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March 14, 2019
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March 29, 2019

How to Grow a Facebook Group FAST for your Network Marketing Business


Are you thinking about starting a Facebook group for your Network Marketing Business? 


Maybe you have one for your product and it’s just NOT growing at all!

Facebook groups are HUGE!

Think about how many groups alone you are currently in. There is a group for almost anything you can imagine!


What if you built a Facebook group with thousands of ACTIVE members that were interested in buying your products? Imagine what your sales would look like if people were consistently building the community for you!


Yes Heeler. It’s possible.


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I know…creating and managing a Facebook group sounds scary. The #1 FEAR I hear most is, “What do I post in there?” and “How do I keep everyone engaged?”


This might help…

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I want you to remember a KEY point about leveraging a Facebook group for your Network Marketing business.


Key—-> It’s NOT just about selling ALL the time


Your audience and community will get bored.

Here are 10 things to remember when building a Facebook group so you can do it FAST, sell products, while building valued community.


1. Build Relationships

Eventually your group will become way too big to manage on your own. But while you can, love on your members.



2. Grow a community NOT just client base

—> Name your members


  • My weightloss group has Activators….
  • My Network Marketing training group are Heelers —-> Click here to join Free Group
  • My Team community are Launchers!

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3. Be the Expert/Influencer

Know your Stuff

Share your Experience

Share your Struggles

Formula = Your past pains —-> Your Story —-> Obstacles overcame —-> Solution your found —-Tool they can use —-Result



4. Share Testimonials

More powerful for the community to post their results but share success stories! This builds credibility!


5. Welcome posts weekly to NEW Members

Makes them feel welcomed


6. Interview other experts on topics around your product or service and promote in advance


7. Run a contest!

This strategy helped me build a group of 16K members in less than a year with our team!


8. Go live once a week with a presentation or tutorial on a new product or system.


9. Promote the group on public video with Facebook lives you do!


10. Ad links to your group on social media profiles!


These tips are just the beginning. Of course there is a lot more you can do to grow a Facebook group FAST!


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Be patient.

Be confident.

Create Value.

Create community

….and have some fun!

Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone


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