Reverse-Engineering a $5M Launch for 2023
Reverse-Engineering a $5M Launch for 2023
December 30, 2022
How to create an Unbreakable Online Business In 2023
How to create an Unbreakable Online Business In 2023
January 18, 2023

3 Ways Network Marketers Can Create Momentum In 2023


3 Ways Network Marketers Can Create Momentum In 2023


BOO THANG!! It’s REALLY 2023 and if you’re not using the 333 Method™ to PULL LEADS in left and right, what are you even DOING in your business?? 🤗

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But in the meantime, 3 of my biz besties, leaders in the network marketing industry

and I have come together to bring you the THREE things you’ll need to get on top of 2023. Mkay?? 


I want you to pay attention to these things because they are supremely important. 🎯



Brynn Lang #Langbanged 💥 us with her take on handling all the LIFE that seems to happen to us. 


Because most of us tend to get way-laid when things go sideways. We fall into that hole of,


And we’ll commiserate with anyone who will listen. 




Brynn reminded us that only makes things worse. And that there are only two things we need to concern ourselves with if we want to end 2023 on top:

1.Ourselves 😄

2. How we respond to things that happen 🤝


Brynn Lang


Prices going up? Okay, we’ll deal with it and keep moving. 

New enrollees not showing up for your vision? Okay, we’ll deal with it and keep moving. 

Keep getting emails from the principal that Johnny is acting up? Okay, we’ll deal with it and keep moving. 😉


That’s ALL we can do if we want to climb to the top. 🔝



Rob Sperry reminds us we cannot WAIT for the motivation, but we have to BUILD the motivation. 💪

And we do that by simply taking ACTION. Daily. Action.


If you find yourself thinking things like, “I don’t feel like reaching out to people today”, “I don’t want to post content today”, or “I am too tired to…”,

then you need to put Rob’s Minimum Non-Negotiables in place ASAP.  💯


Decide what the MINIMUM you will do NO MATTER WHAT will be and do not ever allow yourself the opportunity to not follow through.


Rob Sperry


A friend of Rob’s once got into the habit of finally flossing his teeth by promising himself that he would floss just one tooth each day.

Of course, he built on that because who’s going to go through the habit of ONLY FLOSSING ONE TOOTH and then not doing the rest?? 


Ya feel me?? What do your Minimum Non-Negotiables need to be so you can create a brand new level of success for yourself?


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When people bring up going viral, I get tired just thinking about it. I’ve been down that road more than once and rarely does it ever lead to real results. 


I found that even though I had a team of 40K in my old business, I had fewer sales than I do now with a team that’s a third of what I used to have. 


That is due to the quality of the conversations I focus on having and what’s just as important is you have to encourage your team to have those same level of quality conversations, too. So you want to keep them motivated and inspired so they carry out that tradition of quality over quantity. 


If you take these points we’ve covered above and RUN with them, you’ll walk all over this year.🏆



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