How to Attract Superfans To Your Network Marketing Business
How to Attract Superfans To Your Network Marketing Business
August 12, 2022
3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business
3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business
August 26, 2022

3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster

3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster

3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster

As a network marketer, you probably know all too well how long it can take to recruit new followers from Instagram. 🙋‍♀️

But I have a secret that I’m going to share with you today, Boo. 

Get your pen and paper and let’s get you out of Spammy Tammy mode and into Full-Blown Brand mode! 📝

If you typically send salesy messages as soon as someone follows you, LISTEN UP! 👂

There’s a better way. 👌

That way? Is going to help you convert followers to recruits a lot faster

Press Play Below ⤵️


What I Do When Someone Follows Me On Instagram

I don’t want my first impression to be one of “EW” so I take the time to introduce myself and what I do. And at the same time, I ask why they followed me. 😉

But here’s the kicker…

I close that message with “I would just like to know how I can best serve you.” 🤩

And that is what takes the connection farther because I am not showing up as someone who is trying to get something from them, right off the bat

When you approach new followers in a servant leader role you take on a whole new posture that makes you more approachable, more relatable, and more trustworthy.


My Network Marketing Script

In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see the script I use in action! 👠

“Hey, Jane! I’m so excited you’re following me! I’m so excited about that! Listen, I’d love to know what made you follow me.

Is it because you’re looking to join my company, you’re looking for information on the Bye-Bye Belly Fat Chocolate Collagen product

that helped me lose 60 lbs, or you’re looking for social media and branding help on your business because you’re already with a company? 

I’d love to know how I can serve you better!” 

And they almost always respond…open and ready to connect because it does not feel like a cold ask.  

Feel free to steal it and use it for yourself!

What You Should Do AFTER The Script

After you’ve connected with this follower on Instagram

I want you to speed up the recruiting process by putting The 333 Method™ to use.❤

I trademarked The 333 Method™ back in 2017 when I did NOT want to be the person who was just sending random DMs to people and asking for sales. 

This method is a SOLID foundation for building trust that turns into YES. So USE IT. 🔥

Do you want to turn comments and likes into dollars for your biz?

How I enrolled 15 people from Social in Just 7 Days…👇

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How The 333 Method™ Works 

Once you’ve made a connection with your follower, you’re going to go to their profile.

And if they look like someone you want to jam with, you’re going to give them:

  • 3 Hearts on 3 posts
  • 3 Comments on 3 other posts
  • 3 Story Replies

For 3 days…❤ 

Now, two things. 

  1. When I do this, if I go to your profile and you don’t look like my type of human, I am not going to do The 333 Method™. I like to keep it real.

    So, don’t just do this with people you don’t think you’ll enjoy connecting with. Mkay?
  2. I do The 333 Method™ for 3 days because I want to be the first person you get notifications from. And being this active on your profile is going to tell Instagram that you and I are simpatico and will do just that!  

Connect Deeper 🤝

The last thing I want you to do is to check out their bio, highlights, etc because you want to get to know them well enough to be able to tag them in a Reel™ or an inspirational quote or something that makes you think of them. 

This shows them that they are more than just a follower to you. They are not just a number.

When you take these steps:

  1. Introducing yourself from the servant leader posture
  2. Utilizing The 333 Method™ 
  3. Then take the time to understand who they are so you can tag them later…

..You’ll get more people asking you about what you do so you can speed up the recruiting process in your network marketing business! 💥

And that’s how you build your organization FASTER. 💨

Now it's your turn! Leave me a comment below. What is the one tip you are taking with you next time you're recruiting from Instagram?

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