3 Ways to sell your SOLUTION online instead of the PRODUCT
February 8, 2019
5 Tools Proven to Help Capture Leads on Social Media
5 Tools Proven to Help Capture Leads From Social Media
February 24, 2019

10 Simple Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook, ASAP!

Does Facebook engagement seem like it will never work for you? 

Or, maybe you feel lost with your branding on social media all together?

Or do you feel like there are too many experts out there that do what you do and you think “maybe this isn’t for me?”


In this episode, I am going to give you examples of posts you can use immediately that will drive up engagement on Facebook.


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Let me share some things with you. There are a couple of reasons you’re feeling lost.

  • You get in your own head and in your own way.
  • You think you have to be perfect on Facebook.
  • You think you have to speak a certain way in order to catch attention.
  • You think you have to look perfect when you do live video.
  • You think you have to be an expert in order to create results for yourself.


Get rid of that nonsense that you are feeling right now, rip it out of you, and shake it off!

(Yes, like Taylor Swift says LOL)



This isn’t true! 


Have you heard your downline or client say, “I’m just not you” or “I can’t do what you’re doing?” 

How about, “I don’t have the influence like you do” or “my friends aren't like yours?”


The reason most people feel this way is because:

  1. They don’t believe in themselves
  2. They don’t believe in the message in their voice. They don’t know what to talk about because they aren’t really digging in deep to share who they really are.


If you feel this way, I am here to help you with 10 ways you can increase engagement, feel more confident and comfortable about the content that you’re bringing to Facebook.


First of all, you want your engagement to increase! It’s not necessarily about the likes or the comments or the amount of followers, but about those who are engaging with you.


There are people in this industry who are making millions of dollars that don’t have 100k followers. So ignore the hype around the # of followers. 

You can have a powerful community and not have millions of people on your list.


Here’s a quick Heeler Hack:

My people aren’t your people and your people aren’t my people. 


You think you should be like me and some of the other leaders in the industry. When you get to a point where you feel like “I can’t do what these people are doing on getting thousands of views and likes.” Your frustration will block your social creativity.


You have to put the right kind of content out there because you DO have a tribe. Stop stressing out and just be more consistent. It’s more powerful than having a viral post. Going viral is like 1 in a bazillion LOL. Let’s be consistent BOO BOO.


What do people engage with?

  • Posts that are relatable
  • Funny Posts
  • Empowering posts
  • Stuff that makes them go, “YASSSS Girl!” (If they want to drop a GIF in the comments, that’s making them engage! Winner).


It’s easy to get content block. I get it! But if you think that everything you put out there has to get millions of likes, that’s a load a crap. Just be consistent and pay attention to what your audience wants.


Now, let’s get into the 10 ways you to BOOST your engagement on Facebook!



1. Your Personality

What is your personality? 

Do you know? 

The way that you act with your best friend is the personality you should bring out! For example, when I am with Jason, my #HBO, he tells me that I am a dork. (I don’t believe I am a dork….okay maybe a little bit LOL)

I try to be the same person everywhere I go. When I am doing a live training, a little bit of a dork comes out of me, BUT it’s a FIERCE dork!



Find your voice & message 


Here is a little exercise to help you figure out what your voice or message is:

“My voice is always _____________ and never ______________.” 


Here are a few examples of mine:

♦ I am always REAL and never FAKE. ♦

♦ I am always confident and never scared. ♦

♦ I am always ready and never procrastinating. ♦


Now, fill in those blanks for you! Put in 5 to 8 words on each part so you can start posting with the way you feel about yourself.


If you are feeling stuck, this is the opportunity to figure out who you are! Cause you got to boo boo. Especially if you’re marketing online, building a brand, selling products or services.

You’re here to make an impact and help people! And you can’t do that that if you don’t know who you are, so the exercise about is important. Comment below with some of your answers.



2. Ask Questions 

When you’re asking questions on social media platforms (you can do this on your Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and even inside Facebook groups) you’re involving your audience and  engaging with your audience at the same time.

When you involve your audience in the things that you are doing, like asking for suggestions, you’re showing them that it’s not all about you and that you want to engage with them. You’re showing them that you care about what they have to say. Does that make sense?


Something I do inside my Heels Up Academy is once a week I give the Elite Heelers a post that they can use.


One of my favorites is the Fill in the blank posts. Here’s one you can try this week:


“How many rings before you answer a phone?”


Now, is this going to get people to join your business or buy your product? No, that’s not what this is about. This is about getting engagement on your posts. Stop trying to get to the finish line without doing the work.


I guarantee you get some answers! Come back and tell me how it went with this post in the comments below. 



3. Use images to brand you

What do I mean? Throw some simple touches on it, like using your brand colors on your photos. Or maybe it’s a selfie post, I talked about this last week, click here to read more.



4. BTS (Behind the Scenes) of your day

People love to know what you have going on. I don’t know why we are like this as humans, this is one of the reason why reality TV shows have become so big. So what are you doing during the day.


Someone once told me, “But Marina, I’m in a cubicle all day!”


Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t be funny! Take a moment and maybe post something like, “Hey guys, I’m in my cubicle…super bored and thinking about how I can get out and be the entrepreneur that I’m meant to be. As I am sitting here staring at my miserable boss, I thought of something funny. (then write something funny)” 


When you get creative and make people laugh and show them your real life, people truly fall in love with you. Why? It’s authentic and its real!



5. Be specific 

What posts are getting the most traction on your timeline? 

Most people force their content on their audience when their audience doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about. If you’re trying to be someone that you’re not, people can smell it a mile away.

If you’re consistently posting about your product, company, and/or business, you are boring your audience! They’re legit falling asleep, finding someone else to listen to, and you’re no longer on their radar.


It’s SO important to stay on their radar.


When they open their social media you need to be right there in front of their face and specific to what they want. Pay attention to your posts and see which ones got the most engagement this week. That’s what your audience wants to see.

I already know what you’re thinking Heeler, “Well, the people who are coming to my page are only liking pictures of my family or kids.”  This is because you’re not utilizing these images to tell a story specific to what it is you want to say or sell.




6. Breaking News or Announcement Posts

These are some of my favorites! Every week I do an update on my pregnancy.



Why? I am taking people on a journey with me. What does that have to do with my products or business? Absolutely nothing! 


I am letting people in and showing them who I am. People love updates this is one reason they are friends with you on social media, so show them!


→ Maybe you figured out a new hack? ←

→ Maybe you figured out how to get your kid to eat broccoli. ←

(Let me know how that works out for you LOL!)


7. Once a week have a simple text post

You don’t always want to do the same posts all over. You should switch it up!

I love just seeing simple quotes mentors of mine share to empower me.



8. Be persistent 

When you’re posting on your timeline:

  • Ask questions
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Photos
  • What’s in the news
  • Ask for likes
  • Celebration of others
  • Wins
  • Emotional trigger shares


Learn how to celebrate yourself and share the wins that you had! I know, this sounds weird but do it! If someone sees you celebrating yourself they could be inspired and love your energy that they decide to celebrate themselves too!



9. Love on your followers and friends

This is where people slack. Are you loving on your friends? Let me give you an idea on how you can do this.

You can give recognition! Did you see someone that’s on your Facebook feed that did something amazing and it inspired you?


Share it and celebrate them! 


It’s not about the engagement you’ll get but that person is going to pay more attention to you because you celebrated them. (On IG you can repost in your stories and tag them)

Maybe you pick a day of the week to celebrate someone on your friends list or you post a picture of them, and you share why you appreciate them.



10. Have fun and be you


Everyone else is taken and who you are is enough. Click To Tweet


I don’t care what anyone else says about you.

I don’t care what you think about yourself.


You are freaking worthy! Your voice and message is going to impact and inspire someone.


Don’t get so wrapped around if a post didn’t work. Leave it! Sometimes people see it and do nothing with it but that doesn’t mean anything. There’s no ‘likes’ or comments on your website! There’s people that click and we don't even know they are clicking (unless you are tracking of course). Keep that in mind. They are just like Santa Claus, they’re watching, ALWAYS.


Just know that some of your posts are going to set you up for the next one.

Be consistent Heeler! You can do it.


If you feel like someone on your team needs to hear this or maybe one of your friends,  share this by sharing on your Facebook or my simply sending them this link —-> www.momsandheels.com/38

Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone


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