. Compare yourself to NO ONE!

I don’t care if Suzy makes it look easy or Dawn can do it all!

Every mother building a business has a struggle you can’t see. Find what works for you and stop apologizing for it. The way I raise my daughter is not the way my friends do.


Guess what….


I don’t care anymore and you shouldn't either. “Comparison is the thief of joy” 




10. It’s okay to ask for help

I left this one for last because it’s probably the biggest obstacle I’ve had my whole life. I thought asking for help meant I was weak or that it meant I wasn’t capable of being a good mom, wife, and business owner.

(I mean let’s be real…society has drilled into our heads as women that we are weaker than men..anyways…)

One day, my mentor basically shook me and said, “Marina, you can be the hero but you will always need guidance and help.”  That hit me hard. Some of the biggest success stories in the industry needed and received help to get where they are.


In Conclusion:

Remember, you are not alone unless you make yourself that way. Ask for help when it’s needed. It’s okay, I promise. These 10 tips I find to be extremely helpful when it comes to balancing my MLM Business, Brand and Motherhood.


1. Organization

2. Plan it out

3. Include your family

4. No more 9-5 office hours

5. Be 5 steps ahead

6. You are not Martha

7. Rewards Day

8. Focus on the Process

9. Compare yourself to NO ONE

10.It’s okay to ask for help


If you found value in any of this, feel free to share with your friends and team.


As always, let’s Slay Online Sales!

xo, Marina

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What are your struggles when it comes to staying organized? What works best for you?



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