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December 1, 2018
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December 17, 2018

How to Inspire Your Audience to Instantly Love Your Content

When I first got started with my personal branding, building my Network Marketing Business, and trying to build a following on social media, I got really confused. 



What really matters? 

What doesn’t matter? 

Why was it taking me so long?

Can I move this faster?

Was there a course out there that can help me find the easiest way to avoid the crickets on social media, find my tribe, and become an influencer? 



What I found was that I was legit wasting thousands and thousands of dollars buying course after course, and getting absolutely nowhere. 


In this episode, I am going to share with you how YOU can build an influence to inspire your audience to become  Super Fans. 





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Now you are probably wondering, “how exactly are you supposed to take someone that is just reading your content, views a video, or sees something that you put out there, and turn them into a Super Fan?”


This is something that I would rack my brain with every single week. In fact, there were moments when I would cry to my #HBO, my husband, over and over again,


“Why isn’t this happening for me?” 


“Why can’t I make more money?”


“Why can’t I just get my name out there when I see others doing it and they aren’t much different from me?”



Well, I have to tell you, there were 3 things that I was NOT doing, I am going to share with you where and how you should be building your influence. 


1. Email List 


This is something YOU own. You do not own social media platforms.

You need to be in constant contact with your email list and provide value! 

When you provide value to your audience, eventually they start talking about you for free!



2. Facebook Group


You need to have your own Facebook group! This has been tremendous for the Heelers. We built a community and provide value to one another. I do free trainings there too! 

It’s been over a year and we already have 8,000 members! 

CLICK HERE to request to join the free group.



3. Social Media


The first thing to decide is which platforms are you going to use. I suggest building 2 really well. 

So for me, I chose Facebook and Instagram. 


Now I am working on repurposing content on all other platforms like LinkedIN, Twitter, and SnapChat. 

(I teach weekly strategies on this inside our Heels Up Academy)



So why these three specific places? 


I wanted to find a way to get into my audience’s head. 

I wanted to be seen consistently in my audience’s newsfeed on social media. 

I wanted to be seen in their inbox.



These 3 ways were the fastest ways that I could find to build my influence. 


Believe it or not, when you simultaneously do all three, you can build your influence pretty quickly. 


In order to become an influencer, you have to learn what it takes, you need to know what it means, and you need to understand it’s all about inspiration. It’s about making an impact and inspiring your audience to want to continue watching you. 


Now, I want to go over with you what an influencer is and what you need to open your eyes up to. Let’s talk about some myths! 


I always thought in order to become an influencer, I needed to be famous, write a book, be lucky, or have someone discover me. 


All of these myths were in my head of what I thought I had to be in order to become an influencer. Every single one of these is a myth! How do I know that?


I am just like you. 


 I am a normal human who just went through obstacles and through things in life that I wasn’t afraid to share. 

I got vulnerable.

I started making an impact on my audience by sharing solutions and providing value. 

I shared with them how I overcame obstacles they may just be going through as well. 


So now, what are these 3 things that helped me create an audience that stuck around and created some Super Fans, which are now my Heeler community?

  1. I built authority 
  2. I shared real results and provided value for free. I allowed them to see the impact that I could make on them without asking for anything back. 
  3. I built the following and remain consistent and never gave up. 


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Let me ask you a question….


What is holding YOU back from positioning yourself as an influencer? 

Is it because of all of the stories you are telling yourself inside your head? 

Is it all those myths that you think you have to be someone you don’t have to be?


Your story is just as powerful as mine. In fact, it could be more powerful than what I have gone through. It could be more impactful to more humans. You can become bigger than me. I have had clients of mine do it before. #ProudHeeler



Do you ever think to yourself that you have to be this ‘marketing genius?’ 

Guess what….that’s another myth! 


If you can include these 3 key factors into your every day while building your influence and helping your audience fall in love with your content, I promise, you can absolutely build Super Fans. 


→ Be Consistent

→ Hard Work

→ Be Vulnerable



I know it sucks to share things that you have failed at, but people need to know that….


…Failure is a part of success Click To Tweet






In conclusion: 


So let’s sum up what your audience needs from you in order for you to build influence, inspire them to stick around, and fall in love with your content. 


1. They need to know that you care. They need to know you just don’t want to make a buck off of them and you are willing to put out free information for them (The time can certainly come when you need to start charging for information). 


2. Know how to deliver your content to provide value and to stay consistent with it. Your audience needs to know that they can depend on you showing up.


3. Build real relationships. Avoid looking at what you can get but look at what you can give. I can tell you that when my mindset shift happened and I stopped worrying about what I was going to get, my business changed. 


4. Collaborate! Your audience needs to see other faces, not just yours. Collaborate with other leaders, do some interviews, and even include it in an email. It’s not just my game, it’s we game in this industry and you need to collaborate (uplift the profession).


5. Be authentic and genuine. It’s so important that people know that this is the real you. If you are a different person than how you are on social media, I promise you, people will figure it out. They will get tired of you and find someone else to fall in love with.


 Now, let’s get to the action and Slay Online Sales! 



Marina Simone 



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