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November 2, 2018
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November 16, 2018

How to Use Facebook Messenger to Invite Your Prospect

Wouldn’t you like to stop getting IGNORED when a prospect shows interest in your product or business?

Wouldn’t you like to stop hearing those CRICKETS in your messenger?


I want you to think about something. When you see headlines on Facebook lives there is something that makes you stop and press play.

Maybe you stopped to read this episode because something really POPPED out and grabbed your attention.


Think about it for a second.


What was it that made you stop and read?

What got you excited about what I am going to teach you in this week’s Episode?

It triggered an emotional response and physical pain. But what does that have to do with inviting prospects?


In this episode, I am going to go over how to use Facebook messenger to invite your prospects without getting  CRICKETS. 


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About 90% of our decisions are made because of our emotions.  This is what triggers you to take action.

You made an emotional decision when joining your Network Marketing company.

You made an emotional decision when you decided to buy a house.


So, you need to tap into your prospects emotions when inviting them to take a look at your product or business opportunity. At the end of the day, if you are boring the heck out of your prospect, and you’re only about the business, you will lose your prospect.


That’s when you start hearing the crickets.


Let me give you an example. Think about when a new movie is launched, they drip the information to us.


  1. You see a commercial
  2. Next you see a Facebook ad
  3. Then maybe you see a headline in a magazine
  4. They talk about it on different talk shows
  5. They collaborate with other products by sticking the movie on their products (i.e. Burger King)


They legit start building the curiosity and excitement for the movie. You get excited right? It’s the same thing when it comes to your prospect, business, and product.


I’ve had some Heelers reach out to me and say, “Marina look, I literally have people commenting on my post that they want more information and I give them the link. Then, I go and follow up with them a couple days later and it’s like CRICKETS. They disappear!”

Let me just tell you, 80% of the time I don’t get ignored when I am prospecting. (and you can too!)


Why? It’s the power of the invite. I have excitement, posture, confidence, and I know exactly where I am going to guide them and when I need to follow up.


I legit, follow up 20-30 minutes after I give my prospect the information. I make sure WHEN they are going to watch it so I know WHEN to follow up.


I learned from Eric Worre that when you are inviting your prospects you need to become a PERFECT appointment setter so you know when they are going to watch the video or look at the information. Seriously, confirm the time they are going to watch it.

If this person just ‘ghosts’ you after they said yes to you so many times, then you just don’t need them on your team.


Keeping it REAL with you Heeler!


If you have to convince someone to join then you will end up convincing them to do the WORK. It is called NetWORK Marketing for a reason. LOL


So now let’s get into the 3 things you want to AVOID when inviting your prospects.


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1. Stop being lazy

I know that may sound a little harsh but it’s so true!

When I first got started in Network Marketing I was super lazy! I thought that when someone was interested, all I had to do was send them a video and expect them to come back and say, “WOO I’m ready to join your business and I am going to make you a million dollars!” LOL


Literally, I spammed people with videos. YIKES!


If you are doing this right now and are waiting for your people to hit you back up after you sent them the link, you are being lazy! Take control of the conversation and your business! Get through the numbers on your list!


I mention how to do this is my 6 Rule Method Training. You can check it out by clicking here. You have to get through the numbers.

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2. All scripted, No Convo

Stop acting like a robot. Be a human!



Remember something, you are looking for your prospects pain point or emotional trigger so you need to ask questions.

Be excited when you talk to them as well. It is a transfer of belief. You can transfer your excitement to another human and it’s SO POWERFUL! Truly connect and get to know the person.

Use some exciting words. Here is an example of what I like to d when connecting with my upline or mentor:

“OMG I am so excited for you to meet my amazing sponsor in this business. He has been in this industry for _____ amount of years and popping out six-figure earners like there’s no tomorrow. You are going to absolutely feel confident, excited and learn more information from him.”


Use the voice messenger on Facebook Messenger


If you are legit copy and pasting and sending a 15 page dissertation, your prospect is just not going to read it. LOL People want to hear your voice and the excitement in it.

Let’s talk a little bit about word vomit. I’ve been #guilty of this myself back in the day. You do not need to know everything about everything in your company, that’s what 3 way chats are for! You need to know enough and have your own story that you can share.

Give your prospect the trailer, don’t give them the whole movie! The reason why you are hearing crickets is because you have given them too much information or you just sent them the link to the website without creating value and hitting their pain points for them to take action.


3. Failing to set up a Follow Up time

If you are not setting up appointments like I said before, it’s like an open ended question. You are giving them a loop hole and a way out because you are not confirming the appointment.

Let me give you an example.↓


What if you and I are having a conversation (you are prospecting me) and you told me that you have 1 million dollars for me. All I have to do is follow up with you in 30 minutes.

Do you think I am going to follow up?



HELLER of course! I want that 1 million dollars LOL. You created value and hit a trigger point for me. If you set an appointment, create value and hit a trigger point your prospect is going to hold that appointment.


Assumption is the worst thing you can do in your business. Click To Tweet


If you assume that they haven’t watched the video and you don’t ask, you will not grow.

If you assume they don’t want to join your business and you don’t ask, you will not grow.


Understand that there is back end work you have to do. Your work doesn’t stop when you just send them the video or when you add them into your group. You don’t stop inviting them until they enroll or make a purchase.

When I got involved in my second Network Marketing Company, it took my sponsor almost 12 times of follow up before I said yes within a 3 week period. I know, you’re probably wondering what she said. All she did was kept inviting me to learn more.

She kept putting me on the phone with different people with different stories and videos. She wasn’t bugging the crap out of me, she just knew my trigger points. Once I got into the business, within a 2 year span my team and I brought in over 20,000 customers and distributors into her organization.


Do you think it was worth the 12 follow ups with me? YASSSS!


In Conclusion:

Let's do a recap!


Remember these tips when you are inviting:


  1. Get excited and PUMPED! If you are not in the right state of mind or not excited you will sound like a robot. Play some music and get your mindset right!

2. Use Voice Messenger! You can actually do this via iMessage if you have an iPhone.

3. Create Value so your prospects sell themselves!

4. Share stories and testimonials that stick to their brain and relates to their trigger point.

5. Ask questions to find PAIN points/trigger points.

6. Stop with the word vomit and use 3 way tools/chats/team calls.

7. STOP being lazy.

8. Don’t be SPAMMY.

9. Be a human and have REAL conversations.

10. Set follow up times. Use the Facebook messenger’s “reminder” tool so you and your prospect get notified.

11. Get through your numbers. Always invite until your prospect enrolls!


Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone

What scares you the most when it comes to inviting your prospect to your opportunity?


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