The Gratitude Junkie’s Method Of Creating Network Marketing Success
The Gratitude Junkie’s Method Of Creating Network Marketing Success
June 17, 2022
How To Have More Balance & Success In Your Network Marketing Business
How To Have More Balance (& Success!) In Your Network Marketing Business
July 8, 2022

5 Ways For Network Marketers To Find New Leads On Social Media

5 Ways For Network Marketers To Find New Leads On Social Media

One of the most crucial things you have to do in your network marketing business is market it.

People are not going to flock to you because you posted about your product on your profile. 🤷‍♀️


You are limited and bound by the algorithm.

However…finding new people to talk to? That isn’t as hard as you think. 🤝


How Network Marketing On-Demand Network Marketers

Find New Hearts To Connect With

While finding new hearts to talk to on social media can feel daunting, it’s actually very easy. 😉


That’s why our rockstar Network Marketing On-Demand coach, Erin Heberger 👑

gave her weekly training on how to find more people to talk to so you’re not talking to the same people all the time. 

Erin Murphy Heberger


Talking to new people increases your sales and grows your business

so this should be part of your daily money-making activities. 😊


Note: At NO point should you be jumping into new convos with people using the yucky “cold DM” method, mkay??

You should be utilizing my proven and wildly successful 333 Method™

If you haven't seen it, you can grab the free training here!


Now, let’s dig into Erin’s UHMAYZING training! ✨


5 Ways To Find Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

📌 Memories 

Thought your Memories were just there to haunt you on Facebook? Think again!🤔

Find new people to talk to by going through your Memories on Facebook.

Go back and search that day to see who liked and commented on your product posts from the past. ❤

Again, you’re not going to jump in and be like, “Hey, do you want to buy my stuff?” No.

You’re going to follow the 333 Method of starting an authentic conversation.


📌 Birthday List

Say happy birthday to the people on your Friends List who have birthdays today. 🥳

They’re going to feel seen and special. (One pro tip I like to use is to wait until AFTER their birthday

or do it before their birthday because that I don’t blend into the celebrations and I get remembered 😉 ).

This is also a good way to clean out your Friends’ List. If you’ve only ever had birthday conversations with them

go ahead and unfriend them and keep your Friends List curated with people you DO interact with…

it’s good for you, good for them, and great for the algorithm.

📌 Facebook Groups

Find Facebook groups made for people who fit your niche.

Are you a dog mom? Look for dog mom groups. 🐶

Are you a grandma, look for grandma groups. 👵

Do you love dirt bikes? Look for dirt bike groups. 🚲

Likewise, if you don’t have a niche, then, grab this most excellent training I did.

It will help you start talking to TARGETED people. 🎯


Is your Facebook group dead with zero engagement?

This week's free download is my 25 Done-For-You Engagement posts for your Facebook group. TAP HERE to get them now

📌 Hashtags

This tip is mostly for Instagram, though it works with TikTok and LinkedIn, as well. 😍

Using hashtags will help you find people who are already talking about things inside your niche.

Now, if your niche is #singlermoms, you can also search for hashtags that are related to that niche.

For example: #diaperdays, #gettingitdone, #childsupport.

Look for all the related and relatable hashtags that are connected to that original hashtag.

📌 Your Favorite Brands

Go to the pages of your favorite brands and search for commenters to 333.

Start up convos that are related to the things you both love! So easy! 🤑


And it’s so easy to meet new people!

You just have to bake in the legwork to find them so that you are getting it done daily. 


For more training like this, on-demand coaching, & done-for-you social content, join Network Marketing On Demand now! 


Erin Murphy Heberger helps people find and be their best possible selves

and to leverage social media to create an added income for their families.

She is also a Network Marketing On-Demand coach who thrives in helping other network marketers win.

With your Network Marketing On Demand Coaching year-long membership, you get 12-months of:

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