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April 26, 2019
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May 10, 2019

3 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Facebook Live Engagement and Views

One of the reasons I was able to build an organization of 20,000 customers and distributors online was because I was able to connect with people just like you through my story, experience, and through what I have learned in this industry.


I was able to build a brand that is now almost a seven-figure brand while simultaneously building a multiple six-figure income in Network Marketing.


So why Facebook lives? I mean I think I just said it right there.


→ I get it if you’re scared.

→ I get it if you’re worried.

→ I get it if you’re like ehhh I don’t know what to talk about.


Or maybe you’re doing them right now and not seeing any engagement or views on your Facebook live go up.


I am officially not pregnant. You can actually check out the birth story if you click here. If you are currently pregnant right now I suggest that you don’t read it. It’s a little scary. I get into depth about Madelyn’s Birth story. There are almost 400 shares on it and it had nothing to do with training or Network Marketing whatsoever. It was everything about my journey. The reason why I share this with you is because I have been completely vulnerable and open about my journey being pregnant.


It wasn’t all puppies and rainbows.

I was sick most of the time.

I was uncomfortable,  in pain, and then I share my birth story that most people would not want to share.


What does this have to do with live video?


The vulnerability piece of what you’re going to be doing with your Facebook lives on social media  is more powerful than having this “big marketing campaign” and being this BIG sales person.


So if you want to sell on social, you gotta get vulnerable and share your journey.

Whether it’s a weight-loss journey, pregnancy journey, building your business journey, etc.

Find a journey and be able to share that once a week with your audience.


(Click here to watch the full episode training)


I’m curious…

Are you using live video on Facebook or Instagram?

(You know this is a way for you to find new leads, building your views, and audience?)


If you aren’t seeing results like you want to:

  • Your live video views aren’t going up
  • Your engagement isn’t increasing
  • You feel like you’re stuck and stagnant


You aren’t the only one.


If right now you are embarrassed it’s okay but I want to empower and encourage you to know that you aren’t the only one.

If you are not using live video, there’s a reason you should be.

The #1 reason you should be using live video on both Instagram and Facebook is because, your vibe attracts your tribe. You’ve heard this before.


(If I go live on Facebook you better believe I’m bringing out another device to go live on Instagram at the same time)


If you have great content, you’re consistent, and you implement these 3 tips I share with you…

It won’t matter how many times the algorithm changes because my Heelers and community know that I go live the same day at the same time each week. They look for me.

Now, did it take time, consistency, and patience to build my audience? Absofreakinglutely.


If you are thinking:

“I’m doing them inside of my Facebook group!”  Well, here’s what I want you to know about that…

First, that’s amazing! I do them inside of my Facebook groups as well. However  you have a certain amount of people that are inside of those groups. If you want to attract a NEW tribe, find NEW leads, and add NEW people to bring into your funnel, then you need to be doing them on your personal profile as well.


Now yes, I do some on my personal page and some on my business page however you do NOT need a business page to build a successful Network Marketing Business (I didn’t build my Network Marketing business from a business page). It’s an extra tool however, if you don't know how to run ads  you will waste money.   You have to pay to play on a business page.


If you’re following my SOS Activity Facebook Tracker it will help you up the algorithm and engagement on your personal profile.


Your audience needs to get to know you and live video is one of the quickest ways to do this. Now, I’m not saying you need to go live every single day but you should go live on the same day and time at least once a week, your own little TV show.

Live videos get 3 times higher engagement than regular video

Live videos get 10 times higher engagement than image posts.

Now let’s get into the 3 simple hacks to increase your Facebook live engagement and views. (By the way, you can use these tips on Instagram, Facebook, or any type of video)


Social media never sleeps!


(and I haven’t been with newborn baby Madelyn…

I posted this on my personal Facebook page the other day to SHARE the insider look of REAL MOM LIFE…

Guess what? My audience loved it! Click HERE to view my post…

P.S The glasses I am wearing are the NEW BLUE LIGHT GLASSES! I did some research and while on my phone or computer I can protect my eyes!

Click Here to check them out and use code Marina15 for 15% off your order!)




Because Social Media Never sleeps I got to open up my Instagram or Facebook app and look for people to connect to like other moms that were up like I was. Again because Madelyn is team NO SLEEP LOL…

I’m inside pregnancy Facebook group so I can connect with other moms in there as well.  You get the point right? Social media is always up and working for you!


So this is an opportunity for you to leverage your Facebook live videos while you’re sleeping and if you’re doing it right that will happen. But most of the time, you don’t get the instant gratification of a certain amount of views or you are legit  selling on your Facebook lives all the time so you are repelling people.

People press play and stop listening because they know that all you do is sell , give no value, and you are not showing your true personality.


You have to understand that 2-3% of your friends list or followers will buy from your right away BUT 10% of your friends list or followers will NEVER buy from you.


Here’s the big piece…80% of your friends list or followers need to be educated, decide if they like you, and fall in love with you before they decide to buy. That’s why you need to attract your tribe by putting out valuable content and do your live videos.


Be patient.

Be consistent.


Click HERE to grab my Free Facebook Live Title Cheat Sheet! Learn How to Make Your Live Titles POP!

Tip #1 – Promote your live video (the daytime and topic) in your Facebook and/or Instagram stories


(You can actually have your Instagram stories connect to your Facebook stories)

So when I am going to go live, I tell my watchers and viewers my topic and 2 things I am going to talk about, and to get the 3rd one they have to jump on live. I also let my audience know that they can set an alarm or reminder on their phone so they get notified that I am going to be live. (Instagram has a countdown sticker you can add to your story as well and I heard Facebook may be coming out with something similar as well.)


Now, will many of them do it? Maybe not… but even if 1 or 2 people did it those are two new people that are going to be on your live video.

You can even take it a step forward and you can screenshot and show your audience how they can set their reminder and add that to your story.


This makes you stand out to your audience because other people aren’t doing that.


Tip#2 – Make a post earlier that day with 3 bullet points about what your live video is going to be about and the time you are going live and use a selfie.


In one of my previous episodes, I explained how to use a selfie to sell.

There’s been 282 million selfies alone on Instagram. It’s powerful and is a window to your personality. People can see how you do your makeup, how you dress, the type of sunglasses that I am wearing, and get to know your personality. People will decide whether or not they will like you and maybe watch your live video.



Tip #3 – Once you’re done with the live video, go back to  3-4 of your old Facebook lives and paste the link there because it will drive more people to watch it.


(Avoid copy and pasting too many times  because you will get flagged from Facebook and stuck in Facebook jail.)  Anyone that commented on the old Facebook lives is going to get notified. Make sure you put the topic, “Here is what this live video is about….” and throw some emojis in there.



Bonus Tip  –  Once you’re done take a screenshot of your Facebook live and go back to your Facebook and Instagram stories and share that you just went live on Facebook.


Share the 3 things that you shared on your Facebook live
Tell your audience that if you want them to be tagged on the live video send me a message that says, “tag me” or use the poll option.


You want them to reply especially since you don’t have the swipe up option on Instagram as I do so you can start a conversation in messenger with them.




Bonus Tip 2- Make an after post on social media

On your Instagram post, make sure to use relevant hashtags about what you talked about in the live video and send them back to where they can watch the replay. (I.E Link in the bio)

On the Facebook post, I would suggest doing it the following day to drive people back and then say, “Link to the live video is in the comments.”  You don’t want to put the link to the live in your post.


Well Heeler, instead of 3 tips I gave you 5 because that’s just how I roll.


If you are not doing live videos ask yourself WHY?…

I know it’s freaking scary, I have been so nervous to get back into a live video for the past 2 months. Gaining weight was a big deal to me (I know I was pregnant) but something that I always struggled with was body image. Not being able to be 1000% all the time (having my nails done and makeup done) when I am on social media has been a big deal for me.


It also has brought out another side of me. My brand is Moms and Heels and I want to show you and the Heeler community that you don’t have to be perfect to build a business. You get to be who you are. You don’t have to be an Instagram model to make posts on IG. You don't have to be a HUGE influencer that looks and acts perfectly to build a BIG successful business on social media.


You don’t have to be something that you’re not.


This was an impactful and empowering moment for me to realize that maybe I was too “perfect” before and trying to be too professional.

At the end of the day, I am still that ghetto girl from South Florida that had Network Marketing fall into my lap and make multiple six-figure incomes, almost a seven-figure brand, making an impact…I’m still that girl. That’s the girl I should show to my audience.

So…Don’t stress it.



Think about the impact you’re going to make with your live video.


Marina Simone


Have questions? Drop them below↓



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