3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster
3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster
August 19, 2022
Dear Network Marketer, THIS Is How You Print Money From Instagram™
September 12, 2022

3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business

3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business

3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business

3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business

Are you ready?

I’d like you to meet a very special student of mine, Jenn Cooper of Closing with Coop! 👑

She’s done AMAZING work and built her business to 6-figures by teaching network marketers

how to close more sales in their network marketing business. 

She’s also got a super powerful 3-day workshop coming up and you’re going to want to hear about it, so stay tuned! 

That said, take it away, Jenn!

Jenn Cooper

Thanks, Marina!

Hi, guys! I’m Jenn Cooper (as Marina mentioned 😉 ) and while sales are my BFFs now, I want you to know it hasn’t always been like this. 

There was a time when I struggled HARD to sell. But then, I figured out the missing pieces! 😉

We’re Always Selling!

If I were to stop you on the street and tell you I love your shirt and ask you where you got it

you’d spout off about how it’s just a $5 shirt from Target. 

Or if someone tells you they’re going to be in town and wants to know about the best Italian place around

and you spew forth all the details you can think of when it comes to Mama Nona’s over on 4th Ave…

Because you LOVE helping people get what they want…

You are already SELLING! And you’re good at it! 🤩

But, I’m going to help you get better so you can actually MAKE SALES. 

In those above scenarios

We identified that you’re already good at helping people get what they want…you’re not selling your products to do it. 

The problem comes in when you attach a dollar sign to that “helping people get what they want”. 

Then, all of a sudden…

You get weird. 

The other people aren’t getting weird. You’re making it weird. 

And that’s because you feel like YOU are the product.

So when someone says no, they don’t want what you’re selling, it hits you like they’re saying no TO YOU. 


You’re simply the messenger. 

Detach from your product and just be the person who is giving directions to the family looking for Mama Nona’s…

and help just to help people get what they want…just be the Messenger!

If you can do that, doing the next step will come a lot easier. 👌

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Earn Their Respect EVEN If You Don’t Know

Stop feeling like you have to have ALL the answers. 

When I was just starting out in pharmaceutical sales

I was in one of the dozens of grueling job interviews I had to go on,

where hiring managers handed me a product sheet and said, “Tell me what this word is and what it means.”

When I tell you I was sweating, I was literally…

But, I sat there and pushed myself to try. I failed. 

Now, maybe you’ve felt like that when someone has challenged your business with, “Is that an MLM?”

Or challenged one of your products with remarks like, “What even is that??”

And immediately your brain swims and reels and you are in panic mode. 😨

Just like with my moment with those hiring managers, you have an opportunity to let go in these moments. 

Let go of being right.

Let go of being perfect.

Let go of having to know all the answers before the questions are asked. 

Because if you can simply locate the answers you need, you’ll be ace. 

One of my favorite things to say when I am faced with a question like that now

is “Oh! That’s a great question, I haven’t been asked that before. Let me get you an answer.” 

They will respect you for answers like this. And you’ve gone and empowered yourself. 

Whoever is most resourceful will close more sales. 🤑

How To Avoid Being Seen As Salesy And Weird In Your Network Marketing Business

When I walked into those doctors’ offices each week, they knew I was coming in to sell.

I wore the uniform and I talked the talk. I made it supremely weird. Mkay?? 😉

Because I was told how to show up and how to talk sales and how to be that person in those offices…

I forgot THE reason sales work! 

I forgot that sales work when you are ultimately helping someone. So I got back to that. 

And I took it a step further. 

I developed empathy. ❤

When you develop empathy for your prospects, they’ll pay attention and you’ll close more sales.

How To Develop Empathy

Start thinking about what’s important to them. 🥰

Put yourself in their shoes. 

Start thinking about what they need from you. 

And if you don’t know?

ASK better questions.

Learn about them.

Listen to what’s important to them.

There’s a reason we have two ears and only one mouth. 🤗

Because when we focus on what we may give to them, we’re less focused on what we’re going to get.

And that? Is the secret sauce. 🔐

It takes practice, a lot of thought, and removing yourself from the equation. 

You’re not the product, you’re just the messenger.

Communicate that way. That’s when your sales explode!💥

Jenn Cooper helps network marketers show up big, fall in love with sales, and get the results they crave.

Find her at www.closingwithcoop.com

Email: support@momsandheels.com  | TAP HERE to Connect On Instagram 

 Are you thinking of coaching?  You can learn more about working with me by clicking here

Tools Mentioned + MORE Resources To Help You Slay Your Network Marketing Business

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