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October 28, 2018
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November 11, 2018

25 Posts to Increase Engagement Inside Facebook Groups


Wouldn't you like to learn how to leverage Facebook groups to build your Network Marketing Business or build your personal brand?


Wouldn’t you like to see more engagement in Facebook Groups? 


Wouldn’t you like to stop hearing crickets every single time you make a post inside your Facebook Group?


If you answered yes, this training will blow your mind. 



I totally get it. I’ve been in the same predicament as you are right now when it comes to Facebook groups. I used to have Facebook groups in my company about 5 years ago and every time I would make a post, I would legit get crickets.


The prospects were just not engaging in the group. I found that there was something missing. 


It was culture. 


The members of my Facebook group were not communicating with each other for a couple of reasons.

(Yes, the algorithm has a little bit to do with it).


In this Episode, I am going to share with you my top 3 tips to increase engagement FAST inside your Facebook group and how this will grow your group and change your business.



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25 Posts to INCREASE Engagement Inside Facebook Groups!


Facebook Groups are a great way to build community and convert more sales BUT your members have to be engaged AND you have to get them talking in order for you to make sales. 


I have built 5 Facebook groups with at more than 15,000 members in them. I want you to know that it did not happen over night. 


Be patient and know that this does takes some time but by using these 3 strategies and the free PDF download for this week, you will see changes in your group. In 30-60 days you will start seeing MASSIVE results and crickets will start to disappear. 



Now, let's get into 3 ways to shoot up engagement up inside your Facebook Group so you can get the excitement back!


1. Get to know your members 

It’s important to know that when you post content in your group, it’s something your audience can relate to. Don’t just focus on the product or service you are selling! You want to entertain, educate, and empower your audience. 

 You can’t create content without knowing the needs of your members



How exactly do you do this? ↓


Ask them questions and collect the data so you can get to know your members better. I do this weekly in my free membership group, Moms and Heels, on Facebook (if you aren't in the group, click here to join for FREE).


I call it my Question Connection Thursday. Every single Thursday, my audience knows and expects me to ask them a question to understand their needs and know their hobbies and passions.


Now you are probably wondering what type of questions I ask them, so here are a few!

  • What is your favorite store to shop online?
  • What us your favorite personal development book? 
  • What’s your favorite show on Netflix? 



These are questions I ask in Facebook group to create engagement with my members. 



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2. Attract your tribe

You don’t want everyone! You want to attract people you WANT to be there and those humans that WILL buy. 


Now this isn’t going to be perfect, especially in the beginning as you may not attract the right type of people. As your group grows, the type of information you put out may change.


Remember, the information you put out there is what you are going to get back.


  • Who is the person who wants to buy your product? 
  • Who is that one person you want to join your team? 


For an example, I am pregnant so I look for Facebook groups that have to do with pregnancy (new borns, and how to stay healthy while pregnant, etc.). So if I am inside that group that focuses on pregnancy and someone posts about weightless, that is going to repel me.


I am not ready for that right now but maybe after the baby Heeler comes I will be. Remember to create posts that relate to the group! Interact with the members so you are a part of the community and not one of those SPAMMERS (yuck! LOL).



3. Make your group your priority! 

Most of the time we expect our Facebook group to grow without putting any work into it.


When you are creating a membership community, you need to make it a priority. It’s not going to grow on it’s own.


If you remain consistent and spend 15-30 minutes a day inside your group engaging with your audience, you will start to see others engage as well. Take time and reply back to each members comments and do a welcome post for new members. You have to show up! Show an interest in them! 


In the beginning, it will be you doing all of the work but eventually, your ideal customers will begin to take over, post, and engage with others. 


This will allow you to take note and create MORE content around their needs. If your members don’t feel special they won’t stay engaged.


Just remember 3 things for me:

» Be patient. «

» Stay consistent. «

» Pay attention. «



It isn’t the number of followers, friends, members that’s super important. It’s the engagement that’s key. 


Let me tell you a story to prove this point. About a year ago, I was asked to do a free training inside a leaders Facebook Group for her Network Marketing team. 


The group had 60,000 members of women building their business. Of course, I was so excited and said YES! 


Immediately, I was added to the group so I could check it out. What I found was super disappointing and I felt bad for the leader.


There were over 15,000 members, yes, but there was no culture or engagement inside that group. Instead, I noticed the leaders were the only ones posting and talking ‘AT’ the team instead of talking ‘WITH’ the team. 


So what’s my point? The numbers don’t always matter.I think a lot of the times because of Social Media, we get confused and think that more followers equals more money or more members in our Facebook group equals more money. That is the wrong mentality to have. 



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People need to feel like they are a part of something and that your are guiding and providing value so they want to stay and share the group with others. 


I decided to put together a FREE resource for you! 


25 engaging posts to increase engagement inside Facebook Groups I suggest posting these examples once a week and always respond to each comment. This gives you 25 weeks of content! 

In Conclusion: 


Remember, people need to know you care and need to feel appreciated for engaging inside your group. 

In the beginning it’s going to feel like you are doing all of the heavy lifting but eventually your community inside the group will connect with one another and then you can watch the group blossom.


If you can follow these three tips, you will start to see more growth, engagement and excitement inside your Facebook Group. 


1. Know your members

2. Attract your tribe

3. Make it a priority 


Don’t get caught up in the numbers but instead focus on what we talked about in this episode. 

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I am going to show you exactly what my team and I drove over 1400 leads into a Facebook group within 72 hours. 


Click here to save your seat, it’s completely free! Feel free to share this with any team members or friends that you know who are using Facebook Groups. 


If you don’t have a Facebook group yet or maybe you are thinking about creating one, this class can help as well. You will need these strategies when you decide to step up in leadership and become an amazing leader for your team or personal brand. 

Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone

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