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May 10, 2019
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May 24, 2019

How to Find Network Marketing Leads Online

Babies, Boogers, Brands, and Business!


Episode 50! I managed to get through 50 episodes while being pregnant, giving birth, and having a 4 week old that is definitely a screamer. (I’m praying she’s not colic).


I want to ask you a few questions about HOW you’re finding leads…


Question #1:

Are you meeting NEW people when you leave your house everyday?


—> Everyday when you leave your house to go to work…

—> When you take your kids to school…

—> When you go and fill up your tank at the gas station…Grocery Store

—> When you go shopping at the grocery store (or do you order online and get all your groceries delivered like I do LOL)


Are you meeting NEW people? Most of the time no one really “talks” in person anymore. People are on their phones and not paying attention to anyone around you.


Texting, Facebooking, Instagraming, Snapping, Tweeting


This is what people are doing. They are on social media (even though some people aren’t being social on social media). This is where 90% of people are. So if this is where the people are, this is where we need to be. Right?


If you’re not meeting new people everyday how are you going to keep your funnel full? You’re not.

If you don’t meet new people every single day, guess what happens…you’re not going to find new people for your business or find new people to buy your product, you have to keep your funnel full.


When I first started building online at the end of 2013, it was because I personally was sick and tired of talking to strangers at the gas stations. When I think about it I’m like okay, I don’t want to talk to strangers face to face I am an introvert. What I mean by this is I don't want to be actively prospecting face to face. So building online was a strategy I wanted and had to do.


But, if you want to build online it starts with finding leads online.

Can I get an AMEN?!

I’m not talking about buying these leads.

I’m talking about YOU finding your own leads online.

Yes, it’s possible to generate your own leads.  Exciting right?


When most think about generating leads they start thinking about click funnels and business pages.

I want you to NOT think that way. I built a multiple six-figure income on my personal page on Facebook and Instagram.

And you can do the same thing!


Let’s say no to stranger danger at the gas station!

Prospecting should be fun! It shouldn’t feel like a job. It shouldn’t be work. You should legit get excited when you wake up in the morning and you’re like, “I want to prospect.”

It shouldn’t scare you.


You should be so excited about meeting new people every single day but the problem is you have the fear of rejection. That fear is FAKE!

People who reject you should not be scary. Just remember these just aren't your people. In my Elite Heeler membership community, The Heels Up Academy, I trained on “How to Develop and Create a Super Fan Brand” so you can literally attract YOUR type of people, your TRIBE.


If I were to ask you if you wanted a piece of gum and you told me, “No I don’t want that,” are my feelings going to get hurt? NOPE! I don’t care if you don’t like my cinnamon flavor gum. It’s okay, you don’t need to like the same things I like.


Marry the process and divorce the results. Click To Tweet




Question #2:

Do you want to build a REAL at home business?


Yes or Yes? The reason I am asking you this question is because a lot of people want this but don’t have the desire or the need. What do I mean by that?

Some of you are okay in the mediocre life that you have. I know this is going to be hard but someone needs to hear this.

Why? You shouldn't be okay with not being in growth mode all the time.

If your business is stuck right now it’s because you need to grow.

If you’re feeling like you're in a place where you are OK, you need to grow.


You were not put on this planet to be mediocre! Let’s tap into your full potential. At the end of the day if you are mediocre that is not going to give you a comma in your check. Its time to get uncomfortable and grow!

Sometimes people say to me, “Wow, I don’t know how you do it all.” I don’t know either boo boo, I just don’t want to be mediocre. I’ve had someone tell me before that I go above and beyond, “You don’t have to do that Marina, you ONLY, need to do this.” The word only drives me bonkers.

I don’t ONLY want to be anything. I don’t want to be stuck in a box. This makes me think of Jennifer Lopez when she got on stage and accepted the Vanguard award at the 2018 VMAs.



She said, “They told me I should only be a dancer, or only be a singer, or only be an actress. I couldn’t do it all.” And she was like, “You know what, I can do it all. I did do it all and so can you!”


She’s right. So can you Heeler.


You want to generate new leads? Stop being mediocre. So for me prospecting at the mall would take a long time, so how can I 10x? You better believe I’m going to be doing both, prospecting at the mall and online! If you’re ready for more time you’re going to have to give your business more time. You heard me.

You want more time in your life you need to give more time to your business. Learn the skill set and stop thinking it’s going to drop into your lap.




Question #3

Are you ready to be a Lead Slayer?

Here’s what I can tell you:

→ You don’t have to be perfect at the close.

→ You don’t have to be perfect at the invite.

→ You don’t have to be perfect and know your comp plan. You don’t have to be perfect to know your products. I don’t know the inside outs with the ingredients because the website has that. I’m not a scientist LOL.


♦ You need to know your story.

♦ You need  to share your story.

♦ You need to be on FIRE all the time and have passion.

♦  You don’t have to be perfect in anything. As long as you’re filtering more people into your funnel on a daily basis the right people will fall into the funnel eventually.


Most people want all the results RIGHT NOW.

You have to do the work and get really good at getting leads into your funnel. Never stop inviting.


Here’s what NOT to do:

Spammy Tammy ain’t getting a grammy…




What does that mean?


→ Save the fake it till you make it! People are sick and tired of being lied to. Pictures in front of jets and money being posted on Instagram.

This isn’t going to last very long and it’s going to attract the WRONG type of people to your business that are going to come in and leave just as fast.

→ Save the pretending and the acting for the people in the movies.

→ Save the join my team crap, no one wants to see it anymore.

→  Avoid the hype crap! It’s going to attract people who won’t work.   It seems easier but lazy humans will be attracted to this. These are the type of people who get fired and hired every other 3 months from their jobs, you don’t want those type of people in your business.


You want to create REAL relationships with your leads. You sift and sort through these leads. You won't meet the right person in the first 10 people you talk to. In my Network Marketing career I have brought in over 1,000 enrollments. Do you know how many leaders I work with? Ten direct to me and it’s so worth it.


Stop over thinking this process.


This was a question that I had to ask myself and I want you to do the same Heeler. How can you generate high quality leads online? This is the question you want to avoid asking yourself, “how can I find someone to recruit FAST?” The people that make  you work for it are usually going to be amazing for your business.


In my FREE workshop, Become a Lead Slayer Online, I teach you how to sift and sort and how to generate high level leads for your business. If you’re ready to generate 100 new leads in just 5 days, click here to watch the replay of my workshop.


This has legit been me ever since Madelyn has made her appearance baby, chin, and phone. I’m going to show you what I have been doing and how I enrolled 3 people even when doing this…



When I did this as a 5 day challenge we generated over 9,000 leads in just 5 days and now it’s a FREE workshop. Click here to watch the replay.


In the mean time here are some questions I got from the Heeler community and I’m going to answer them below! Drop  your questions so I can do the same for you.



Q: Is there any benefit to having a fan page? Not a biz page, a fan page?

A: I have a fan page but it’s for my brand.  I don’t use it for my Network Marketing business but there are benefits to it (I do have a course where I teach that) but here is what I know. If you can’t master a personal profile having a fan page is going to be work. You have to pay to play building a fan page so I don’t suggest it if you’re just getting started in Network Marketing.


Q: In our Facebook group when posting about product would you put price in post?

A: So here’s what  I know, I know you want to create value with someone before you show them price. So if you are using this group together with your team I would say that posting an image with a price could do 2 things; push some people away or attract some people. We don’t do that in our team group but if  there is a sale we will do it and rip it down right after. Create value before showing anything, keep that in mind.


Q: I'm just starting out and only have 3 customers and no affiliates. I'm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Should I focus on just those 3 or also use LinkedIn, tick tock ect?

A: Congrats on having 3 customers! My first 2 years in the business I had ZERO. I would say find 1 platform you’re going to concentrate on and then have back up. So for me I concentrate on Facebook and Instagram. I do have a people that run other platforms for me. Do I feel like Twitter is one you should be focusing on?  Absolutely not, leave that for Kylie Jenner LOL.



Drop some questions you have below for me so I can help answer your questions Heeler!


Marina Simone




Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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