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March 21, 2019
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April 8, 2019

How to Introduce Yourself In Facebook Groups to Stand Out

Here is a simple introduction formula suggestion you can use to get noticed inside Facebook groups. 


What if you had a formula to introduce yourself in Facebook Groups that you could follow and it was simple to use?

If I could take away the anxiety of what to say and how to structure your welcome when joining a new group would that be helpful for you Heeler? 



One of the BIGGEST beliefs about Facebook groups I hear and see from clients that I want to help you shift right now is, “What’s the point of introducing myself when there are so many people in there?   No one will notice me!”


Before I share some more about introducing yourself in Facebook groups, if you're new here, HELLLLERRRRR and please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links.


If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a small commission of the sale (no extra cost to you). Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use +love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗. 


Those wasted thoughts are costing you leads and clicks to your profile!


If you introduce yourself in a way that is fun, energetic, and you learn how to tell a story about YOU and what YOU do, you will …

grab attention, get noticed, begin to network more easily, while GRABBING NEW LEADS!


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Let’s talk about the ENERGY and VERBIAGE you use when writing an Intro inside of a Facebook group.


First, your energy should make others feel like you are approachable.  You want people inside the group to see that you are influential in the industry you are in or knowledgeable about the products you sell (without mentioning the product name of course.)


Second, the verbiage you use should be WHO YOU ARE.  

For example, I always use the word LEGIT when I am speaking and when I introduce myself into ANY Facebook group I use Helllerrrrrrr Peeps Marina Simone is in the house! (This will stand out and it matches my personality and also makes me approachable and not stiff like some professionals.)


Listen, I know you might be reading this freaking out right now thinking this won’t work for me and wondering “I am going to look stupid?”


I want you to know I still get butterflies when I post an intro inside of new groups every week.  I still have FEAR of what “haters” will say.  But I do it anyways.  #GoDoMore 


Remember if you sit back inside of a Facebook group and do absolutely NOTHING to stand out you are now a creeper inside the group hoping and praying someone at sometime will notice you.  Don’t be that girl that sits in the corner of the room at a party praying someone wants to talk to her.  Be the girl that rips off the bandaid and decides to stand out in the group!


(I want you to know if you follow this introduction it doesn’t mean the first group you post in will blow up immediately.  I suggest joining anywhere from 5-10 new groups a week and posting this introduction.  It might take time, but I know once you find some great groups to use this in the leads will start pouring in)



Let’s get into the Formula for a simple Introduction in a Facebook Group to help you stand out.



 1.  What’s your first sentence? 

Everything we say and do is a part of your branding.  It shows who you are! If someone was to work with you they want to know the same person introducing themselves is the same person they would get.


Make sense?  


What’s that signature HELLLERRRRRRRRRRRRRR for you? I personally start every video and almost every post with HELLLERRRRR Marina Simone is in the house! 


Find one you love or try some out. Up to you.  But make it unique and different!



2.  Now who are you and what do you do? 

What makes you different? What can you say to make someone FEEL or GET EXCITED or WANT TO KNOW MORE and click on your name?



Welcome Statement:

Heeelllerrrrrrrrrrr (Name of Group Tribe) Marina Simone is in the house!  I am PUMPED to be a part of this amazing community!  I am looking forward to connecting with some amazing humans just like you!  

I am a mom of 2 that LEGIT just wanted to live a dream life and not be stuck to working overtime to keep the lights on.  I wanted time freedom and not be cuffed to someone else’s dream my whole life.  Sound familiar?



What do I do or offer:

I am CEO of my own online brand Moms & Heels where I teach busy moms how to slay online sales by leveraging social media to create a personal brand that will help build a network marketing empire where #pantsareoptional!


Fun Fact about me (this will def catch attention)

Fun fact, I was actually told at my last boring cubicle job back in 2013 I would NEVER make it in the online space and I was a joke!  Well….look who’s laughing now! #cubicletothrone and I am having a blast after firing my boss back in 2014.  


Make them think like you and ask a BOLD question

Let me ask you a question? 

Are you allergic to bosses like me? LOL 




3.  Where can they connect with you? 

So this is where it can get a little tricky…

You want to make sure you are allowed to share where people can find you.  Always read the policies and rules inside a group before posting.  I would hate for you to get kicked out from an intro post.  I even suggest reaching out to the admin or moderators and asking if you are confused.  (Plus this is a great way to create a relationship with the human that runs the group)


If allowed, this is where you add:

A Facebook Group you run (Name) (Do NOT LINK IT)

Or the name of your IG handle or somewhere they can find you.

NO WEBSITE LINKS-  This can easily cause people to FEEL like you want to sell them.



I run a group on Facebook called Moms Who Slay Online Sales where we have a community of Heelers that share their experience, what they’ve learned, and trainings on how to leverage your brand on social media for Network marketing.  10,000 members strong! 



Click —> to learn how to build a Super Fan Brand all online for your business



4.  How can you serve this community? What can you offer by joining the group? 

It’s time to SHOW you are credible, you are of influence, you are educated, and you have something to offer.



Feel free to ask me anything about online marketing, especially personal branding, social media, or network marketing. 

I get PUMPED to share my hacks of what drove me to a multiple six- figure income in both my personal brand and the Network Marketing industry. 

The reason I am so passionate about Moms & Heels is because I’ve realized that as moms we can lose who we are and miss so much in our kids lives.  It is easy to get stuck to someone else’s desk chained with fear of never having more.  I found a way to break out of that hamster wheel of being broke and miserable.  So it’s now my mission to help other women do the same. 




5.  Why did you join the group? What do you expect to get out of it? 


This is important that you recognize the admin (simply tag them), the energy in the group, and use any name of the TRIBE or Group name again.

This will catch attention again of the admin which is a plus.


6.  End with a question that engages people to introduce themselves to you!

This is a great way to start conversation and learn about the types of people inside the group.


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7.  Lastly, your image.



If you do you are losing the opportunity to Slow Someone’s Scroll


Selfies Sell: (If you haven’t seen how to sell online with a selfie here is that episode)

Take a selfie you love and that shows your personality.  Make sure it’s clear and I would say avoid any silly filters from Instagram or Snap Chat.  Also be sure to not OVER filter it.  People love authenticity so make sure in this image you have that.



I have 10 different variations of HOW I Introduce myself inside a Facebook group.  I suggest you practice practice practice and get more than 1 down.

For example:

For my brand I have 3-5 introductions based on the type of groups I join.

For my network marketing company, weight loss products, anti aging, and clean living, I have 3-5 introductions as well.



Reminder: The Learning Is In The Doing. Click To Tweet



Avoid giving up after a couple groups.  You have to find your mojo!!!


I believe in you Heeler!


Marina Simone

Have questions? Drop them below↓


Or you can Register for my Free Masterclass replay! 


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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  1. Cristi Campbell says:

    Thank you for the information. I am currently trying to find my niche. I am deciding what I want to do with my life. I will be 50 in October. Any tips on how to introduce myself with the little info. about me from above. Thank you again!

  2. Rebecca Neal says:

    Could you post an example of one for a mlm? I am an mlm and struggle with knowing what to say and what not to say so I do not seem salesy and give to much information.

  3. Miste says:

    Thank you I am so inspired by the information you provided and making my FB introductions pop. I feel so much better prepared

  4. Helllerrrrr! AWE I love your opening signature! Great post and thanks for the tips 🙂

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