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October 22, 2018
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November 2, 2018

Network Marketing Training: How to close out the month STRONG with 6 simple steps

Are you ready to rank up? 

Are you ready to hustle? 



Whether it’s this month, next month, or within 90 days it's time to utilize these 6 tips to help you close out the month strong!

In this episode, I am going to go over how you can close out the month strong and how it will set you up for success when it’s the first of the month.





I want you to know something…. 

→ It’s not over until your volume resets the next day!

→ It’s not over just because you think you are too far away!


I know how frustrating it can get, I’ve been there myself. Once you reach a certain rank and you just stop and sandbag it. Have you heard of that term before, sandbagging?


Sandbagging is when you hold your orders and wait until the following month to put them in.


You do not want to sandbag! If you hold your orders and wait until the first of the month to throw them in to help yourself, you’re hurting those that are above you. What happens is your downline will start duplicating this behavior and then the last week of the month, nobody works!


Why is it so much more powerful to NOT sandbag? When you are running for a big rank and you haven’t duplicated the sandbag technique on your team, you will have so many people rank advancing that sandbagging will not matter.


You are working and not paying attention to the clock.

You are not paying attention to what day of the month it is.


You just keep hustling


I want you to not stop working just because you are not close to a rank or you already hit a rank. You want to keep going because it’s the people above you that have paved the way for you to be here. NO SANDBAGGING. Promise?

Understand this for me Heeler, if you are looking at your volume and you’re like “OMG it’s 5,000 points for me to hit the next rank” or “ OMG no one is answering me, I’m getting crickets!” It’s legit, just your mindset. Get out of that mindset! Confidence is sexy!


Let me tell you a story, I had someone in our organization that we thought was not going to rank one month because they were just so far behind the previous month from hitting the rank. I then got a text message from her saying that she crushed through the rank and beyond because she followed my 6 tips for closing the month strong.


You are ready to rank up and bank up. Got it? Now, let’s get into my top 6 tips for closing the month out strong.


Tip #1- Facebook Lives 

Do it right now so you can follow up with those leads and so you have time to invite them to learn more. It needs to be entertaining and also educate about something that is wrapped around your product.


I’ll give you a couple of examples below:


• If you are in a make-up company, do a tutorial on “how or why you use ‘X’ product instead of ‘Z’.”

• If you are in a skincare company, you should talk about “10 things to avoid so your skin doesn’t get dry/flaky.”

• If you are in a weight loss company, talk about “how I found the “magic” sauce that helped me lose ‘X’ amount of pounds in ‘Y’ amount of days. Join my live as I break down my secrets.”


Get those leads rolling in and see who's following and staying connected. Let’s not forget about your stories. Use those to share how excited you are that someone just ranked up in your company or product testimonials.


If you have your own VIP group you need to be going live in there as well! Do one on your personal page and one in the group. Let them know what is going on in your company and if there are any end-of-the-month promo sales going on.

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Tip #2 – Ask your customers, friends, and family to make a post for you on your Facebook page.

It works!

• If you have a particular post your team makes to launch their business, have them make the same one!


• If you have a post your customers make to share a testimonial or results from a product, use that one!


Don’t make it complicated for them. Have the post ready so they can just copy and paste it on their Facebook page. I also recommend sharing a photo with the post so their followers have something to see visually as well.


Tip #3 – Follow up with Everyone

Remember that master list? You need to be following up with every single person you have on that list. I know you’re probably like, what the heck do I say to them, Marina. (I did a training on How to Expand your list with my 6 Rule Method, click here to check it out)


“Hey girl!” 

No, seriously, that’s how you are going to do it. Open up a conversation so you can follow up. Then you can ask them,

“OMG by the way, did you watch it/are you ready/did you see the promo sale?” 

Tip# 4- Reach down

Your team doesn’t know what they need, especially brand new people! Find out what they need and ask them what you can do to help them.

You need to know where every single person is at on your team.

• What are their numbers?

• What do they need to do to get to the next rank?

If you don't know, guess what boo boo, they don’t know! I promise you this. 

Get into your back office and find out. You have to check and see what they need so we can then go to them and say, “Katie, you’re 250 points away from hitting the next rank girl! What are we going to do about it? Let’s do it! Let’s crush it!”

Know what your team needs, don’t assume they already know.


Tip #5 – Celebrate Publicly – Add what Marina said from Video 

Celebrate your team members not only privately but publicly.


Who rank advanced this month? You better celebrate them and show them how proud you are of them.


Let them know you are extremely proud and there are still people above them running for rank and not to quit because everything that they do today is going to put them into momentum for next month.


Post a testimonial on their page or on your page celebrating the amazing job they have done.


I want you to understand something, if your team is running for rank create this post on your page and maybe say something like, “Marina, I’m so proud of you! You are a gangsta momma! Not only are you raising a kid and running a full-time business, but you are also making money utilizing social media for your Network Marketing Business. You are crushing it and I am proud of you.”


This will grab moms attention that is on their Facebook page or maybe even on your page.


You can do this without saying the name of the company, the amount of money they made, or even the products. This will create more curiosity around your business.


Guess what? You can do the same thing with your customers (with their permission of course).


Remember, no sandbagging is allowed.




Tip #6 – Don’t give up

I’m going to get serious with you right now.

You are an amazing Heeler.

You deserve this.

You are worthy.


I know right now you are thinking in your head, “what’s the point” or “why even bother?” I know those feelings and the thoughts you have in your head right now. The second you give up and quit, no matter what your rank is, you are always going to give up on yourself.


You are worth more than being a quitter. You are a Heeler. Do not give up, you can’t! 


In Conclusion– 

Let’s remember something, it’s not just about you but it’s about your TEAM too! Share what you have learned with them today so it can be duplicated! Let’s quickly review my 6 Tips for closing the month out strong. 


1. Facebook Lives

2. Ask your friends/family/customers to make a post 

3. Follow up 

4. Reach down 

5. Celebrate

6. Don’t give up


If you rank up this week, I want you to come back to this post and comment “I ranked up” so I can personally reach out and congratulate you.

Let me just tell you, I am so proud of you for taking steps and action towards a better tomorrow. I love you Heeler and I know exactly what it's like to be where you are right now.

I remember back in 2013, sitting in my bed, crying, and praying for something to happen because I didn’t know how much longer I could go doing this. I just kept going and in 90 days I hit six figures. The same thing can happen to you. 


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There are so many things going on in this academy. Share it with your teams because the more people that are in there from your team, it becomes duplicatable. I’ll just keep it 100 with you, it’s just hard to go back and teach what I teach in here LOL. I am teaching how to build a personal brand, how to build a downline, and really balancing out your MLM business while trying to keep sane as a mommy LOL.

Check out below what the Elite Heelers are saying about the academy:


“Holy heck my Pinterest just leaped to 23k viewers and followers have doubled. Thank you for the institution Marina Simone & Tailwind!”

– Angela Thorp


“I just want to acknowledge my Fellow Heelers, yesterday I watched everyone's LIVES that they posted in the engagement pod and I have you say  YOU LADIES ROCK! I thoroughly enjoyed all of your videos and I just want to congratulate all of you for being Brave and Taking Action!”
#girlpower #TogetherWeRise

– Danielle Chorbak


 “I've got 4 new clients in the last 2 days and 6 inquiries about joining my team!!! That's HUGE for me btw.”

– Dana Moltmaker


“Biggest live yet! Almost 800 views. So thankful for my daily actions and staying accountable!!! One new customer and working on a few new reps this weekend”

– Jennifer Cliff



As always, Keep on Slaying Online Sales and I will see you next week! 


Marina Simone

Do you find yourself quitting once you get to the end of the month? What is one way you're going to stay committed? 

Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest.

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