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May 24, 2019
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How Moms Leverage IGTV for their Personal Brand or Network Marketing Business

IGTV can absolutely help you get in front of more people and also bring more eyes to your offer (product or service).


I want you to think about your IGTV as your weekly vlog (aka Video Blog) as well as another way for you to leverage  video. This can be a way for you to share  your link for your products, your new blog episode, and tutorials of any kind. This is a new way for you to tap into the minds of your audience and really showcase different sides of your personality too!


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Where is IGTV

So when you are on Instagram app at the top right there is an IGTV icon that’s where it is.



When you click on it it’s going to bring up videos and actually show you videos based on videos or people you watch.


If you click on “Following” these are IGTV videos of those humans you are following. Then it’s going to tell you the most popular and things that are trending. Lastly, continue watching are videos that you haven’t finished watching and you can pick back up where you left off.


Heeler Hack: When you are recording your IGTV videos make sure you do it on vertical. If you are re-purposing your videos and they are in landscape mode you can use InShot or InSquare to change the format of your video.


IGTV videos must be in-between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. (Verified and some accounts with a larger amount of followers can have their video up to 60 minutes long. I wouldn’t suggest doing a video over an hour long).



Click here for my video formula so you can learn how to structure your IGTV videos and exactly what to say in it.




The video starts playing as soon as someone opens it (not like for Facebook lives you manually have to click the play button to watch it). People can like, comment, share, and send an IGTV broadcast directly to their friends. What does this mean? In your video, you can have a call to action to encourage your followers to share it with their friends and audience. This gives you more exposure.


Something else that is pretty awesome is that you can add a link in your description of the IGTV video (not the comments) and refer to it in your IGTV video.

For example, “Grab my free meal plan by going to the link in the description www”… (whatever it is) “or drop Meal plan in the comments below”

By the way, I know you may or may not like to hear this but you need to make sure your Instagram is on public. If you want people to share your content then  for people to see it, your profile needs to be on public. There is a setting you can go into that's going to allow you to do this.







If you are building a personal brand or business online every social media platform should be on public. If you have a problem with that and don't want to share certain things on Facebook there are settings for that.



How to upload

There is an IGTV app that you need to download, this is how you are going to upload your videos. There is a little circle Profile picture image that you will see and you will click that and then click the plus sign. Yes, it's that easy! If you have problems doing this I definitely suggest using a very very close friend of mine, Google. LOL Literally there are videos out there that explain it step by step.



How to Leverage IGTV

You want these videos to be QUICK, straight to the point, and draw your follower back to your Instagram stories, posts, and the link in your bio, and your highlights. This is how you are going to leverage IGTV. I have my LinkTr.ee in my bio with different links inside. You can add your Facebook live in there, any new challenges, and even your new blog post, a way for people to take free quizzes, and so much more.


Your IGTV is your own video channel similar to a YouTube channel and a fun way to show people what you’re interested in and who you are. Click To Tweet


I suggest picking one day a week that you are going to upload videos and cross promote it on all your social media platforms. You can absolutely re-purpose this video on your other social media platforms. (If you have a business account on Instagram that is connected to your Fan page on Facebook…you can also post your IGTV broadcast to your business page at the same time as on IG.)


Something else you can do is take this video and use cut it out and give people little teasers on your stories. When you are posting your IGTV it actually allows you to post a preview on your Instagram newsfeed.  But check this out, you can use the swipe up method for someone to go to your IGTV! No, you don’t need a certain amount of followers for this anyone can do the swipe up on their IGTV.


Heeler Hack: If you want your IGTV to stand out on the feed create a cover on Canva. The sizing for this is 420px by 654px.


IGTV is going to help you get closer to your audience by building a deeper and stronger connection. New people are going to discover you through IGTV. That’s our goal right? Finding new people and get more leads. IGTV is going to help you do this. Videos are blowing up on IGTV. This is your time to use the swipe up affect on your stories.

Here are your steps to follow for launching your IGTV.

  1. Create your IGTV channel.
  2. Your first video should be your introduction video. Who are you, what are your passions, etc.
  3. Upload your video
  4. Create an Instagram story about it so you drive people there
  5. Select the link icon in your story to link the video to your story
  6. Tell your views to swipe up


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