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October 5, 2018
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How to Find Content for Social Media to Attract More Leads Daily

How to Find Content for Social Media to Attract More Leads Daily

How and where do you find content for Social Media?

How do you find content that’s going to make you stand out to get your audience to engage?


Whether you are leveraging Social Media to build a brand, build your Network Marketing Business, or build a tribe of humans you can later sell something to, where do you find content you can stay consistent with? 

It’s crucial to understand that the content you are putting out needs to speak to your audience. One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making when finding content to use is that they are just winging their business. They aren’t putting a lot of thought into the content that they are publishing to their audience. 



What do I mean? 

Here’s the thing, if your content isn’t speaking to a type of audience, it's is not going to attract more leads to you. In fact, it’s going to repel your audience. They will stop following you and start looking for someone else they can follow that’s going to give them the information that they want, need, and wish for.  


In this Episode, I am going to give you some tips on how you can find content that’s actually going to engage your audience, help you attract more leads, more shares, get more likes, and comments. 



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Are you ready to learn exactly what I do to find my content, what I do with my content, and how I keep my audience engaged no matter what social media platform I am using? 

Before I get into those tips, I want you to remember something that I share in my SOS Tracker. (If you don’t have my SOS Tracker, click here to grab it for FREE)

The SOS Tracker is a social media tracking guide that’s going to help you know what to post and when to post it. In this free download I actually go over the E’s of social media that I have followed since 2013, while building my brand and Network Marketing Business. 


What are the E’s? 





Then you EVALUATE what is working and what is not. If you need some extra help on your “E’s” continue reading below and I will briefly going to explain what each is. 


1. Educate

You want to educate your audience. You want them to recognize that you know what you are talking about and take time to do the research and even share statistics with them. Share facts that relate to the information.

You are educating your audience, not just on your product or service, but on things around your industry that are relevant.  Teach your audience.


2. Entertain 

We do not want to bore our audience. I’ve seen so many posts on social media and I’m just like…really??? LOL But seriously, stop complaining and being so negative! Think about how you can entertain your audience. 

Something that I did that was really funny, was when I had a really bad hair day (I’m not kidding Heeler, this mane was out of control LOL) I posted on social media saying, “Dude, typical mom life here, HELLER, I didn’t brush my hair today!” 

Do you know how many other moms connected and engaged with me on that post? We legit had such a blast on that post just laughing at ourselves. Remember, be human and  just be yourself! It’s okay to entertain your audience and to goofy. People need to see the authentic you. 


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3. Empower 

You want to make an impact in your audience’s life. Something I like to do is share a motivational post, BUT not just share it without a caption, remember these are other people’s quotes.  When I post an inspirational quote I post with it an obstacle I have overcame that relates to this quote, and that it helped me realize what I have overcome. I take my audience on a journey on some of the hardships that I have had in my life.  I want them to be able to connect and relate to my story.  Remember stories sell.

Bring people into your life and let them know the vulnerable side of you. Show them that your life is not perfect but you came out on the other side. Empower your tribe to know that they will be better, do better, get better, and that you are here to help them. 


4. Engage

Engage your audience! Listen, if you are just making posts or doing videos on social media just to see how many likes or views you get, that is crappy! You need to engage with your audience. Show them that you are interested in them. You need to stop looking at social media as a “me game” and remember it’s a WE GAME. It is called Social Media for a reason. A lot of people forget about this. One thing I enjoy doing is making lists on Facebook to help you engage with people.  (I have a whole training on this, you can see it here and by the way, lists are still available on the desktop version of Facebook.) 

Show people that you give a rats, you know what, and that you aren’t just worried about what people are giving you but you are giving back as well. 


5. Evaluate

Each week I like to go back to all of my posts and see which content is working and what content really didn’t get much attention. This is going to show you what your audience likes and what they don’t like. If you skip this step and don’t evaluate, they you will end up doing the same thing every single month that just isn’t working. 

Once you have finished evaluating you will do MORE of what content is getting more engagement! Sounds simple, right? 

So you are probably like, “cool, I get it but where do I find this information and HOW can I stay consistent?”  Let’s now dig into the 4 tips to help you find your content for social media to attract more leads. 



Tip #1

The first thing you want to do is download my FREE SOS Social Media Tracker, if you haven’t already. This was designed for Facebook but can also help you on other social media platforms as well (heads up, we have one coming for Instagram). 

This download is going to go over the E’s of Social media and I give you a check-off sheet of what you should be checking off every single day and what to stay away from. To check out some of the Heeler’s success stories from the SOS Tracker, click here to see them and other free trainings I do in my Moms and Heels Facebook Group.


Tip #2

The second thing you do is take a poll! Seriously, poll your audience and ask them questions to see what they are struggling with so you can help them. Here is an example of one way I used the poll feature. 

I asked a question on my Instagram Stories a while back and it was “which social media platform do you struggle with and why?” Then I posted it inside some women entrepreneur groups and on my Facebook Page. 


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People are ready to complain, trust me! This is a great way to pull what is needed and pain points from your audience. Once you get that, you can be the RESOURCE that solves their problem. BOOM! You are building your influence immediately by being a resource. This is a great way for you to find content out of Facebook groups, draw people to you and give you content for days. 



Tip #3

The third thing you are going to do is actually research what the hot topic is in your industry. 

 I’ve got two really great resources that I personally use whenever I am creating a free webinar or when I am putting content together for a training. I always like to research what others are training on and looking for. 

What is trending? What is searched the most right now? What are those questions being asked on a specific over and over and over again? 



I want you to understand that if you go to YouTube and type in the search bar, “How to bake…” at the very end it’s going to bring up several endings like:

A cake

A muffin

A cupcake


Its going to bring up the top things that are searched for on YouTube. That is HUGE! It’s literally showing you the most common and top searched questions and topics. You can actually do the same thing on Google. You start typing and then the rest pops up. So as an example, if you are in the weightless industry, you can search, “3 reasons why you can’t lose weight” or “how to lose weight” and then see what comes up as a top-searched question. 


This is pretty cool as well! What you do is almost the same as You legit just type in a topic and POOF, the most trending topics pop up. (in the blog video above I show you exactly how to do this). Here is an example below.


So if you type in ‘weight-loss it’s going to show you the most trending topics of conversations. It will tell you that kept is big and that Joaquin Phoenix is losing weight for the role of the Joker in Batman. I didn’t know that until I typed in ‘weight-loss and saw that. This is a great way to bring engagement! Pretty cool right? I mean….it will be hard to run out of content with this new feature! 



Tip #4

Lastly, you don’t need to come up with brand new content every day. Let me explain, every single week your content should be around a topic. You can repurpose the content! If you have written out a blog or you have written a Facebook live that you have done, why wouldn’t you repurpose some of that content? 



What if you created a post around a Facebook Live you did and you draw people back to that live video? 

What if you used the InSquare App to create a shorter 60-second version of what your audience can learn from that Facebook live you did and draw them back to watch it? 

If you have done a Facebook live or blog, I want you to create a post and find an image that you can use that promotes the Facebook live or blog after you have done it. You will be able to draw people back to the Facebook live or blog! Don’t just assume that all of your audiences on your social media platforms have seen all of your content. Algorithms on social media platforms are in control of who sees what.

(Wondering the best way around the algorithm? Check out Episode 17 here) 


You are actually losing leads just from assuming your one post has been seen by all. You are not attracting your whole audience as you could be so make sure you start repurposing your content. Doing this has been huge for my business and brand and has actually drawn more people to it. 


It’s about getting creative and thinking outside the box. 




In conclusion:

Finding content for social media to build your brand, leverage social media to build your Network Marketing Business or to just build a tribe of humans doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. 


Here are some other ways to find content: 

Personal Development

Polling Your Audience

Other Influencer Trainings

Researching Topics  


Take the content that you have learned and turn around and teach it. Teach your way to six figures, become an authority and expert in a certain industry or area. Find what works! Download the SOS Tracker, poll your audience, research what works best and repurpose your content. You will start to notice that you will become a resource. 


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Marina Simone

Is recruiting a real struggle for you? Do you find yourself struggling month after month recruiting new humans to your opportunity? 



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