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October 12, 2018
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October 28, 2018

How to Follow Up with Your Prospects For Network Marketers

How do you utilize Facebook to follow up? 


What are you saying in messages when you send them to your prospects?


How long do you wait to follow up? 


Are you telling yourself not to follow up because you think you are going to be a bug a boo? 



The follow up…UGH! Are you sick and tired of playing the cat and mouse game? 


If you are consistently chasing your prospects and asking your prospects if they have watched the video or checked out the Facebook group then all you hear after are crickets you need to keep reading. 


In this Episode, I am going to show you the two different methods I personally use for following up that have helped me build a MASSIVE organization of 20,000 plus customers and distributors.  The best part? It duplicated and helped my team as well. 



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Have you ever heard of a sales funnel? Are you interested in learning how to set up the system to follow up the right way, from the very beginning, so you can avoid chasing your prospect?


Honestly, the cat and mouse game creates frustration and eventually can lead you to want to give up and quit your Network Marketing Business.  I know because I have been there before.  But what if that frustration turned into something fun? Almost a follow up game? 


Let me ask you something….did you know that most closes or sales are made between the 6-12 follow up?


How many people have you followed up 6-12 times? When I first started in Network Marketing, it took me 11-12 follow ups before I said yes. 


Can you believe that? My second company took me 9 follow ups and with my current company it took me 5 months before I made the decision to make the move. I am a top earner in this industry and it took me a lot of follow ups before I said yes.  Do you think it was worth the wait?


Now think about your leads and those that you have exposed to the business, how many of them are in the 6-12 follow up? 


Let me show you the 2 methods of the follow up that have helped me close more sales. 

There is a direct and an indirect method. Let’s dig into those now.


(Don’t forget to watch the video that goes along with this training to get a better grasp of the two methods)


#1 – Direct Follow Up 

This is exactly what it sounds like. A very straight forward and to the point follow up where you are legit just trying to get a yes or no. Here is an example of how I would follow up directly with my prospect.


“Hey Marina, I just wanted to see if you checked out the information that I sent you?” 


I simply asked my prospect if they have seen the information. I don’t normally start off with the direct follow up. Usually, I find that if I know the person, especially for years, I know that I can be more direct with them. 

I will also use this method if they have NOT ignored me prior.  LOL I use this method right after I know they have watched the info (based on them telling me they were going to watch the information) 



#2 – Indirect Follow Up 


This is a way for you to be seen on social media without reaching out directly. You are creating the eye contact and standing out so your prospect doesn’t forget about you. 


Some examples of indirect follow ups would be Facebook Lives, tagging the person on more information, adding them into a group, and commenting on their posts. 


I use the indirect approach to follow up and personally, I spend some time doing this. Then I will go for the direct follow up approach so you can increase their number in your sales funnel.


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What is a sales funnel? 

A sales funnel is a process you use to lead your prospects and customers to. 


I normally don’t like to use the work “sales” but you have to admit it. You are in the business of sales whether it’s for a product or service. We are also FIRST AND FOREMOST selling ourselves on a daily basis. 


You should keep your sales funnel full and keep track of how many times you have exposed your prospect. 

Your goal is to get them to at least a 6 within a two week period. Why would you want to leave those in your sales funnel at a 1-5? 


The last thing you want to do is waste time on those prospects that are at a 6,7,8,9 who just don’t respond to you. (To dig in a little deeper, make sure you watch the training that goes along with this blog.)

So if you can set the follow up from the very beginning you won’t have to worry about playing the chasing game.  


→ Know and Follow your system of exposure ←


For my team and I, we use Facebook Groups. Everything we do is online, so we will ATM these people. Here is an example of what I would say:


“Hey Jane listen, I am so stinking excited for you to check out the video on the compensation plan, it’s my favorite part of the whole business. I know you are going to love it because you have the same mindset as I do; you’re a stay at home mom and you are driven. So what I want you to do is check it out, I know you’re going to love it and I am going to check back in with you in 20 minutes, okay?” 


What I am doing here is I am letting them know they have 20 minutes to watch what I have given them and I am going to come back. I am not going to wait 48 hours.


What happens when you waste time and you’re waiting to do the follow-up. Life will get in the way. Maybe their car breaks down or maybe their refrigerator breaks.


Maybe they were going to enroll as a distributor with you and then all of a sudden they have a $1000 bill now that is an emergency and they have to take care of it. Then what? 



Now they have an excuse after a life circumstance. When you are exposing people for the first time, you want them to get from a no to a yes in 20 minutes.


Then, if you use a third party or a 3-way chat, you got them to a 3 all within 24-hours. If they still have not said yes within that period of time, I would wait 24-hours to follow up with them again, but once you do it will be an indirect approach. 


What is your system? 

What is duplicating? 


What has the leaders at the top of your compensation plan done to get to where they are? 

How quickly can you get through your system to get you people to a 4,5, and 6 within 2 weeks? 



In Conclusion: 

You don’t want to wait too long to follow up and then play the cat and mouse game. We know that life can easily get in the way.  Remember the 2 methods of following up, direct and indirect.


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 Now for a little challenge…


This week’s Heeler Challenge: 

Make list of everyone you have exposed or added into the group and your goal is to get them to a 6 by the end of the month.  

See you in the free training! 


Marina Simone

How do you keep track of your prospect? Notebooks? Apps? What do you use so you can follow up with them? 


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