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February 1, 2019
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February 15, 2019

3 Ways to sell your SOLUTION online instead of the PRODUCT


Let’s Convert More Sales and Stop being Spammy!


This is important to understand. There is a certain way to convert sales when you’re posting on social media, when you’re doing live video, or even when you’re sharing your story.


What do Social media marketing, email marketing, Network marketing all have in common?


You have to sell the freaking solution! 


If you are consistently selling the product, and you’re consistently telling people what the product is, and what it does, you are going to bore the crap out of your audience.


They can walk up and down the aisles of a grocery store, see products, and read the labels. So if you sell a solution instead of selling the product, you will see better results. Why? Because people connect with people.


People don’t connect with a product until there is a story behind that product that they can relate to.


How do you sell on social media?

How do you tell a story on social media?


You have to put a personal spin on the product. You have to speak to your audience’s pain points (the verbiage/copy that you are writing).You may be a little freaked out right now and must be thinking to yourself,


“I don’t know how to sell on social media. I don’t know what I should say. I’m just copying and pasting what the team or my company is telling me to post.”


Or, maybe you’re like,


“I don’t know how to get creative and I have a block because my posts never get any engagement! People just simply aren’t paying attention to me!”


The reason this is happening is because you’re not catching your audiences attention with

  1. The Image
  2. Your caption
  3. You’re just talking about the facts, not selling the solution or talking to the customers problem.


In this episode, I am going to share with you a 3 step process on how to sell your SOLUTION online.


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I think about things I have purchased and it’s always the same reason why I made the purchase. An emotional decision.

Right now I am 29 weeks pregnant and I’m very emotional! So when I am connecting to products I want to buy for my newborn, it’s because I can see my daughter in these clothes, or I can see her in that crib smiling as I come and grab her in the morning.


Every decision I make as a mom is an emotional one.


If I purchase lipstick it’s probably because I saw a picture someone I admire with that lipstick on so I want to try it too!


In order for you to covert more sales from social media when you’re selling you should relate to people. You should emotionally move people. Is this starting to make some sense? Now, let’s get into the 3 ways to sell your solution!


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1. Your Copy!

This is what you say or write on your captions, posts, emails, etc.

Write every single day! You need to practice and remember that you’re not going to be perfect overnight. You will get better overtime. My writing has gotten better this past year, it hasn’t always been this great. (I LITERALLY hated English class when I was in school. LOL Math was my jam.)


(Write the same way you speak.)

(Use emojis, it catches peoples attention.)

“Think when I had X problem, the product solved X?” Make it personal.


Let me give you an example. An amateur will post a picture of the product and say, “This product did X” or “This product has X in it.”


A professional will say, “This product X has helped me with this problem that I had and I’ve been able to do Y now because of X.” I will usually insert something funny to go along with it because that’s who I AM on social media. This will really help connect you with your audience.


I’ll give a weight loss example, because I know I am going to be doing that after this baby comes LOL. So let’s say you lost 10 pounds but what else????


Dig a little deeper than just losing the 10 pounds. Yes, that is absolutely awesome that you lost those 10 pounds but most people will think…. “okay they lost the 10 pounds but maybe after they lost the 10 pounds maybe the weight will come back.” (It probably did for them right? So speak to that problem.)


So instead you can say,


“I’m so excited that X product actually helped me keep off the 10 pounds that I couldn’t get rid of! You know..that STUBBORN belly fat area, I just couldn’t get rid of it! And I finally did.

Let me tell you as a mom, not being able to wear certain pants and only the high waisted ones to suck in that little mom POOCH is really exhausting! It’s legit tiring when I am going shopping.

So X was able to help me buy the pants that I WANT to wear. And guess what, the last time I lost 10 pounds it came back and now it’s staying off. Can you all just celebrate with me real quick and drop a “WHOOP WHOOP!”


What did I do here? In that post, I am actually telling more of a story of a pain point that I had. Not just the 10 pounds, but I’m diving deep into it! This is a way you can actually relate to a mom. They go to the mall there is a certain type of pants they can buy because of that extra 10 pounds and I addressed it by talking about me and my struggle.


(Side Note Rant)


By the way, if anyone is ever giving out a testimonial and its fake, thats on them! I personally would never give a testimonial of something unless its real.


Yes, there is going to be negativity on Facebook and in the industry when it comes to selling.

Yes, there are going to be haters.

Yes, there are going to be people that lie.

Yes, there are people out there that say they are making millions of dollars but they lie about what they did in order to get there.

Yes, there are people that are teaching strategies they have never implemented before.


You have to be able to sniff it out and find people that you connect with and that you can trust. How do I know this? I’ve been there and have purchased courses and spent a lot of money to learn from someone who has never actually done what they are teaching. It was my fault…I didn’t do my due diligence. So I want you to know that anything that I teach you are strategies that I use that has built my empire either from my brand or for my Network Marketing business.


(Rant Over)


So now that I got that out of the way, let’s get into #2!



2. The Image

A selfie with product placement without the name of the product or company is powerful! (By the way you can totally do a boomerang of this too!)

For example, if I’m going to sell a pink highlighter I am going to hold it in the photo or Boomerang and show me highlighting something important. In the post I am going to talk about what the problem I had before I started using it. I’ll give you an example…


(OMG I feel like Jordan Belfort right now from Wolf of Wallstreet, “Sell me this pen”)


Actually, let’s sell a highlighter for kids!

Well, I would totally do a Boomerang with my daughter! And I would say, “You know, before we started using this pink magic marker, Anaiyah had trouble remembering certain things to study for her test. But now, it’s BRIGHT, stands out, and she’s acing her tests because she’s actually remembering what she studied. For me as a mom, it makes me so happy to know that I can help her with a solution to remember what she needs to know when studying because THIS SPECIAL pink marker.”


Do you think moms are going to be commenting on that post asking, “What’s this marker that’s helping your daughter ace her exams?!”

You need to sell YOU, not just the product. Smile! Be you and hold or place the product near you. Its kind of like Where’s Waldo?


More sales are made this way!


(By the way, In Episode 25, I talk more about how to sell on social using a selfie click here to read more about it)


There are a million ways to tell a story about one product! But what usually happens is you can get stuck thinking that since you already told a story about something, you have to go find a new story. Wrong! There are millions of ways to tell stories with the same solution. There’s just a different way to tell it. How do you get better at this? Write everyday to practice! It won’t happen overnight.



3. Videos

I know with video it can be rough. I get it. I am well over my weight right now being 29 weeks pregnant, just keeping it real with you! So doing any type of videos has been freaking rough for me. But I always say GO DO MORE! Someone, somewhere, needs to hear your story.


What types of videos am I talking about? Unboxing and Tutorials.



Did you know Amazon actually has where you can do an unboxing video when you receive the product you purchased from them? They know how powerful they are.

How about those celebrities that you see ads for EVERYWHERE with those Fab, Fit, Fun unboxing videos? Makes me want to swipe up every time.

When you do these videos you show people the mystery around they box and how you are excited to use them! Then you can come back and give a review after you used them. SO POWERFUL. (Lots of content here)



If your audience can see the solution right in front of their face, BOOM. When I think of solutions I immediate think of QVC. They show you how products work and sell you on the solution.

So think about what tutorials you can do with your products to show people what the problem is and the solution your product is providing.

I want to help you make a shift so you know you can sell online. You can absolutely Slay Online Sales. You don’t have to be this BIG expert. Just tell your story, sell a solution, and avoid always talking about the product facts 24/7.

It can become freaking exhausting for people to always see you posting about your product 24,000 times a day.


Ask yourself these questions:

How can I help VS. how can I sell?

What’s the problem I had?

HOW did this product solve it?

I promise, if you can start using these simple techniques when you’re trying to sell on social media, you will have better conversion rates.

Avoid being lazy! I know you get excited about what I am teaching you but you have to start implementing it. No more copy and paste scripts! Listen, you can absolutely make those scripts your own if they are giving you examples.


However, by telling your story, you can emotionally move someone to buy!



Marina Simone


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What day this week are you committing to doing an unboxing video or tutorial on social media?



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