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December 21, 2018
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Instagram™ Story Formula For Building and Attracting Hot New Leads (How to Use IG Stories)

Instastory free online training to attract new hot leads

Are you leveraging Instagram™ stories online to help find more hot leads and build new relationships?


Did you know people are 22 more times likely to remember a story than a fact?


Every number that I throw out at you in this episode, I promise you are going to remember a story that goes with it. You’re not going to remember the numbers that I told you unless you’re writing it down, but you are going to remember how you felt when you finished this episode.


Wanna bet?

People remember how you make them feel


Your goal when it comes to Instagram stories is to give people a reaction. Whether it’s an “OMG” moment or a “YASSS Boo YASSS” and even a “NOPE!” 


In this episode, I am going to show you how to leverage Instagram stories online for your business and how to tell a story to attract people that engage in conversation with you that won’t feel awkward.



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So, why Instagram stories? 

(You can totally use this for Facebook stories as well but IG has more features on their stories than Facebook stories do. You can actually link your Facebook and IG accounts, so anything you post on your Instagram story online can be shared manually or instantly to your Facebook.)


Think about building your business for a moment. You joined because of a story. Whether it was a product story, leader story, or business story.

There are 1 billion people a month that are using Instagram. 1 out of 7 people focus on the stories so it’s important to capture these humans!

Peoples’ attention spans are like gnats. You have to create content that makes your target audience stop mid scrolling and makes you stand out


Here is an example: The other day on my Instagram story, Jason (my HBO) was standing on a chair and fixing a light. He was legit doing handyman stuff and he never does that! LOL. So, I thought this is a perfect time to snap this on my IG story. During this video he decided he wanted to try to pull down the pants (I know slightly inappropriate) but it stopped just before he could actually do it.


And guess what? I didn’t delete it from my Insta story. Why? Because it gave people a reaction! He didn’t really do it but he was about to and I got so many DM’s (direct messages) saying, “OMG” and “I thought he was really going to do it!”  It created so many conversations in my DM and I got 2 customers just from him almost mooning the camera! Crazy right?! 


It’s not about the immediate gratification that you are going to get. You may not get a sale right away but you will create more conversations in your DM inbox, so people will want to reach out to you.


Now, Let’s dig into the strategy. (I learned this from a good friend of mine Brock Johnson)


You have two sides to your brain: the left side and the right side

Left brains are like, “give me the strategies, show me the numbers, and tell me exactly what to do.”

Right brains are like, “tell me how much fun we are going to have and share with me all of the good sparkly stuff.”


I know how to work with both sides of the brain and I am going to show you how to talk to both of those people from what I learned from Brock.


The Strategic People aka Left Brain


1. Use Hashtags in your Instagram Story 

You can use related hashtags in your Instagram stories (If your profile is set to public this will work)

I did a video with my daughter dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings” in the bathroom and guess what I did…

I used the hashtags #Drake, #InMyFeelings, #MommyandMe and #Entrepreneur in my story but hid them! “Wait what Marina??? You can hide your hashtags in your IG Story?” 

Yes you can! All you have to do is keep pinching the hashtags together and push them to the side and POOF gone! People won’t be able to see the hashtags in your Insta story.

Did you know that people follow hashtags on Instagram?  By doing this, those humans who are following those hashtags will see your content!

100 million people are following hashtags on Instagram. You are able to reach out to those people outside of your following that probably were never going to see your stuff. But by using the hashtag feature in your story, those people will now have a much better chance of seeing your stuff!

Who knows!? They might click your name, look at your profile, and end up following you. You never know!

You can do 11 hashtags in your IG story but I only do 8 because I don’t want to get flagged as a spammer.


Save the related hashtags in the notes section on your phone so you can easily access them to copy and paste it into your story. 



Want to double your direct messages, double your conversations, drive new followers daily, and recruit from IG? 

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2. Tagging accounts in your posts

So, I like to tag other accounts in my Instagram story. For example, if I am reading a Brendon Burchard book, I will tag him in it. He would be able to share and repost what I tagged him in!

So once you are tagged in a Instagram story, you will get notified in your DM’s. It will say, “Marina mentioned you in their story.”  There will be a button, “Add to story,” so you will be able to add it to your story since you were tagged in it.

So anyone who watches Brandon’s story may click on my account wondering, “who is that?”  They can end up being a new follower on Instagram. 



3. Using Stickers and IG Features 

Instagram LOVES when you use their features. The stickers are at the top of your IG story there is a little square with a smiley face.


At least once a day I try to use one of their features. The different features are:

  • Location
  • @Mention
  • #Hashtag
  • Gif
  • Music
  • Time
  • Poll
  • Questions
  • Countdown
  • Emoji Scale
  • Degrees
  • Insert Photo
  • Emojis and Icon Stickers



4. Consistency 

What I am seeing done wrong with the Instagram Stories is when you post them all at one time.

Have you ever noticed at the top of your Instagram app there are photo icons with your follower’s story? Have you ever noticed the same 10 people at the front and always shown first?

That’s because they are consistent with their stories and they are spacing out the times that they post on their Instagram story.


Here is an example of what I like to post:

8 AM  Morning Coffee

10 AM After done getting Ready 

12 PM Post my lunch 


Don’t post more than 10 times per day on your story.  I even like to repost things on my story.


Did you know that your story gets archived in the Instagram app? It makes convenient to repurpose content from a few months ago. (This is just one of the many Instagram hacks I teach inside the InstaBoost workshop click here to learn more)


Let people see the behind the scenes you.

The real and authentic Y O U.


Authenticity is the new currency. Click To Tweet


5. Encourage Audience Engagement 

Seriously… Ask your audience for engagement! Legit, I do this and get a crazy amount of engagement back. I used the “Question” for this:

“Listen, I want to hear from you! What is that one thing that holds you back from going on your dream trip?” 

This is a way for you to connect and get to know your target audience for Instagram. You can also use the Poll option or the emoji scale.




The Creative Brain aka The Right Brain


1. Build Relationships 

When people are valued and feel that you have created a real relationship with them, it goes a lot further for your business than just treating everyone like, “okay are you going to order?” 

Value the new relationships you are creating and make your audience feel special. When you are talking on your story, try to use singular form. What I mean by this is….


“You know, I can’t wait to meet you and see you as a Heeler. You’re really going to love this community. It’s such an awesome place to be in. I remember when I couldn’t afford to pay my bills and I didn’t know how to leverage my personal brand. Everyone was telling me I couldn’t build a brand and business at the same time.


What I am doing here is I was talking directly to Y O U. I wasn’t like “Hey guyS! What’s up guyS?” Talk to one person in your Instagram story. They feel more special even knowing that thousands of people are watching. If they feel like you’re talking to them directly, you’ll create a more valued relationship.



When someone sends you a message saying, “Thanks for the follow!” I send them a video back through DM! And now there is voice message feature as well so that’s another option.

Here’s a little bit of what I say, “Hey Jan! OMG, you are so welcome for the follow. I was just stalking your page and I think you’re awesome. How’s your day? What have you been up to today?”

I started a conversation and through those conversations you can find pain points (heller!). So find ways to start conversations.


2. Serving over Selling 

“Make an impact before making a profit.”

“Change someone’s day before you can change their life.” 

What you want to avoid is there is too much selling that you forget people hate being sold. So then you forget to provide value.


Two words. 

Over deliver! 


Give so much value to people that they feel like when they join your team, they would get so much more of your time and feel honored and special to work with you.

Give before you sell. This is KEY!



3. Be yourself!

Share emotion! It’s what makes us human! Leverage your imperfections!

When people feel like you’re too perfect, they won’t join your team.

When people feel like you’re trying too hard to be perfect, they won’t join your team.

An average person needs to know that if they joined your team they would be welcomed, be able to grow the business, plug and play, supported, and celebrated.

They don’t care about your hair, nails, or how much money you have! They just want to know that you are going to support them. 



In Conclusion:


Think about your Instagram stories online as a mini documentary of your day. I know it sounds weird… “Marina, why would people care if I am drinking coffee?”  Well, why do we watch reality TV shows?


Simply because we like to get out of our own lives and into someone else's every now and then. Through Instagram stories you can do that.

When there is a 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram and 1 out of 7 users are stalking Instagram stories and following hashtags, you need to be leveraging the heck out of them!



Believe it or not, someone cares about your day. What’s cool is those people that are watching your stories can turn into some of your top leaders for your business.


→ Share your Day ←

→ Show your Target Audience ←

→ Connect with people ←


Your life is a story! Every week you have hundreds of stories. You just forget them.

So start writing them down.


You can impact people through small stories. 


Now, I am giving you a challenge! Go play with Instagram Stories. No, you’re not going to be perfect, but it’s okay. No, you won’t know what all of the buttons are, but you are going to learn as you go.


That’s what leaders do! We make it happen. 


You can attract unlimited amounts of hot leads on Instagram. That doesn’t have to be duplicatable. What’s duplicatable is your system, that’s whats important.


This is where people get stuck because they aren’t sure how to attract hot leads.

They don’t know where to attract hot leads.

They don’t know when Instagram is changing its algorithm.

It's really important to know that this is a process and it’s not going to happen over night.

When you are building a personal brand or you’re leveraging social media influence, it takes time.


But it’s so worth it.


Some of the struggles that the Elite Heelers were having before they joined the InstaBoost workshop was that they didn’t know how to present themselves on Instagram without being different or fake.


How can you be yourself without looking stupid? 

I have been there and I know exactly how you feel.

Another thing I used to hear was that, “My network isn’t good and I don’t have anyone to talk to.” “How do I find new people when my people aren’t doing anything?” 

You need to attract hundreds of hot new leads per week. You can do this when you’re leveraging Instagram and all of it’s features. Most people just don’t realize this.

So, what I saw was that there was a big need in this industry if teaching Instagram Marketing 101. There’s training on the skill set, the invite, the close, and even the follow up (stuff we already know that we should be doing). But when you don’t have any new leads to add to your sales funnel to talk to it gets frustrating, right?


I created a 30-Day workshop called InstaBoost.


Click here to learn more and join today!


Are you ready to: 

» Find your Brand «

» Find your Voice «

» Find your Message « 


and learn how to leverage Instagram to build your business? 

Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone 

What is your biggest struggle on Instagram?



Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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