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April 14, 2019
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Top 5 Reasons Most Network Marketers Don’t Make Sales on Instagram™

top 5 reasons why most network marketers don't make sales on Instagram

I am so freakin’ pumped to share with you an interview we did inside our Elite Heeler online marketers community, (Heels Up Academy)  with a freakin’ Bad A$$ Heeler all about best business practices for Instagram™.


✓ Yes, this is for beginners.

✓ Yes, this is for those who've already master Instagram.

✓ Yes, these will take your business to the next level on IG.


Now, let’s dive right in and allow me to introduce you to the top 5 reasons most Network Marketers are NOT making sales on Instagram.


But first, meet Soraya.

Who is Soraya Goddard?


Soraya Goddard lives in Washington D.C. with her husband Mike and dog, Olive, and has made a career as a United States Army Officer for the last 19 years.


Although she loves her career, over time, the stress and high tempo led her to some troubles with hormones and stress.  She found some products that helped her feel good again, and eventually realized that sharing those products could be a nice post-Army career. She set out to build a side income, and has never looked back.


Now, she is obsessed with using Instagram to inspire people just like her while teaching others to do the same. She’s particularly passionate about showing ambitious women that they can grow the retirement income of their dreams on the side of their current career leveraging Instagram.


She’s spoken on stage with network marketing legends like Ray and Jessica Higdon, Diane Hochman, Robert Hollis and many more.



Why Use Instagram for Business?


Soraya needed to find a way to build a successful Network Marketing business on HER time from her cellphone and Instagram allowed her to do that.


“For me, Instagram is a huge draw. I can get everything I need done to attract people to me and talk and convert those people into customers and/or business builders in the nooks and crannies of my day. Because of that I am the biggest raging fan of IG (Instagram) you will ever see.


Instagram is lovely to play on however you can get lost in the scroll. I like to think of the people I follow on Instagram as my vision board because they inspired me and got me excited.  But ultimately you want this to be something you can make money from. There is a difference between using it as a consumer and building your business on Instagram.”


Remember Heeler…

It’s not about how many followers you have on Instagram. You do NOT need to be some MAJOR influencer.

All you need to grow your Network Marketing business is your phone to take a good selfie, or your #HBO, (Honey bunches of oats), in my case, my man to help you when I need him LOL



Reason #1 – Not Knowing Exactly Who You Want to Work With and Their Pain Points/Struggles


Say it with me, “My vibe attracts my tribe.” If you have no idea who you want to work with, chances are you aren’t “finding” anyone. I loved what Soraya said about this…


“Begin with the end in mind. In Network Marketing, you end up with living with your team. You spend time on Zooms, messaging them, and meet up at convention or events. You have to be around these people. If you think about it that way, you don’t want to enroll just anyone. You want people who are your tribe or those that speak to YOU


Who are those people that you would like to spend time with on a Saturday night? Who would you choose to spend 4 hours with every single week?”


This is big for me and a reason why I created my tribe of Heelers. The second part to this reason Soraya spoke of is to find their pain points. I talk a lot about doing this. Finding someone’s pain point gives you a way to help them find a solution to it. This is what Soraya explained…


“Once you figure out who you want to work with, what are those things they struggle with?

Once you know what they are struggling with what can you share with them to help with those struggles?


It may take some time, some experimentation, and it may take talking it out with others. Once you nail this down it’s like a lightbulb moment. You have clarity on what to talk about so that the person on the other side says, ‘OMG, how does she know I’m struggling with this?’ I feel that way, she’s talking to me!’  



Reason #2 – Not Conveying That Message In Your Instagram Feed


This is a way to portray your message of who you are on your Instagram profile feed. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect! We adjust  implement as we learn. During the training, Soraya gave some examples of Instagram Feeds that visually don’t make you stop and want to learn more.


Here are the examples below:


What’s your first initial thought when looking at the feeds?

Are you instantly drawn away from it?



During the training Soraya mentioned something powerful,


“I’m sure they have a passion to help others and their head is in the right place however, none of that is coming out on their feeds..right?  We don’t know the messages behind these accounts. We need to feel something when we stop at a feed.” 


Next she gave an example of a contrast to those Instagram accounts above…



“There is a theme in each of these accounts. Juls Soloman is a podcaster but you can’t necessarily tell from the account that she is a podcaster. But if I came to this account I would be like, ‘Wow, she looks like she's having fun, she's a family woman, she’s got some quotes in there that are in line with her style. I would want to learn who this person is.  The middle account is a puppy account and the theme is all about puppies.


So if you like puppies you’re going to be all over this account.

Lastly, the girl to the right is a podcaster and marketing coach. From her feed it shows that she is confident and would make me want to learn more. There is a huge contrast between these accounts. 


This is not about having a perfect newsfeed however  remember, Your news feed is your business card.”



Reason #3 – They Don’t Understand What YOU are about


Remember the example Soraya shared with us above? There were selfies in those Instagram accounts. I shared on one of my previous episodes, “How to Leverage Selfies for Social Media.” Selfies can absolutely help you make money on social media.



Soraya had everyone with a lightbulb moment when she explained this…


“Whether you know it or not, when you go into an account your natural tendency is to ask yourself, ‘What is this person going to do for me? Do they make me happy? Do they inspire me? Do they make me laugh? Do they teach me something?' 

That’s all people want to know. If you look at the accounts you follow on Instagram, you follow them to get inspiration, ideas, motivation, etc. You don’t have to be the expert just show up as YOU giving value to your people. 


Here is how you want to position yourself, you want to be their GUIDE. (Taken from Donald Miller)


There is a distinction between the me, me, me account vs look at me because I can HELP you find a solution to your problem. There is a big difference. You want to be the ladder, the user, the guide to show them a solution. 

You don’t want to be the Hero because the Hero is, ‘Oh she did it but I can’t do it.’ You want to be the, ‘If she can do it I can do it.’


How to do this:

  • Show your face, not your products
  • Show all the messy parts, too
  • Be yourself when you speak, not like a robot.
  • Stop worrying about your followers and likes



Reason #4 – They Don’t Share Stories on Social Media

Brace yourself, this is where you make the money! You make money by sharing stories. People make emotional decisions that lead them to make a purchase.


So I asked Soraya to explain this a little deeper…


“If you bought things logically, your closet would not have all those high heels in it. If you bought things logically your closet would have the cheapest, flattest, and most comfortable shoes in it. If you were a logical shopper you would have a bicycle or non flashy cars. 


You buy because you WANT things. So if you would like to connect with people on Instagram and make sales, you should start talking about the emotion behind what you do. This is the struggle of the person you are trying to help in terms of a story. Maybe it’s how you dealt with your weight-loss, maybe it’s how you felt with you skin, or maybe how you dealt with clearing your brain fog. 


Practice it and tell it over and over again until you’re so tired of hearing yourself…but that is when people are just starting to hear your story. It takes 8 or 9 times for people to hear your story and want to buy. The more you do it the more comfortable you are going to feel sharing it. The human brain learns in stories. You can tell stories about you day, your products, or things that have happened to you in life.”



Reason #5 – They Don’t Know What to Do to Attract Quality Leads


Do you know what a lead is? A lead is someone who responds to your posts or call to action, whether it’s a like or they made a comment.


So I asked Soraya to give us her biggest tip on what to do when you don’t know how to get those hot leads…


“The way you get people to raise their hand is to ask questions. I ask questions in my feed, in my captions, in my Instagram stories, and polls every day. If you’re connecting emotionally and giving information that relates to that person, people are going to start raising their hands. Then once you connected with them ask more questions in the Instagram DM. 


The Instagram DM is where the magic happens


When you get someone who says ‘YES’ to your poll question you asked, then respond to them in DM with, ‘Tell me more about your struggles.’  Watch, they will DM you a hug paragraph. You can even respond after they reply with, ‘That must have been hard on you..’ and watch how your DM will flood with their response. Then you can share what has helped you get past this struggle and if it’s something they would be open to taking a look at.  


Here’s the thing you got to do all the work! Back to Reason’s #1-4.”


I mean…FIRE right here, right? It’s about showing up, being YOU, and asking questions.

You can find Soraya on Instagram at @sorayagoddard or at



Marina Simone

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