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December 28, 2018
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January 12, 2019

3 Step Process to Turn Your Existing Customer into the Best Promoters on Social Media

Want to learn how you can turn your EXISTING CUSTOMERS into the BEST promoters EVER on Social Media even if they don’t want to do a business?

Do you feel like you’ve run out of your warm market and you have gotten every customer you can and now you feel stuck?



In this episode, I am going to show you my 3 step process of exposure that will drive new leads by working through your customers on social media.





I want you to know that this trick I am going to teach you has literally helped me take one customer and turn it into 15 within a 7 day period. Sometimes your customers can actually be your best promoters.

Even if they say they don’t want to join the business.

Even if they say they don't want to make money.

You need to understand that just because they don’t want to work the business, it doesn’t mean that they don't want to help Y O U!

Now, some compensation plans out there allow a customer to get credits for free product.

What’s my point? If your compensation plan does not allow your customers to get credits for free product, that’s where you step up, become a leader, and you put some other kind of incentive out there for them. (i.e. A raffle)

Next, you are going to implement the 3 step process I am going to teach you today.



Week 1 – Post & Capture Leads

Most of the time we think when we have a customer, that is all they are going to be. But here is what I have found.

Customers have a F E A R  of doing the business or they just want to be a customer. So, if you ask them a simple question when we put their orders in of,


“Hey Erin, I wanted to know, would you  be open to making a post for me on Facebook if I gave it to you?”


This is the same way you would ask if they are “open to learning about the business” or “open to checking out the product.”

Heads up, the invite is not done when they become a customer. Now you have to get through their people and find more leads.


Some of my best promoters/distributors that are in my organization have come from customers. Yes! So you’re going to simply ask them that question and sit back and wait for their response.


Now, if you have 100 customers and you haven’t done this before do you think you’re going to tap in to their social media platform of hundreds and maybe even thousands of leads if you go back to these customers and ask them this question? Yasss!

If your customer says no, don’t worry! Don’t get attached, it doesn’t matter.


If they say yes, this is the opportunity for you to capture more leads and create new relationships with people that are responding to your customer’s post.

Let me just tell you how powerful this is, not only did one customer turn to 15 in a matter of 7 days but I built a whole organization off of customers in my last company that added up to 20,000 humans that were underneath me with this simple 3 step process of exposure.

This is how I found a lot of my leaders.



1. What do you have them post?

It needs to create curiosity with an image!

So the same thing I have been teaching you for 100+ years (LOL JK) is that you’re not going to post the company name, flyer, or any of that jazz. You’re having the customers create curiosity for you.

Now for the image, Facebook likes images and so do people! It can be a selfie, if could be them holding the product but not showing the name and even a Boomerang! Or my favorite, a before and after.



2. Have them tag you

Make sure when your customer makes the post for you, they tag you in it! DO NOT, let all 100 customers tag you on the same day so that your whole timeline is tagged.

I personally have to approve posts on my timeline, it’s just a part of my social media set up. (P.S. you can actually update your Privacy settings to “approve posts you’re tagged in.”)

Why do you want them to tag you? Well, you want to get notified when people are commenting on the post so you can connect with the leads, and you can let a couple of the posts show up on your timeline over time (this will give your other prospect #FOMO, fear of missing out and that others are enjoying your products).

Try to make each post a little different for each customer.

These posts are going to show credibility towards you, that your products work, get people excited, and that you are blowing up! So it’s not just you always posting and creating that curiosity.


3. Friend them

This is how you are going to capture them. When your customer starts getting comments on the curiosity post, go back to them and say, “Erin, here is what we do next. I don’t know these people like you do, would you do me a favor and connect me with them on a……” (Next Step)



4. 3 Way Chat on Messenger

If your customer says yes, they are going to introduce you via Facebook Messenger to your new lead. After this, you add them into your VIP Facebook group or give them the information however you expose the products to your new prospect.



Week 2 – Have them do a Facebook Watch Party or dual Facebook Live

You can have them set up a watch party from a live video that you have done on your personal profile on THEIR Facebook page.

So let’s say you did a live video about your product on your personal profile page. It will notify every single one of their friends because Facebook is giving priority to watch parties in 2019. They are now going to have leads jump on YOUR presentation. How exciting, right?!

All you have to do is pay attention to those that jumped on their watch party, see who is interested, and reach out to them. This is POWERFUL.


Another idea is to do a dual Facebook live interview with you.

You are going to do a dual Facebook live with the same customer that created the curiosity post for you. (P.S. Building the business)

“Erin, you have some great stuff going on there! Listen, would you do me a favor

And interview me on a Facebook live so all those people that saw your post could maybe get some more information. Just a quick 10 minutes interview or I can go over why I love these products.”

Make sure you are tagged so it can show up on your Facebook timeline.

(Go back to the 1,2,3 above in Week 1 of being connected through 3-way chats).



Week 3 – Move through New Leads

“Wait a minute Marina, you mean I am going to have new customers to start this process all over again?”  Yes, boo boo! Yes!


Whenever someone comes to me and they say,


“I have no one to talk to.

My customers aren’t buying anymore.

I can’t find any new customers.

I can’t find anyone to build a team.”


I show them this 3 step process of exposing. Have you said this before? Say “I” with me because I have been there before. “I legit used to talk to the same 25 people every month.”

But, what if?



↓ So, here is your challenge. You know I love to give you homework. ↓


I want you to sit down and make a list of every single customer you have ever had.

Want to take this a step further?


→  Do this with your leads.

→  Do this with the people that say they don't have the money.

→  Do this with the people that say they can’t afford the product.


How bad do they want it?


Use this simple 3 step exposing process that can turn a volume of 10,000 to over 300,000 with this simple and duplicatable process.


If you feel like there is a team member of yours that needs to read this training, simply share with them this link —> This will absolutely kick off your month with a BANG.


Now, let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone


Have you started leveraging watch parties on your personal Facebook page?



Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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