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April 8, 2019
top 5 reasons why most network marketers don't make sales on Instagram
Top 5 Reasons Most Network Marketers Don’t Make Sales on Instagram™
April 20, 2019

How to Find Topics for Your Social Media Videos

21 Topics you can steal and start using today!


What do I talk about on live video?

What do I share?

How do I get more people watching and caring about the videos I do?


In this episode, I’m going to share 21 video topics you can use/borrow/steal and start using IMMEDIATELY for your social media videos.

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I know it can be intimidating watching others have success with:

  • Facebook lives
  • IG lives
  • IGTV videos
  • Youtube VIdeos
  • LinkedIN videos

And you quickly become discouraged. I have been there! Trust me.


I remember when I sat down and first started doing Periscope videos back in 2014-2015.  I was so intimated by watching others have hundreds jump on their live broadcasts and I would legit have like 3 people join and then jump off right away!  I was so embarrassed and often asked myself, “Why even bother?”.


What I came to realize was that I had to be consistent and TEST the type of video content I was doing to see what was attracting my tribe and what wasn’t.


Instead of me complaining, getting frustrated, and quitting.  Instead, I decided to test, collect data, and see what HOT topics were being talked about in my industry and what was trending and put my own spin on it.


If you’re struggling to find what to talk about it’s usually because you’re waiting until the last minute and you’re freaking out.

  • Maybe you’re like, what do I talk about on live video?
  • What do I share about me?
  • I’m not an expert, who would want to hear what I have to say.


I want to help you not just get more people watching your videos but help you get more QUALITY type of viewers. Those people that are actually going to want to buy from you, join you, and be a part of your tribe.


Keeping it 100 with you…Live video can be intimidating, I know. I use notes ALL the time. I'm not perfect and I don't want to be perfect. That's just who I am and legit get A.D.D if I don't. I bring value that's why people show up and they know my personality.


What I want you to understand is that it's okay to use notes and not be perfect. If you have that mentality of already being terrified of doing any videos this will quickly discourage you from finding content and getting your message out there. Your opinions matter. The way you view something is probably not the same way everyone may view it but there are going to be people that get you when others don't.


I remember when I first started doing video back in 2014, you know Periscope. LOL Do you remember using that? Every time I would go live on Periscope at the same time everyday and I would have 1 or 2 people on…one of them being my upline. I was soon nervous when I was teaching on Periscope thinking no one would ever share this but it took time for me to build my audience. Plus I would always compare myself to what everyone else was doing on there and it would mess with my head.


Have you felt this way before? 


Remind yourself that your journey is not the same as mine, your upline, or even another influencer in your downline. That doesn't mean the content your put out there doesn't mean you're not making an impact on someone.


We are often so attached to the number of views, likes, and comments that we are judging ourselves based on social media. We're basing the way we feel about ourselves based on the number of likes we get on Instagram or views we get on a video.




At the end of the day that has nothing to do with the number of people that pay attention to you. That is not your worth.

My Papa was a genius. He ran so many businesses and no one ever knew what his financial worth was. He drove broke down trucks, didn't wear jewelry, no one knew unless you were close to him. What's my point?


My Papa knew his worth. He didn't need social media to be successful.

You don't need social media to be successful. 


I was not always successful. OMG, my first Facebook live I was literally up against the camera Then Facebook live came out and you could see my schnoz and boogers. I was literally like, “wow, there's a countdown, this is so cool!” I'm not kidding you, LOL, I actually saved it to show you all below.




Live Video Impact

A private coaching client of mine, Carlee Weber, shared a POWERFUL story with me last week about her father and live videos.


Before implementing videos Carlee’s father had just enough clients weekly to make it by in his business.  After hearing me and Carlee teach how POWERFUL video is for business he started to consistently share behind the scenes, working on his clients, and educating his audience.  He also began to share his videos inside Facebook Groups that allowed him to.


For one full year he has been consistent and has now been overbooked even when he travels out of state! He has people coming to him and his reach is insane!


What’s my point?


Videos will work if you work them.


Let’s break down the 21 Topics in 3 separate categories to help you find topics relevant to YOUR industry, business, service, or product.

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Categories: Influencer, Going Viral, Lifestyle 


This is simply showing your audience you have done the research, you experienced something in this, and you have a passion for it.  Here are some simple ideas on how you can show you are an INFLUENCER around your business, service, or product. No, you don't have to be an influencer to use these topics.


1. Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way for people to get to know about your product/service. You have your own kind of way to make a shake or mix up your coffee. You can do tutorials that have nothing to do with your product/service.

Let's say I'm selling an iPhone and I work for AT&T. I want to use social media to sell it so I am going to show that I am an influencer because I know how to use this phone. Following me so far?

So I would do a tutorial on how to use this phone. Turn the phone on, use fingerprint to unlock, how to change your settings. These are a step by step how to guided video.


2. Proven Tactics that work

Something that is really powerful (using the phone example again) when you type out a lot of stuff on a text message in your iPhone but realize you have to go back and edit it, you can actually use the space bar will help you scroll and jump to a different spot in your text.


3. Apps/Hacks 

Back to the phone example, when you first get your iPhone it doesn't show you the battery percentage amount, this is a great hack to teach someone how to change it or swipe up and you can turn on the flashlight.


4. Comparisons (x vs y) 

Let's say that you want to compare your product to another product (I would not say to compare it to another Network Marketing product, that's hatorade and we don't drink that around here) to something at GNC. If you have an energy drink you can compare it to red bull.

When you're doing a comparison that can be powerful because you are giving your opinion.



5. Reviews on hot trends 

If you're in health and wellness and you haven't done a review yet on the Keto diet,  you need to think about this. It's a hot topic/trend! You don't have to be in a company that does Keto, keto is a lifestyle just like Atkins was a lifestyle and the South Beach diet.

How can you do a review on a hot trend?


6. Book/magazine reviews HOT in your industry being talked about already 

I like to look at magazines that are in the line when I am checking out at the grocery store. “Oh look, I can make $22/hr teaching kids on the internet.” I can do a review on that, no thank you LOL I don't want to be teaching any kiddies.

You can do reviews on stories, articles, and even recipes that I read inside of this that I tried. There are ways for you to never run out of topics.



7. Thought Leadership

This is your spin andy our take on certain NEW trends similar to hot topics but here's the thing…

If I'm going to talk about making extra money at home maybe I'm going to find an article in Forbes or Time magazine and put my own spin to what I thought about it, see what I'm saying? It's not always about BOOM in your face come join my team and make money with me online. It's how can I swing in at the end, “oh, by the way this is why I do this.”


8. Q & A with your audience or Fellow person in your industry

I love doing this at the end of my Facebook lives where you can ask me questions and I'll answer so you can feel like not only am I barking at you on what you need to be doing but I am also sharing with you and let you ask me questions.



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Going Viral

Now, I don't’ want you getting too caught up in going viral.  I would rather you have 100 views and engagement from your TRUE tribe than random humans watching your stuff.  Why? Viral doesn’t mean conversion always.  Trust me.  Let’s focus on ways to tap into other networks that will eventually build to a solid viral audience.

You can still go viral without getting millions of views. If you go viral with the right type of people your funnel will always stay full with the type of people you want. You won't need to pull teeth for the people to join your team, business, or become clients.

My niece had a viral video with her boyfriend on Twitter. Her date fell down the stairs as they were coming down the stairs after getting ready for prom. Awesome they went viral but they didn't do anything about it. Going viral seems great but at the end of the day it's really about connecting to the right type of humans that want to be a part of you.


9. Lists: Top 5 ways to _______ or  Top 10 ______

Lists work out great because it tells your audience what to expect.


10. Debunking others views

This is something that Ray Higdon does so well. Remember that Bird Box movie? There was a comparison out there that Bird Box was just like Network Marketing because you share it blah blah blah. He stated that it wasn't like Bird Box and he was debunking a belief system. If you have a different belief on something, it's a way to debunk it. Why? It will make you stand out and show that you are unique.


11. Trends to capitalize on that is alignment with your beliefs hot in the news

Maybe what's hot in the news is the iPhone has a ‘bug' in it and everyone switches over to Android. I can then go live and talk about this topic. You're going to capitalize on certain things that are hot in the news that you can throw into your title and topic that will stop people in their scroll and watch because it's something that is currently being talked about.


12. Interviews

Who can you interview in your space, testimonials, team members. People often forget about this. Who can you interview expert wise around your product or service? Who has used your product or service that you can interview and give testimonials on their review of your products/services?


13. Collaborations

Collaborating with someone not in your same space or industry can increase reach by tapping into their network.


14. Authority Hacking

If someone is being talked about a lot in your industry throw some content around it and use their name in a title of a video. (I went over this a little bit on trends to capitalize on)


15. Daily method of operation

Morning Routines, daily habits are huge on Social media. When I did my Organizational Checklist for Busy Moms, like how I stay organized with my laundry/housework/teamwork this thing went viral. People love to know the morning routine of successful people. What are the daily habits that someone has on social media? My SOS Tracker for Facebook. Why has that been such a big hit for me? It's because it teaches a daily method of operation of what you should be doing on social media to keep up with the algorithm, stay in contact with people you're seeing, and where people spend the most time. It's important for people to know what your routines are.


Remember: quality vs quantity on social media

Our goal is to go viral with the right people. Your funnel will always stay full.





Your audience needs to see the authentic you. When I first started off in the video of this Blog, I was brushing my daughter's hair. Half of the time I'm burping on live video, one time I picked my nose, it just happened. People need to see the real you. I don't mean you have to jump on live and be a complete hot mess. Not just the makeup form all dolled up and ready to do a photoshoot.  I know this is going to be hard and might be super uncomfortable but if your audience doesn’t FEEL they can connect to you they will be on to the next. People need to know you are human and relate to you.

Most of the time when I am on my IG or Facebook stories I use the filters but I don't have makeup on. It's because, in my everyday life, I don't have makeup on 24/7, PROMISE! People need to know who you really are.


16. Build a deeper relationship

How? Show up and choose one day a week. Same day and the same time.


17. Storytelling with your content

Lead to into next video with your next piece of content (sneak peek at the end of the video) Show people how you move through your day.

Lifestyle hacks to save money or time

18. Business hacks

What is the biggest thing I hear when it comes to my clients and my Elite Heelers inside the Heels Up Academy is balance. How to balance being a mom, running a Network Marketing business, working full time, cooking dinner, etc?

If you find a cool business hack, share it!


19. Product hacks

That woman who folded a fitted sheet and literally went viral. I mean who really knows how to fold one of these things LOL) I watched this video so many times and I still don't know.


20. Inspirational content

This creates a bond between you and the audience. Every day at 8 AM EST I upload an inspirational quote on my Facebook Page and my Heelers love it! I then share it on Instagram and Facebook stories and then everywhere. These are the quotes that motivate me.


21. Sharing your messy before of who you were and then who you are today or where you're going


The obstacles you have overcome to now bring your audience in closer to truly get to know the REAL you.








A great example (see my post above) is when I shared with my audience how I dropped the vodka bottle for the microphone.  At first, I was nervous to share this side of me.  What I found was MORE humans connected with this story than ever.




Because they connected with who I was and who I wanted to be and who I have become.  Some felt like there was hope for them, some were so grateful, and some were even angry. But I connected with my audience in a very authentic way and I want to challenge you to do the same.


If you felt like you got some value from this please leave a comment below with 1 takeaway you got from this.


Marina Simone



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  1. Donna Martell says:

    Those are some amazing tips!!🙌 Thank you! I’ve been struggling with ideas on what do to for lives or videos in general! Thank you!!

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. I have 500 videos on youtube but sometimes (like right now) I feel really stuck and I am losing viewers and my content is struggling. I’ve done your challenge and have gotten some other stuff from you and I think you’re the bomb because of how REAL you are. Geez why am I so emotional right now while I write this? Anyways, thank you.

    • Marina Simone says:

      Awwww thanks for sharing babe!! Show up to serve. Don’t worry about the lost followers. Focus on WHO you want to serve.

  3. Nancy says:

    I needed this! I have a list things to post but I feel they are too blah bosh. Your advices sound more like me.

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