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Facebook Engagement Hack: 3 Reasons Attraction Marketing Isn’t Working for You

So, this is the conversation I had with my daughter Anaiyah the other day… Heads up…She's 8 years old…


The topic is attraction marketing…



Me: Do you know what attraction marketing is? 


Anaiyah: No I don’t 


Me: Attraction marketing is the way that Network Marketers and online marketers build their business online leveraging social media. For example, when I do Facebook lives I attract people to my video because they want to listen to what I have to say. Then, mommy turns those viewers into sales. 


Anaiyah: Okay! 


Me: I want you to explain to me about the videos you watch on YouTube. (If you have children or know a child that watches YouTube videos about toys) – Keep reading…..


Anaiyah: I watch LOL Doll videos on YouTube because they open cool, you pull a string, and then it pops open. It's awesome watching other kids get excited. 


Me: Why do you watch these videos, Anaiyah?


Anaiyah: The LOL Dolls have different layers, there are cool messages. But since I watch all of the videos I know the outfits by heart already. It's fun watching them get opened!


Me: Do they tell you to go buy the LOL dolls at the end of the videos you watch?


Anaiyah: No



→ What’s my point? ←



So what are they really doing with these videos? They are attracting our children by just teaching them the name of the toys, about the toys, and how to play with them.


They are attracting our children to watch the videos but they aren't telling them to go buy them…


In this episode, I am going to teach you 3 reasons why attraction marketing is just not working for you. 


(Click above for the replay of the Facebook Live training I did on, 3 Reasons why attraction marketing isn't working for you)


Can I ask you a question Heeler?…


Are you spending too much time on Facebook and getting no NEW leads and no engagement? Does this sound like you? 


  • How many times a day should I post?
  • What should I be posting?
  • I am getting lost in the Facebook world! How much time should I spend on Facebook?
  • Sound familiar?


Well, inside my FREE SOS Facebook Tracker you’re going to learn: 


• The 3 Core components of attracting leads daily into your business. 

• How many times a day you should be posting on Facebook to avoid SPAMMING your following! 

• How to drive up your Facebook posts up in the algorithm and be seen by more leads! 


If you haven’t grabbed my Free SOS tracker yet, Click here to grab it today!



So here’s the deal, attraction marketing is not about selling because people get sold every single day.


What attraction marketing is about is attracting people to you that are just like you or maybe like the same things that you do and want to know what you’re doing and want to copy you or use what you’re using.


It’s not about, “okay, here’s the LOL Doll, go buy them and here is my link.” 


Let’s get into the 3 reasons….


1. You’re ALWAYS posting about your product or business. 


Every time you are posting on Facebook or doing a Facebook live, you are posting about products. It’s always about your products.


“Your product is the JAM.” 

“Your product does this…”

“Your product does that…”


Instead of posting about products every single day, get creative and show people who you are. People are legit going to get bored if all you are doing is posting flyers from your company every single day.


They get the point. 

You’re with a company.


You want to attract them to you with your posts on Facebook so then they are forced to reach out and ask you, “What are you doing and what’s the name of the product?” or “What lipstick are you wearing?” 

To be honest, you’re just being lazy, want people to come to you, and you’re not doing the back end work, if you expect this to be the only way you are going to build.



2. You’re not consistent.


For one week you follow my SOS Tracker and then you’re like, “It doesn’t work,” and stop using it. Then you say, “This business doesn’t work and nothings working for me!”


I want you to understand that it was a consistent 6 months of video that allowed me to go live and have- 60, 70, 80, 100 people on my Facebook live. It didn’t happen over night. 


If you’re not consistent enough and you expect people all the time to drop in and tell you to give them your product and want to join your business…


No, boo boo. That is not how it works. 



3. You aren’t engaging with people on the back end.


You’re not keeping up with people. One word, Facebook lists! (Must use from a computer) 

You cannot forget about the people that you’re having conversations with all the time. The easiest way to keep track of people is using Facebook lists.


Everyone is freaking out, about the algorithm changes but at the end of the day if you’re having conversations with people on Facebook messenger, wishing people Happy Birthday, and you’re literally commenting on other people posts. You won't stress about the algorithm.


If you’re consistent and not spamming your social media with product posts and you’re engaging with others, your people are going to come to your Facebook page to look for you.


They are going to be like, “what is up!?” 


So make Facebook lists! If you don’t know how to use them make sure you get your butt into my Moms & Heels Free Facebook group. I have a Youtube video on how to use them.


Here is a quick demo of how to create a Facebook List: 


  1. Log into your Facebook account on a laptop/desktop. (Cannot be done in the App on your mobile device)
  2. Click Friend Lists under Explore on the left side of your News Feed.
  3. Click Create List.
  4. Enter a name for your list
  5. Start typing names of friends in the box below the “List Name”  you’d like to add.
  6. Click Create.




Here are a couple more tips: 


  • If you are waiting for people to reach out to you because you’re just making posts on Facebook and you think it’s enough to build your Network Marketing business or any business, that’s not going to work!!!


  • If you’re scared to make new friends. Think about it… if you’re not making new friends and you continue to make posts on Facebook or do live videos…it’s the SAME people over and over again seeing the same stuff.


So if you’re not making new Facebook friends or if you're scared to make new friends, your business will not grow. 


  • If you’re NOT asking questions, legit spamming people with links, or you’re cold market messaging these copy and paste scripts, you’re not connecting with people on a real level. People don’t care about your pockets. They care about theirs.


If someone sends me a copy and paste script and they don’t know I’m already in a business, that means they didn't take the time to look at my page. People want you to get to know them. 


  • Next, you’re not telling stories. Someone has to be inspired to join your business. So you need to tell stories on your Facebook & IG, live videos, and on your stories.


Do the work!


If attraction marketing isn’t working for you…I’m just going to be real with you, you’re just being lazy. 


All my Heelers know, you have to put the effort and work in!



Marina Simone 


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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