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May 4, 2019
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May 19, 2019

The FUTURE of Facebook for NETWORK Marketers

What does this mean for Network Marketers? 


If you and your team are using social media to build your Network Marketing business or building your online brand I highly suggest you share this with them. (Share this link —-> www.momsandheels.com/49 )


Have you heard about the Facebook changes that are coming?


In this episode, I share the changes that are to come for Facebook and explain how you can leverage what they are changing, how this will not mess with your business too much, and exactly what I am going to be doing and what I am going to be focusing on.



I know there has been a lot of Heelers freaking out like, “OMG, what is this going to change?”


I’ll be honest with you…

I almost barfed when I heard about this because it started to go viral!


“The newsfeed is getting deleted…”


…is what I was hearing and I was like what the hell are you talking about?! I do business on Facebook and then it arose a lot of questions for the Heeler community.


  • Should I be changing platforms? Switch to Instagram?
  • Are Facebook groups going to be working the same way? Do we still use them?
  • Should I start a Facebook business page and start paying for Facebook ads?
  • What does the future look like for Facebook.


I always keep my Heeler community up to date about what is going on. Some people have told me, “Dude you need to slow down.” But I’m a red type personality. Don’t ever tell a red personality that they need to slow down. LOL I will put my foot on that gas pedal and go even faster now. I just don’t have the personality to slow down. Yes, I will crash, but it’s okay.


I have a lot of things I want to accomplish for the Heeler community before 2020. So there will not be any slowing down here.



With that being said here is a special announcement I have for your Heeler.



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When we did this free challenge 2 months ago we generated over 9,000 leads for the Heelers that actually followed through with my 5 day game plan. So we have some new changes to this, instead of doing a 5 day challenge I am doing a workshop. All you have to do is click here to register for FREE!



Let’s whoosa for a minute here Heeler.

Breathe in……..Breathe out….

Do not freak out boo boo, you know I got your back! Now, let’s get into the changes.



Facebook Group Changes


1. Facebook announced that there is going to be an overhaul to the mobile app


I’m actually excited about this now that I know what they are doing. When you open your Facebook app it’s going to focus more on Facebook groups and Facebook events which makes me so freaking happy because I build my business through events and groups! (And Facebook and Instagram stories…but we are not going to be talking about Instagram on here today BUT in my Free LIVE workshop you better believe it!)



2. It’s going to be easier to connect with groups you have interest in and easier access to the groups

When someone sends me, “I don’t know how to recruit from Facebook groups,” or “I don’t know how to connect with people,” or “OMG I friend requested people and I got deleted,” there’s 10’s of millions of Facebook groups! Why are you b*tchin’ about one?


Sorry, LOL, just had to keep it 100!


3. Recommend Groups to Your Interests


So here’s the thing, there’s going to be a new look for Facebook groups so you can see it right at the top.But my favorite part is that Facebook is going to spend more time and energy recommending Facebook groups to us that relate to YOU. I mean…how powerful is this?!

Check this out, let’s say you have a weight-loss group, it’s a closed group not a secret group (yes, there are different types of groups) and you have connections of connections; like 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon connected. Facebook is going to connect those people to Facebook groups that they feel have a similarity to them.


For instance, I have tags on my free Moms and Heels Facebook group and there is certain information that is in there and Facebook is going to recommend people that will fit well in that group.



It’s about time Facebook!


I’m starting to see the shift now where I am seeing better groups recommendations for me like Postpartum groups and weight-loss groups.



4. Meet New Friends Feature 


Check this out, it’s going to help YOU connect with strangers that are just like YOU. It’s called, “Meet New Friends.”


Did you hear what I just said?!


What do we do as Network Marketers? We meet new people and make new friends.

Now Facebook is going to be helping us do this and help us find our tribe! HELLLLERRRRR! Give me all the Heelers!

They are going to be connecting you with your target audience with this new app, I mean…this is a dream come true!



5. When you post to the Newsfeed you’re going to be able to post to any group that you’re in


OKKKURRRRR! Can we talk about how this is going to be saving you time so you don’t need outside resources to help you with scheduling?

Now let’s talk about events.



Facebook Event Changes


Facebook is going to help you find stuff to do that is around you. How can you leverage this? (I’m really going to dive in on this with my Heels Up Academy Elite members)


If you want to build a local team, you can create an event that is local and use certain keywords in that event that is going to trigger and target people that you want in your business. STOP IT!


It’s like the new Meet Up app! Facebook wants us to connect strangers with strangers. This is exactly what we do in Network Marketing. Why is this change a bad thing? Maybe we have to shift, but these are good changes you just have to bob or weave a little bit.


So what do we need to know about the Newsfeed?

Is it dead? Is it going away and are your lives over?


The Newsfeed is far from going away! But because of the violence, toxic crap, and fake news Facebook is just going to be tightening up the privacy of it and focus on different Facebook features where people aren’t spending their whole time in the newsfeed.


→ Does this mean you stop posting on Facebook? NO!

→ Does this mean you stop commenting, engaging, and following the SOS Facebook Tracker? NO!


There’s just a little shift and we have to move along with it. So what really matters?

ENGAGEMENT matters more than anything.


You’ve heard me say this before…


“…Engagement is queen and content is king.” Click To Tweet



True relationships need to be created. So what and where does your focus need to be on? These are going to be the things that I am going over in my LIVE workshop.

Where should you focus your time?

How can you add more leads to your list every single day without spending HOURS on social media platforms?

Are you getting stuck in the scroll and not knowing what to do with your life?


So here are some things to remember:

  1. You want to attract people with value what makes them want to engage with you.
  2. You better get up in those Facebook stories (If you don’t know how I will be talking about this on my LIVE workshop)
  3. Facebook lives! If you’re not doing them you need to
  4. Facebook groups
  5. Following the SOS Facebook Tracker


Facebook is still a social platform so you need to take advantage of it. Think about creating a generic Facebook group where you can have a place to collect all those leads from your tribe of humans. (If your company or team already has one you don’t necessarily need to create it.)


Real quick I just wanted to say thank you for all of the love you give me, I had over 400 shares of my birth story on Madelyn, this community is amazing.


One thing I do ask from you Heeler is to say a prayer for some of the Elite Heelers that have been with me from the very beginning, pregnant at the same time as me, and my heart is just breaking for me. They are in a very scary situation, maybe you saw a post I made about baby Brea, Jamie’s daughter who had open-heart surgery. Do me a favor and stop what you are doing right this moment and say a prayer for them. Also my girl Danielle, her little angel Autumn who is in ICU, please say some prayers for them as well.


One thing I love about this Heeler community is that we all raise each other up. I would love to pray for you as well Heeler, drop in the comments how I can pray for you. I feel so blessed even though I am exhausted, I am just grateful Madelyn is healthy and I’m healthy.

We made it through a scary situation but we are okay and there are other Moms and babies out there that are struggling and I wanted to share how much I am grateful for you.


Marina Simone



Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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