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March 4, 2022
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3 Steps and a Hard Truth: A DMO For Success In Your Network Marketing Business

🤩3 Steps and a Hard Truth: A DMO For Success In Your Network Marketing Business🤩


“Marina!! I have NO idea how to grow my side hustle alongside my fam & my job! HOW do people do it?? How do they handle all these things?? The marketing? The connecting?? And the kids??”🤔


“First, Boo, let me tell you…”




I did it! 😁


I simultaneously grew my network marketing business, my branding business, and my coaching business while raising my kids, trying to keep house “like you’re supposed to”, and be a champion for my man. 🏆


It was HARD. 




I did it ONLY because I had my Daily Method of Operations (DMO) to keep me going.🔥

My DMO is and was simple.😄

And it’s only three steps that ANYONE – including YOU! – can apply to growing their network marketing businesses or side hustles to help reach their income goals FASTER. 🤯


Network Marketing DMO Secret #1

1️⃣ -Be Intentional


I know it sounds like an easy idea, but let me tell you…it’s the opposite.😰


It is REAL. It is HARD (in the beginning). 


And it looks like this:

  • When it’s family time, it’s ONLY family time. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


You make a commitment to that time

  • No phone. 📱
  • No worrying about what else you “should” be doing. 🤔
  • No allowing your nerves to get shot at the first loud noise.  😨   


When it’s time for business, it’s time for business. 💪


I got up 30 mins before my daughter and I went to bed 30 mins after her. 

That time was solely for working on my business (whichever one I needed to work on at that time).👩‍💻

I didn’t use it for checking email – unless it was scheduled to be done at that time. I didn’t use it for searching Facebook for inspiration. 


Speaking of Facebook and social media, I made it a rule to not waste time scrolling, looking for other people’s content…to see if mine measured up, or to get ideas about what I could post. I knew that stuff ahead of time. 


  • When it’s time for your spouse or partner, the same thing applies to that time. 👫


It’s not time for phones, talking business, or thinking about what you “should” be doing. 


The key to being intentional is PLANNING and then?? EXECUTION. Always know what needs to be done ahead of time so that you never have to wonder and get sidetracked. 


Trust me. It’s SO worth it. 


Network Marketing DMO Secret #2

2️⃣-Only focus on ONE social media platform. 


We want mastery and trying to do it all on all platforms will slow you down, wreck your nerves, and make you feel like you’re doing nothing at all. 


Instead, choose ONE platform to master, then repurpose on all the other channels. You’ll save time and headaches. 😲


Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of that focus that results in faster growth. 


Network Marketing DMO Secret #3

The hardest of them all. 😶


3️⃣ Give yourself some GRACE. 🙏


Stop trying to do it all alone. Stop trying to get everything “just right”. Ask for help. 


Because if you keep trying to get it all “right” AND doing it all alone, you’re going to end up tired, resentful, frustrated, angry, and overwhelmed…and it’s just not going to be fun for you anymore. 😴


Ask me how I know, Boo. M’kay?? 

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Once I stopped trying to do it all myself and I stopped trying to push for unattainable goals (like keeping the house looking like we live in Interior Design Magazine). 


So commit to giving yourself some grace, allow yourself the help you need, and don’t sweat tiny details like a few toys on the floor. If you focus on your goals and not those details, you’ll be hiring support in no time! 🤗


Take a deep breath and let go of what can be let go 😤


You got this‼️ 


There ya go, Boo! 🙌

This is my simple DMO. It has helped me through raising two kids and running multiple multiple 7-figure businesses. Put it to work for you and watch your business begin to soar. 🤑





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  1. Mimi Sheffer says:

    I love The 333 Method that Marina developed. It gives you step-by-step actions to take to start conversations, create connections and transition to business simply and easily. Using The 333 Method, you go from being cheesy and spammy to being a professional. I highly recommend it for anyone in the network marketing space!

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