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January 4, 2019
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The 2019 Goal Setting Approach I Used in 2018 that Tripled My Income (Micro Habits)

The Goal Setting Approach for 2019 is what this training is about.



When I used this approach, I had to ask myself:


What is it that I really want? Once I figured it out, I had to reverse engineer what it took to get there, and the same thing is true for you.


Mindset alone won’t make you successful. You have to have the mindset AND the habits to start you on that road to success. The truth is that success (true success) looks like obstacles.


It looks like challenges.

It looks like things that you’re going to have to overcome.



The habits and behaviors that you create in 2019 are going to put you where you need to be to reach your goals. I can tell you that I made myself an unrealistic goal for 2019, but guess what? I’m going to hit it!


I want you to understand that one of the main problems in goal setting is that the typical behaviors of goal setting:


1.) Getting motivated

2.) Getting excited about the goal

3.) Buying a planner

4.) Taking action for 72 hours

5.) Quitting


I have been guilty of this. I’ve been there. I didn’t hit every goal I made for 2018. That’s okay. But I need you to know that we need to avoid the “quit”. If you can’t stay motivated, it’s because you don’t have the right behaviors in place to do so.


I’d like to focus specifically on micro habits.



These are the small daily actions that get us to the big goals. When I recruit someone into my business, there are small steps that I have to take to recruit that person.


If you wanted to recruit 100 people this year, you need to think about which micro habits or daily actions will create those behaviors  that will help you achieve your goal. When I want to reach results, I have to shoot for the habits. If you’re shooting for those habits, you will promote the healthy behavior to get to that end goal.


Make sense?


Smart goals are a broader category of micro habits. Smart goals are a big goal that is broken down into smaller, easier to attain goals. For example, if your goal is to read 12 books in a year, a smart goal would be reading one book per month. So micro habits are breaking down to the behavior that will get you to the smart goal, which in turn, will get you to your main goal.


If you want to make $15,000 per month, break it down.

How many customers and distributors do you need to bring into your business?

How many trainings do you need to do each month?

How much volume do you need to do?

How many calls? How many follow ups?


Ask yourself:  “Which micro habits will it take for me to get there?”

Micro habits like these build the momentum you need to reach that $15,000!


It’s that simple.


The micro habits that I’ve created for the last two years are what brought me to the success I've achieved today. Micro habits achieve the right behavior. The right behaviors get you to the smart goals.


Smart goals = Main goal. Click To Tweet


There are two ways to track your progress. The first is based on your behavior and the second is based on the outcome. So when it comes to your business, you need to focus on things you can control directly.


→ You can’t control whether people buy your product.

→ You can’t control the amount of distributors you have.


There are certain things that you just can’t force. Behaviors cannot be controlled of your team but you can create a culture of behaviors that you want to duplicate. So focus on the things you can control directly in yourself.


It’s important to also measure the habits that you create. Specifically, measure your actions. (Click here to check out the DMO training because it will help you figure out the bad habits you’ve created, as well as the good behaviors that you’re striving for.)



Here’s the thing, your team sees you. The team you don’t have sees you. Your prospects see you. You are in the spotlight so what you’re doing MATTERS.


Let’s talk about expectations for a minute. I need you to raise your expectations for yourself, but you’re going to take the expectations from your results. It means believing in yourself and raising your standards.

We don’t want false hope syndrome, but it means raising yourself to meet specific goals. So if you want to take your business from 10 to 20 grand per month, it’s not about changing what you’re doing.


It’s about going back to what you did in the beginning to make that $500 per month, and teaching others how to do the exact same thing. That’s how you grow your business. If I teach 10 people how to make $500 a month, I’m making $5,000 per month. You catch my drift?


It’s also about flexibility. It’s about understanding that some days may be better than others. Don’t beat up on yourself. Remember, it’s really hard to rank advance as you grow and also challenging to hold rank. It’s about resilience and bouncing back.


The success road is not a straight one. Click To Tweet


I remember both my wins and my losses. Focus is key.


Become a perfect appointment setter (use those calendars! Click here to grab my favorite planner.)



Write a Not-To-Do-List. This means writing 3-5 bad habits that you do everyday and holding yourself accountable for those negative behaviors. This will help you become more aware of what it is that is stunting your business growth. When I got rid of my bad habit (smoking) almost a year ago, I had more time to focus on my business and guess what? My income tripled!


We have an amazing community of Heelers. Get to know one another. Love on each other. Value this community and start connecting in the Facebook group.


 Don’t just join to recruit or sell products, but actually get to know one another because each of you hold value. It will also help us become accountable to one another.


I want to empower you to really invest in yourself in 2019, whatever that may look like.


In order for there to be change, you have to make change!

Now, let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone


What is the #1 problem you're facing right now in your business?



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