How to Leverage Selfies for Social Media
November 16, 2018
How to Create Curiosity on Social Media with Live Video and Posts!
December 1, 2018

6 Ways to Tell a Story with a Selfie

Wouldn’t you like to tell a story with a selfie?

Think about it for a second…


When you are on social media and you look at an image, it tells you a story right? Sometimes you can even imagine yourself in the same place that person is in that photo or you even imagine yourself wearing the same hairstyle in that photo.


Images and videos tell stories.


In last week’s episode (click here to check it out) we talked about how you can leverage selfies to convert more sales, build more followers, and create that trust with your followers so they can love you and eventually buy from you.



In this episode, I am going to show you 6 ways you can tell a story with a selfie or image on your social media platform.



But first, I want to take a step back and take you to when I was in High School. I know this sounds a little crazy but stay with me for a second.


I went to a private High School where they legit were preparing me for college.  I basically had too many credits when I graduated. Long story short, in my English class every week I had a brand new book or novel that I had to read 350-500 pages long.


I had to then write a report on this book, summarize what happened, and dig into the questions that were asked from the teacher. (I have to give a shout out to my English teacher back in the day for helping me with my writing skills, I do put my little twist into it LOL)


Well, do you remember Cliff Notes? You can order them or buy them at the store and they had a copy for each book that summarizes the story quickly?


True life: Cliff Notes saved my life in High School. Click To Tweet


I’ll admit, I still went through the book… but not the whole thing LOL. Did you use Cliff Notes back in the day?

Cliff Notes were like a “preview” to the story. It summarized the most important parts of the book.


This is how I want you to think about leveraging and utilizing selfies and photos to tell stories.


Your images are telling tiny stories about YOU. Think about it…If you were going to tell a story about your life from beginning to where you are today, it would be a novel, wouldn’t it?


So you’re not going to be able to tell a whole story in one image. Instead, every single paragraph is a Cliff Note version of your story. In order for someone to get to know you, they aren’t going to read a novel from the very beginning about your life, obstacles, or opportunity. They need to get to know you.


It’s going to take 8-12 times of that person seeing your content  for them to decide if they like you or not. These images are tiny stories. You’re going to be sharing with them small bits and pieces of your life that have a story behind it.


With photos you can:

→  Keep your Newsfeed fresh.  ←

→  Keep your Stories fresh.  ←

→  Share the same story with a different image so it can touch someone in a different way.  ←


Something I shared back in Episode 24,  was that our leads and prospects make emotional decisions. Before they decide to join you, buy from you, or become a Super Fan for your brand, they make an emotional decision based on whether they like you or they don’t like you. (click here to read more)


So think about that when you upload you photos! “What story is this photo telling about me and what is it saying about my brand?”


Please remember this (since it took me forever to figure out myself LOL), great marketers are great story tellers. Stories sell.

People need to know that they can do it too! So as you share your story through images, people can emotionally make a connection to you and your brand.
Remember, YOU are your BRAND.


Now, let me break down the 6 ways to tell a story with an image.

1. Use Quality Images

This is where a lot of the Social Media Influencers make it or break it.   It’s because of the type of photo that they are uploading.

Please remember this Heeler Hack!


Post one image at a time on Facebook.

(Yes, on Instagram you can actually use multiple photos and use the swipe method. I am going to dive in deeper into this in my 30 day InstaBoost Workshop, simply click here→  and email me to get on the waitlist) Now, I’m not saying you have to go out there and get a professional photographer. There are apps that you can download and can actually brighten your image, pull out different colors, and make your image POP! Click here to jump to resource section below to check them out.


You don’t want blurry images and not every picture has to be of you or a selfie. Switch it up!


Follow my SOS Facebook Tracker Guide for more ideas. Click Here to check it out.



2. Make a deeper connection with your followers

How do you do this? It’s simple.

You have to get vulnerable and share the human side. I know this can be very difficult or even scare the crap out of you! But I want you to understand you aren’t airing out your dirty laundry.


Instead, you want to share moments that you overcame. Share so your audience knows just because you hit a certain point of success, you still had curves and bumps on the road.


People need to know that you are real. You can tell tiny stories through your images by sharing vulnerable moments that you have had in your life.



3. Show behind the scenes

This is something that I absolutely LOVE to do! I love to show people that as a Mom, my life is NOT perfect.


If my house is clean it means someone just came over to help clean it LOL. I just don’t have the time to clean my house every single day. So what I like to do is show  when I do videos like my blog, what it looks like all over. Toys are all over the place hahaha, I know you get me Heeler.

You don’t have to have perfect lighting or perfect clean areas to do your videos in. You can be real and authentic. People love to see what you are doing behind the scenes on a daily basis.



4. Celebrate your clients, customers, or teams

On thing that I absolutely love about mentors that I follow is that they are celebrating their community. This is something that we don’t have enough of in the world anymore, right?

We live in a world, I’m going to get a little “kumbaya” here for a minute…



…..where there is so much darkness. If we can bring light to others, that’s going to attract your audience and tell them a story of who you are.

You love to celebrate other women.
You love to celebrate wins that are going on in your industry.

That is something beautiful you can do on social media with photos. (For more ideas on how to celebrate your team and give recognition, check out Episode 10 by clicking here)



5. Speak to a specific audience AKA your target audience.

When you are uploading a photo, I want you to ask yourself, “what are the types of things in that photo that you can talk about to one human?”


For instance, I want to upload one of my maternity photos, I am obviously going to be talking to the women that are pregnant, the women who are excited about having a baby, and women who are getting pregnant.

I’m not going to refer to men.
I’m not going to refer to working out hard core at the gym.

I’m going to have a conversation in THEIR verbiage. So if you can do this it will be more powerful then trying to talk to every single person that’s out there.


Let me ask you something, have you ever watched Shark Tank?

I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with it! Last week there was this little boy on who was about 12-years old. As he was pitching his idea to the Sharks, he told them that he was inspired by Shark Tank to create and invent something.


This kid is a GENIUS and came up with the product, Lego Glue. Legit, a hero to all moms out there LOL. OUCH!

The Sharks then asked him, “How did you come up with this idea?”. The boy responded, “Well, I thought to myself, where is there a problem in my bedroom?”


When he figured out that there was a problem with the legos falling on the floor, he wanted to solve that problem. But, what does this mean to you?


What is the problem that you can solve for that one person by just posting an image?



6. Avoid thinking that EVERYONE needs to follow you and react to your post

Engagement matters more! Avoid thinking the masses is the answer to your problem because it’s not. In fact, it’s actually the complete opposite.


There is no one size fits all for a story. This is what makes you so unique! You have a story that someone else can relate to even if they didn’t go through the same exact thing. That is the human connection that most people forget about in Network Marketing.


I want to help you overcome this hurdle.Do not think that having the masses is going to make your business grow faster.


It’s when you can identify that problem you can solve for that one human or target audience. This will increase your sales and income in our pocket.



In conclusion:

Here’s how it works Heeler, there are 6 ways that you can tell a story with an image and I want you to use and leverage these ideas.

The 6 ways are:

1. Use Quality Images

2. Make a deeper connection with your followers

3. Show behind the scenes

4. Celebrate your clients, customers, or teams

5. Speak to a specific audience

6. Engagement matters more



Once you do, I want you to come back to this post and let me know after 7 days, what this has done for your business.

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