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November 11, 2018
6 Ways to Tell a Story with a Selfie
November 23, 2018

How to Leverage Selfies for Social Media

Can selfies make you money in your personal brand or Network Marketing Business? 

Is this even real? 


Let me just tell you, I used to be one of those people that would roll my eyes at those “selfie” takers. Could they love themselves that much?! How many pictures could they really take of themselves? 



Yup. I was that HATER. I can admit that. 


Then I realized how amazing and effective being a selfie taker really is for building your personal brand. I went from being a hater to a selfie taker. 

In this episode, I am going to help you discover and unlock the power of telling a story with a selfie and why selfies are important for building a personal brand. 



Forbes magazine has talked about it. 

Universities have talked about it. 


How the heck can a selfie make you money and why would it make you money? 

Now, don’t get confused, you shouldn’t be posting a selfie every day on social media. There is actually an art to doing a selfie. 

In fact, the human eye is compelled to stop and look at selfies in the social media feed. Selfies are your personal brand. 


Selfies create eye contact! I am a firm believer that you can create a super fan brand in your personal brand by making eye contact on social media. It’s actually how I built hundreds and thousands of followers on all of my social media platforms combined by making that eye contact. 





This is exactly what selfies do. It makes you STOP and look and in that one moment you are going to decide whether or not you like someone just by their appearance. There’s something powerful about the way people look and interact with selfies. 


People literally ask these questions in their heads: 


  • Do I like this person? 
  • Am I influenced by them?
  • Do I like what they are wearing? 
  • Do I like their makeup?


Its crazy the emotional decision we make as a human just by a single selfie image. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. 


According to an article by UBC News,


“There is connectivity and an intimacy that selfies create. Selfies are really someone’s personal brand…when you take a selfie and send it out there, you are branding yourself. You are saying, ‘this is me today.’ “


So if you aren’t posting selfies, its time to up your game! 


If you are posting selfies, what are they saying about your personal brand? 

When you are building your personal brand online there are many factors that will set you apart from someone else. Everything affects how others “see” you online. 


→ What you wear ←

→ How you speak ←

→ How you write captions ←

→ Your video topics ←


Your audience will either be influenced or judge you right away.


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So let’s go over some tips on why selfies should be a part of your marketing plan for your personal brand.



Two words, Social Media. 

We live in a visual world where social media has taken over. Instagram, a visual platform, is growing rapidly! These two reasons alone are CRUCIAL if you are building a personal brand online. 



How to take a good selfie


First, I want you to remember to not be lazy on social media. Everything you put out on social media is there forever. It represents you and…


You are your brand. -Marina Simone Click To Tweet


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Here are my tips for taking a great selfie: 


  • Hold your phone at an angle, higher than your face and take a lot of them 


You can use the volume button on the iPhone to snap the photo instead of using your thumb!



  • Make sure you have great lighting (Click Here to grab your very own selfie phone case that comes with a built-in selfie light) 

  • Edit with the Facetune App or use SnapChat filter (Click here to download the app on your phone) 


  • Edit with the Snapseed app (Click here to download SnapSeed )


  • Typic helps with adjusting the visual effects of the photo (Click here to download) 


  • Choose a great background! You don’t want your background to be a hot mess express! Yes, people will judge you on that. LOL


  • No duck face! That’s so 1999 hahaa! Smile and get creative.



Let’s talk how to tell a story with selfies

Next week, I will be diving deep into this topic on Episode 26. However, I’ll touch quickly on some key points to remember. 


Have you ever heard this saying: 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Click To Tweet 


I’ve heard it before and I don’t know about you but, I’m more likely to remember a photo more than a bunch of text. So how does that apply to a selfie? 


Well, you have an opportunity to: 

  1. Catch their eye and make contact. Make sure the image is clear so you can stand out. 
  2. Tag a location and share about why you were there. 
  3. Tell your story of that image which can impact a follower to relate to you. (Diving deeper into this next week in Episode 26.)


People are going to stop and look at an image then, if they are inspired, they will read the caption. Make them STOP, DROP & READ. 


People also remember memories more by something that is visual. Someone is more likely to remember how a photo made them feel instead of just writing. 


Photo and video are going to be taking over in 2019, so moving forward you should jump on the selfie and video train. 


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In conclusion: 


It’s a great way when you are using selfies to turn a follower into a lifer. They can really decide if they can relate to you or not. Something that I preach all the time is how to build a super fan brand. 


I did a free webinar (you can click here to register) on how you can take a follower and turn them into a Super Fan.


Once someone is a Super Fan you can sell them over and over again on different products, join your team, or becoming an affiliate for your business. 



Are you utilizing selfies to convert more sales? If not, get to it! I suggest posting a selfie once or twice per week and really telling a story. Don’t forget the tips from this episode to help you stand out on social media: 


  • Find your selfie angle
  • Take TONS of photos
  • Have great lighting or use an enhancer like a selfie case or editing software 
  • Choose a great background!
  • No duck face! 


I can’t wait to hear how you will be utilizing the tips and tools from this week’s episode.

Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone

How many times per week do you post selfies on your Instagram or Facebook account?


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