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May 19, 2019
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June 1, 2019

Why Advocare Shutting Down Reminds Us How Important Personal Branding Really Is

3 Ways to Start Branding YOU Online Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Trainings…


We’ve got some things to discuss today. I want to first welcome all the newest Heeler’s from my Free workshop last week, the Becoming a Lead Slayer workshop, we had a total of 700 to 1,000 new Heelers join our community so I wanted to give them a warm welcome. I am so stoked to have you here! If this is the first time you’re visiting me here on my blog grab your FREE gift from me, my SOS Social Media Tracker! Have you ever wondered?  


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Now…this is a very sensitive subject I am going to be talking about today. This isn't about WHY Advocare did what they did (I don’t know why they shut down/get rid of 100,000 distributors that have been busting their BUTTS for years).


I know some top earners in that company and it breaks my heart that this has happened. I want you to know that what I’m discussing is going to be why it’s important to build your personal brand and some things I suggest that you should start doing so that if this does ever happen to you (you decide to leave a community or there is a company shut down) you are prepared.


What I mean by this is being prepared in a way where it won’t affect you as much as it would if you didn’t have your personal brand.


First, I want to put this out there that…

  • This is NOT bashing Advocare.
  • This is NOT bashing the Network Marketing industry.
  • I’m NOT going to be talking about WHAT and WHY Advocates did what they did.


But just like my momma always told me to be an independent woman and to always have that *wink wink* side bank account just in case.


We’re going to be talking about preparing you for the worse.


(P.S. I am aware they didn’t get shut down but the reorganization/getting rid of 100,000 distributors is kind of the same thing in my opinion. There are people with BIG organizations with a downline they are no longer going to be paid on. Affiliate programs and direct to consumers don’t get paid on an organization.)


Right now I can tell you that if my whole organization was switched to affiliate marketing, I’d probably lose probably 95% of my check because it’s based on an organization payout of residual income. So you want to be prepared. This is something I believe isn’t being talked about enough and I believe there is a lot of talk about personal branding.


Should you do it? Should you not?


Yes you should for reasons just like what had happened. This is why I am so passionate about my Heels Up Academy and teaching busy moms how to leverage their personal brands on so if anything ever happens they still have their brand. You want to do affiliate marketing you can! It don’t see anything wrong with this.


I don’t feel like the right message has been put out there about personal branding and that’s why I’ve been screaming it from the rooftop. When I had to transition from one company to another my check was not affected. I’m just going to keep it 100 with you Heeler. Why? Because I built a personal brand that I can take with me.


A lot of these leaders from Advocate are going to be able to leverage their influence and find a new opportunity. There are a lot of people that don’t have the influence they have and are going to lose their $500-1000 a month check and that’s a big deal for their families.


It’s not just about the big leaders, it’s about the small distributors, they are just as affected and so tormented by them that they are not going to want to do another opportunity. So I think about the smaller distributors and not the massive organization.


  • You’re going to be professional and put yourself in their shoes, and be respectful.
  • Please do not pounce on them.
  • Please do not  tell them, “you should join my company.”


Say some prayers and be there for these humans and be supportive. We need to work together to keep the industry with a good name. In the Heeler community, I know that we do that already.


The Haters:

Don’t get distracted and pay attention to them. Even though you are not in Advocare, haven’t experienced this, or haven’t been in a company that’s shut down before there are 3 things that are going to be happening right now you should be prepared for.


1. This happens in any industry, not just in Network Marketing.

Yes, there are going to be people out there saying, “it’s because of Network Marketing” or “this is why I don’t do Network Marketing.” Put those blinders on so you don’t get consumed. This doesn’t have to affect you or your team. Network Marketing does not get a bad rap from a company shut down, no. There are companies that fail all the time, companies that do crappy things that are not in the NWM industry. This is just business and it happens but it does not need to distract you.


2. If you built something once you can build it again.

So I want to encourage you, if you are in a company that shut down or you’re in a place where you don’t know this is going to work for you again, it will and it can. This is the 3rd time that I building a six-figure income that is why I am telling you if you built a personal brand you can do it again.


3. If you have time to hate, you need to get a life. LOL

Just know, yes there are haters out there but you don’t have to listen to them, you know what your dreams are Advocare is a reminder of a couple of things.


You are a 1099 distributor of the company. So we’re not in a contract when you first sign up with your company saying that they have to be around forever. I highly encourage you to learn the policies and procedures of your company. If you don’t know the policy and procedure you don’t know how you should be acting when it comes to the company. You should know what you are doing in order to protect our families, checks, downlines, and future.


One of the main things that I have made sure I have done is to start building myself. It’s crucial, it’s important. I didn’t want to put myself in a box to where I was always that girl with the shaker bottle or the girl always selling the eyelash stuff. That’s just not all about who I am. There are so many pieces to me and I want to make sure that if I was going to build an influence it wasn’t just with a company.


Now, I am going to help you go through 3 different ways to brand YOU and not your company. You might not NEED these things to build a successful Network Marketing business (keeping it real with you) however these 3 things are crucial to save your back.


1. Create your own email list/newsletter

I know that your company keeps track of your customers and distributors for you but what if your company shuts down and all of your database (with your customer and distributors) gets lost.  What happens if you decide this isn’t the right opportunity and you want to try something new. Your old company has all of their information and YOU DO NOT.


You should create an email list to collect leads and customers for your organization on your own email list. You own your email list always have a backup. I remember back in the day when I used to work for my Dad we would have to do a daily Quickbooks back up so if something happened we had a backup. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your list? They are your people! 


Once you throw all of your customer information in your company’s database, their own that list. Create your own email list boo!


2. Don’t be the shaker bottle human, what else can you offer?

If you’re walking around and you’re the Spammy Tammy and it's always about that company on the shaker bottle, what happens? You are taking away what you have to offer and you’re giving it away to the company. You have so much to give other thank the shaker bottle, or just the lipstick, eyelash clean, or whatever it is you’re selling. You have SO MUCH to offer! What if your company did shut down? You’re that shaker bottle chick and now what…


Think about:

What are you really good at?

What interests you to teach?

What value can you give others?



3. Start sharing your story on all platforms

Now, you don’t need to be on 50 million different platforms. I would suggest you focus on one and then have a backup. So I shared in Episode 49 the changes that Facebook is going to be making. I personally don’t think these are bad changes, I am having a blast on Facebook and Instagram. Practice sharing your content on each and brand yourself! Don’t brand the company.


Your story is going to have pieces of what the company and income have done for you but that doesn’t mean that that’s your story.


  • My story is not my company.
  • My story is about the industry of Network Marketing.
  • My story is my Moms and Heels Brand.
  • My story is the lives I’ve impacted with my Elite Heeler membership community.


Those are the things I want you to think about when it comes to branding. By the way, if you are not inside the Heeler Slay online Sales Facebook group we have an Instagram follow train going on right now. Click here to get inside the group and be a part of the Heeler community.


In conclusion:

What has happened here in our industry is going to happen again, it happens in any industry. Do I feel like everyone should be freaking out and going and recruiting all these humans? No. But I feel like you should look at how you can start branding yourself. This is something I talk about a lot in my Elite Heels Up Academy. I make sure I share with my Elite Heelers how they can bring in affiliate marketing to what they are doing, how they can re-purpose content on other platforms, and so much more. It’s not open right now but if you want to get on the waitlist, it’s free to join.


I hope this episode brought some light to you. A company shutting down sucks and I am praying for every person that has lost a check, downline, or organization. What if these humans had a personal brand where they can send one email out to their people letting them know that they found another home or opportunity.


Personal branding is so much more than having an “influence” on social media.


Marina Simone


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Any type of win, business win, personal win, maybe your baby slept 20 minutes today, small win, big win, or anytime of win! I want to celebrate YOU boo boo!



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