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December 17, 2018
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Income Producing Activities for Network Marketers on Social Media

What are the income Producing Activities Network Marketers should be focusing on for better results in 2019?



Even if you are making money in your Network Marketing business, having amazing results already, or in your personal brand, I bet I know you want to do better. 


Here’s what I know…


If you don’t plan, you’re going to fail. 

A goal without a plan is a wish. Click To Tweet


Have you heard that before? 


One of the reasons why I failed in my first 2 years in Network Marketing is because I didn’t have a game plan. I would legit treat my business like something I had on the side.  I had no plan of action. It wasn’t a priority.


In this episode, I am going to share with you the Income Producing Activities (also known as IPAs) that I was not doing consistently that you NEED to do in order to have success on social media when building your Network Marketing business.




What I see currently in the industry, is a lot of Network Marketers getting stuck in the attraction marketing piece of this business and the actual prospecting and “networking” is not happening. 




It’s because they think just from doing a live video, the people who watch it will immediately want to join their business. 


Do you know someone in your down line that does this or do you find yourself doing this? 


Understand something for me Heeler,  YOU  have to be the leader in 2019 for your team. You need to show them how the “Network” part of Network Marketing actually works. 

Attraction marketing is beautiful.


» Making curiosity posts «

» Having people interested «

» Building deep relationships «



But theses shifts and IPAs that I am going to share with you today are so important in order for you to find success building on social media. 


When I first started building on Facebook and Instagram, back in 2013, I literally had no idea what I was doing. 


Have you ever bought course after course and yet you still have no idea what you are doing on social media? 


That was me. 


I was soaking up so much information from different places and kept asking myself,


“where can I get the information and secret sauce to build my personal brand on social media or my Network Marketing business online because I was sick and tired of doing home meeting and 3-way calls and not growing!”



Online was my only option.



I was tired of driving to meetings that no one would show up for. Yes, that was happening to me in my business back in 2013 when I had no idea what I was doing. 



I was stuck with information constipation and just absorbing training after training and taking minimal action, just so I can say I did something. I was justifying the fact that I was not doing the skill set that I needed to grow a residual income. 


I know that attraction marketing gets confused with the actual skills needed for closing. I was #guilty.



Yes, these two are completely different. 

No, that doesn’t mean attraction marketing does not work.



This just means you can’t do one without the other. In fact, if you can figure out how to do both, you will have a successful business and end up making more money than what you are spending. 



What is an IPA?



An IPA is an income producing activity. If you can focus on finding a daily method of operation that you can be consistent with or, #findyourmojo, everything will change in your business. 


So take a look at this chart, I divided up the Network marketing piece and the Attraction marketing piece so you can see exactly what I am talking about. (This is a screen shot from the training video)



1. Attraction 

This piece is passive meaning, you are not being direct with people because you are building through curiosity. To give you an example, it’s like flirting.


You give someone a handshake but then you wait for them to chase you instead of you chasing them.

You’re showing off your lifestyle, building rapport, building trust utilizing Instagram/Facebook stories, posts, lives, or videos. 


This is where most marketers stop and assume everyone is going to join them. But why would they join you? Is it because you have attraction marketing?


Hmmmm…maybe….but…it is going to take some time. So, here is what I suggest. (aka the ‘Networking’ piece)



2. Networking 

There are many pieces to this and I am going to break it down for you now. 


1st Piece = Connecting

The first part of networking is that you have to connect with new humans! Don’t wait for people to come to you (I didn’t wait for my #HBO to come to me, I flirted with him. Yup, I sure did. LOL).


Whether you are in IG stories, Facebook stories, or watching live videos, connect with these humans and build that rapport. 



2nd Piece = Inviting 


Now, don’t forget the next piece of networking, which is inviting people to learn more. 


“Hey, this may or may not be for you……”


I legit say this all the time. How much of this are you doing on a daily basis? 



3rd Piece = Exposing

Are you exposing these humans to your upline and their stories that will inspire them to know that they can do this business too? 


  • No, they do not have to be perfect. 
  • No, they do not have to be a genius. 
  • No, they do not have to be a rocket scientist or have a PhD to be successful in Network Marketing. 


One of my mentors, John Melton, says it all the time, “You can be from Yale or jail and have success in Network Marketing.” So why do you feel like it’s any different for you? Expose and know the types of stories to share so people can be inspired to take a look.


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4TH Piece =  Follow Up 

If you get a hundred ‘NOs’ and it makes you want to quit, this business is not for you. (Tough love, I know!)


Why? Because I probably got 200 NOs before I got a YES. What if I quit?  I would still be working for a 3rd Party company for Amazon, miserable, missing more of my daughter’s life, and working overtime to make that extra $15 an hour. 


Thank goodness I didn’t quit. Literally, for 2 years in Network Marketing I didn’t make a buck and now I am a top earner. 


It’s time for you to get into the right mindset! You are not being a bug-a-boo and personally I am so happy that my sponsor followed up with me 12 times! Yes, you heard me, 12 TIMES before I said yes! 


What if they gave up on me? I can only imagine what my life would look like right now. So, think about that when you are following up with people. 



5TH Piece = Closing


“Are you ready to get started?” 

Do you forget to ask this question? 

Do you forget about the upsell?  


Do you forget when a customer is happy to ask them if they will share with their friends and family and interested in making an extra $500 a month. 


These are conversations that should roll off the tongue. If it’s not rolling off your tongue it’s because you’re not doing it enough. You are simply not consistent. 


If you say something or do something so many times it becomes a habit. 


Let’s create some money move habits! OKUUUR….




6TH Piece:= Tracking


This is a big piece of why I was not having success. I figured out what works for me. I have a notebook for every single lead that I have ever had contact with on Instagram, Facebook, and out in the world that is not social media. 


Why do I write this down? You never know when that relationship is going to develop into something else. 

I need to be able to see what is working and not working with my attraction marketing and what my audience is responding to. 


These are the types of things I think about in order to #FindYourMojo and the consistency of the IPAs.  Yes, click, click, buy happens but only 3% of the time. 3% of the time won’t build a million dollar business. Promise.


So how do you get to the 97% to take a look? You work your A$$ off! Be in control of your life. 



Let me ask you a question, what do Y O U want for 2019?


Is it to create a residual income? 

Is it to create an extra $500 a month? 

You need to know it and know your plan. In 2019, you can’t get stuck in the scroll. 

You need to be proactive. 

You need to be consistent. 

You need to #FindYourMojo. 


Why are you not having success in your business right now? Think about that for a second. This is something you need to evaluate. You should evaluate 2018 when it comes to your social media. 


Why are you not enrolling 3-5 new customers every week and 3-6 new business partners every month? Why? What do you think it is? It’s most likely your DMO and IPA you think you’re doing but you’re really not. 


There are many ways to prospect on social media. I am going to list out the different social media platforms but I want you to only choose one to focus on in 2019, choose a second that is going to be your backup, and the rest you are going to repurpose content on. 


Find one platform that works for you 


1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. LinkedIN

4. SnapChat

5. Pinterest 

6. Twitter

7. WeChat

8. YouTube


I suggest either Facebook or Instagram. Pick one from the list above to do some of these IPAs. 

Here is my focus for 2019: I look for humans that are just like me. If I could hit a top rank, so can anyone else!



You don’t need to be a CEO of some fortune 500 company. You’re going to find someone that is just like you and they are just going to LOVE you because you are the same person. 



Here is my focus: 


1. Facebook Groups:

“What kind of groups Marina?” Heller!!!!! Do you have a dog? Are you a dogmom? What about your favorite shows you watch on TV?


2. Hashtags on Instagram:

Are you following any hashtags on Instagram? If you’re not, you are missing out. For example, if you’re 22 weeks pregnant, you’re going to be following people like me. Follow hashtags! Those are your humans. 


What about emojis? Do you have a favorite emoji you use all the time? Yes, there are emojis that you can follow on IG! 


3. Connect with new friends

Consistently add and delete friends from my Facebook. Your whole idea needs to be turning strangers into friends. Think about prospecting that way and you won’t feel uncomfortable. 


I ask myself, how can I make a stranger my BFF and simply invite? It’s that simple. We tend to complicate it more than we should. Sales is about sales and Network Marketing is about relationships. 



Do you know your number? What is your number daily of how many:


→ New Connections you are going to make?

→ New Exposures and invites you are going to do? 

→ Follow Ups are you going to do?

→ 3-Way Calls or Chats are you doing to do?

→ Presentations are you going to do? 



Can you stay committed to these numbers? This should take you no longer than an hour or an hour and a half a day and it will grow your business. The leadership part will come in as well and that will be when you start putting time into this is when your team starts to grow. 


If you can teach your team the system of what you have and add that into this, your team will grow in 2019. 


Don’t play the blame game in 2019.


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So here’s the deal, if you are watching training after training and watching people have success and you continue justifying/finding excuses, you have to remember everyone has a story of where they came from. 



Commit to the growth.

Commit to the prospecting. 

Understand that the work that goes into the Network Marketing has to be accompanied by the attraction marketing. Not one or the other. 


What’s your plan for 2019?


Prospect with purpose. 

Build your business with intention. 


Start looking at ways you can find your passion and show a vulnerable side of who you are. 




Marina Simone 


Share below 1 goal you have for 2019!


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