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March 29, 2019
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How to Develop a Magnetic Money Mindset

I'm beyond excited Heeler to share with you a interview I did a couple of weeks ago with a BOMBSHELL Elite Heeler that has completely blown my mind.  I have watched this woman grow, transform and help other women do the same when it comes to their money mindset.


Let me warn you.  This interview may have you at first wondering if this really works and will it work for you.  The answer Heeler, is YES.

Let’s dive right in to How to Develop a Magnetic Money Mindset with my good friend Jaci Marie.


Who is Jaci Marie?


I met Jaci about 3 years ago on social media. We bonded almost instantly! Jaci made the transition from being a traditional registered nurse (for 13 years) and out of nursing completely about a year and a half ago. Why? She got the nudge telling her, “This isn’t where she's supposed to be.”


She felt extremely guilty at first, but realized she can serve her audience and women in other ways. One of those ways is by tapping into the law of attraction.


She has been able to help women manifest, craft, and curate a life they are in love with. Jaci is a Law of attraction mindset coach and also an investor to Real Estate and Krypto Currency.  All of these things light her up, if they don’t, she wouldn’t do it.



What is the Law of Attraction? 


Thoughts become things.

What you put out, you attract back.

“Your thoughts will create your reality. How you feel internally is going to project externally.”

Maybe you have heard of the book The Secret?  In this interview Jaci dives deeper into this belief.



What does Jaci do? 


Jaci’s role is to


“help and support those who want to raise their vibration, become an energetic match for their desires, dreams, or whatever it is someone wants to bring into their life. We’re in a frequency based universe, so when you’ve raised your vibrations into that level of whatever it is you want, it will come fast.

However, the struggle comes when you have that old subconscious programming of limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, and scarcity mindset.

For example, if you run around with the thoughts of “I can’t do it,” that is the vibration you are holding and the is the vibration you are putting out. Even when you are asking and wanting something else, the underlying vibration is scarcity, doubt, and fear. This is a resistant type of energy that you’re putting out to the universe.”



The Poor Me Syndrome 


This was legit stuff I would “woo woo” over because I was frustrated, didn’t have success, or known as the “poor me” syndrome.

Subconsciously you’re thinking this right now Heeler, I know you are. I know you want to change. So I asked Jaci what she would say to someone who was stuck in this place and this is what she had to say….


“I can go down a rabbit hole with the “woo woo” mentality. I know…we go to school, get the degree, work really hard, grind it out. Our subconscious mind runs 90% of our everyday life. There is this window from ages 0-7 where you are downloading your beliefs through your parents, family, and friends.

In this time frame, you are an open recorder, there is no filter to say, ‘I don’t think that’s true, or ‘I don’t know about that.’ You take it all in and then now your at an adult stage with 7 year-old programming about what grandma said about dieting or when mom said money was the root of all evil.

You’re calling for really wanting all of this money but your programming is, money is for greedy people.

It’s really about being aware and acknowledging what that old programming is, asking the questions, and then reprogramming it with affirmations that are going to be encouraging and empower you.

Gratitude, appreciation, and affirmations. 

These are going to kick off everything for you.

Being grateful for what you have now and then creating that vision for what you want is everything. Because your thoughts become things, and if you sit and talk about what happened last year, you’re going to keep recreating the struggle.”


Heeler, I have caught myself starting to say something in front of my daughter Anaiyah and have had to stop and reevaluate what I was going to say. I don’t want her to go through the same programming that I went through growing up.  We can help our children have a different programming.



Understanding the Relationship with Money & the Belief System Around Money 


I know for me personally, I grew up surrounded by a lot of money. I then watched my mom become a single mom, because my stepdad went to prison, lost a million dollar home, and ended up sharing a room with my mother. So for me I was programmed to think that money is bad because of all of the bad things that happened (prison, lost home).

So I asked Jaci to explain more about the relationship with money and the belief system around it.


“Money and I weren’t BFFs when I was a registered nurse. I used to end my week wondering ‘where the heck did my money go,’ even though I made really six-figures. It was my mindset of money, my belief around it. Yes, money can come externally but I had to get my mind wrapped around the thought of, ‘I am wealthy NOW.’

Understand that what you feel internally about money is what is going to appear to you externally. It’s about this flow of you raising your energy to be at a magnetic match for the money that you want. When I shifted my money mindset to me being abundant NOW is when the vibration began to change.

I began to see the shift on the outside and the money began to come. It comes from unimaginable ways you just need to be open to receiving money in expected and unexpected ways.

When you only expect money to come from your job or one avenue, you’re blocking off other ways that the universe can provide it to you. When you shift your mind to think that money is going to come from expected and unexpected ways, you’re grateful and thankful for all of the things you have now, the universe will begin to move things, people, and opportunities to you.”


So Heeler, say it with me, “I am receiving money from expected and unexpected ways.” 


If you wake up miserable, your whole day is going to be miserable! You stubbed your toe, locked your keys in the car, or have to walk a mile because you had to park at the furthest parking spot; its that second you wake up for the day and you are not becoming aware of the energy you’re putting out there. The same thing goes for money, success, and joy.



The Growth and Circulation of Money


I asked Jaci about growth of money and what happens if you want to get passed a certain amount…


“When people get to a certain level and stall out, it’s because they aren’t continuing to create. If you stay in the energy of you being concerned or worried about the money you already make there is a good chance you’re going to lose the money you are already making.  You’re holding on to it, and not creating other ways to move past the MONEY and you will stay there or potentially lose it.

If you hold on to money you’re a hoarder. The law of giving and receiving and abundance go hand in hand with the law of attraction. Money likes to go out and most likely come back to you and multiply. It has to circulate and then flow black into your life and bank account.”


This brings me back to a saying my mom always used to say, “You’re going to sit in your own Sh*t for how long? Fix your face!” I was the most miserable teenager on the planet. Yes, I had trauma but I sat in it, brought it into my adult life, and truly believe this is why it took me so long to find success. So I want to ask you Heeler, what SHIT are you sitting in?


What you focus on expands. Click To Tweet



What is that one shift that you can make today? 


Jaci said,

“Think about how you feel about money. Do you get jealous when someone else is winning? Are you resentful when someone gets a raise or bonus? Really access how you feel about money, because how you feel about money is how it's going to come to you. It starts with your feelings.”


You can find Jaci Marie on Instagram at @TheJaciMarie or on Facebook as Jaci Marie and at




Marina Simone



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