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March 16, 2022
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5 Most Important Success Mindsets To Have

5 most import mindset

🌟5 Most Important Success Mindsets To Have🌟

When it comes to creating success in your business, in your life, in anything you do, you have to have these five things in place,  because if you don’t, you’ll:👇👇👇

  • Struggle harder and longer to reach your goals
  • Doubt yourself and your goals
  • More likely to walk away from your goals

So, I’ve put together this list and I want you to flex your money-making muscles every time you start to falter in any one of these areas. 📝


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When it comes to your dreams, you have to push through all the resistance, all the ups, and downs…all the LIFE shiz that comes up. 😀

Because it will. 

AND…you HAVE to be willing to show up EVEN WHEN you don’t think it’s happening. 😯


In network marketing or any business, in fact, you can expect that you will spend lots of time where it feels like you haven’t done anything. But if you’re following in the footsteps of people who have done it before you, LISTEN when they say, “That’s okay, KEEP doing it.” 🤯


So many people think if you post 5 times on Facebook, they shouldn’t have to post anymore. Or if they made some TikToks™, they should be hitting 1M views. 🤔


That’s not how anything works. 🙅‍♀️


When it comes to business, you need to embrace the suck and show up. Every. Single. Day. Do the work. Every. Single. Day. For months, if you have to. 👩‍💻


It took me two years to get over myself and my ego. For two years, I met people, I shook hands, I went to the meetings, did all the leg work that we had to do BEFORE I started seeing success. 


Two years. Can you commit?? Because if you can? It’s going to change your life. 💯

And that brings me to my next point…


You can’t do that showing up thing…that doing the work thing…without conviction. 


Conviction is what keeps you going even when it feels like it’s not. 🏃‍♀️

Conviction keeps you striving and pushing for the results that you know are inevitable. 💪

It is CONVICTION that has gotten powerhouse success, every leader, every self-made millionaire to achieve their goals. 🏆

To develop your own conviction:

  • Stop the Inner Chatter – You know those voices that keep stopping you from doing the work you need to do…
  • Take Stock – Assess all the things you’ve already achieved in your life and allow yourself to see in black and white what you’ve accomplished so you can see that you’ve done SO much more than you think you have 
  • Get Clear – Know what you’re trying to do and write it down
  • Take Action – Every time you take action, let that reinforce the conviction that you CAN and WILL succeed


          Speaking of action…  ↙️ 



It takes discipline to take action. Not inspiration, 💯

Discipline. 😟


That means even when you don’t feel like it…even when you have 100 other things to do…even when you would rather have a root canal…


You MUST do the work. 👍


And when I’m not feelin’ doing Reels™ or TikToks, I tap into my Mind Movie. That’s what changes the game for me. That’s what moves me to get ish done. 


When you don’t feel like it…


Do it anyway. Period. 💥




Every great leader believes in themselves, their teams, their mission, and their vision. They believe that their steps are the right steps to take and they take them. Consistently.🤝



Without belief, you won’t take action. To develop the belief that your actions are the right actions. Develop the belief in yourself that you CAN take action. Develop the belief that you are safe in taking action. 


That’s when you become unstoppable. 😁




The greatest leaders always have a vision. What do you want to see happen in, from, and through your business? What is your ideal outcome? What would you want to see happen if you had NO limitations? 👀


Create that vision – and do it without limitations. If you need to write it down, write it down (it does help!). If you’re a visual person, create a vision board. 💭


But set clear and defined goals so you always know what you’re working for.

That’s when your mind will seek out the opportunities you need in order to create the vision you hold in your head. A vision makes your path to your goals crystal clear, Boo. Don’t skip this step!


By building these 5 mindsets in your business, you will not only guarantee yourself a success, but you’ll also guarantee it in record time.👠❤️

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