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June 1, 2019
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June 14, 2019

How Busy Moms Can Create Conversations That Convert To Sales On Social Media

How can you recruit more into your Network Marketing Business?

This Episode is about ALL things recruiting.

One thing that was super important for me while building a successful Network Marketing business  (a team of over 20,000 distributors and customers)  is that I could do this as a busy mom.

So I want to ask you Heeler, do you find that it’s difficult to find the time to recruit into your Network marketing business and are you struggling to find new clients? Or maybe you feel as if you don’t have ANY time to do this?


Below is a training I did for another team inside their private Facebook Group.  

I know there are some powerful tips I give on recruiting inside this video so I wanted to share it here with YOU Heeler.  I did not edit it, its raw and real. 



Raise your hand boo! Don't be afraid. I have been there before.


It’s easy to stress yourself out because you’re trying to be a mom, wife, have a full time job, AND try to find time to connect with people. (In Episode 19 I dive into 10 Tips For Balancing Your MLM Business, Brand, and Motherhood.


I have to tell you, one of the things about social media that was such a blessing was that I could do it on my time and without pants if I wanted to. #PantsAreOptional

  • I could legit do it in the nooks and crannies of my day.
  • I could legit not leave my house and find people to connect to.


Here is what happens… You end up psyching yourself out and automatically assume you don’t have the time. When you say this consistently you’re putting that out to the universe instead of just making it happen and JUST DOING THE DAMN THING.




We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Let’s keep it real, I just had a baby April 18th and recruited someone into my business that same day and the day after. My business grew 36% in April! So it is possible for you to work your business in the little pockets of your day AND have massive success.


You have to be INTENTIONAL and ON PURPOSE when building your business. Click To Tweet


You have to be INTENTIONAL and ON PURPOSE when you…

→ open up your Facebook app.

→ open up your Instagram app.

→ open up any type of Social Media where you build your business.

→ are prospecting.

→ are inviting.

→ are talking to people out in the ‘real world’.


Does this make sense?


IMPACT and PURPOSE is the mindset I want you to have when you are prospecting in your business.


I struggled for 2 years when it came to recruiting into my Network Marketing business. One of the main reasons I struggled and didn’t make any money for 2 years was because I was making it harder than what it really was.


I was working in desperation mode, I was in a place where my car had just been repossessed, and I got kicked out of my house and had to move back in with my mom. 


I remember crying in the bathroom hysterically at work because I was so embarrassed that my car was repossessed in front of everyone. I had to call my mom to come pick me up, I was mortified.


I had just enrolled into my Network Marketing business while all of this had happened, this is when the desperation mode activated.

“Where can I build a team?”

“How can I make that extra $500 a month?”



It wasn't about the millions or tens of thousands of dollars I wanted to make, it was about that $500 I wanted to get my car back. But I was working from a place of desperation and my prospects could feel that.

Do you feel as if you’re working from a place of desperation where you just want it so bad but it’s coming off as desperate from the way you are speaking to people? When I think back now to where I was “failing” I wasn’t actually being a human.


Seek conversation before you seek conversion. Click To Tweet


You CAN build a MASSIVE organization.

You CAN recruit 6,15, or 50 people a month.

However, if you are coming from a place of desperation or a place of need/want for yourself instead of seeking more conversation, that’s going to come out to your prospects.


Seeking Conversation

I run these awesome free challenges (the 5 Day Lead Slayer Challenge is starting June 17th) all of the time because I want to help you have more conversations. You focus on how many NEW conversations you are having on a daily/monthly basis. When you concentrate on the conversations you are going to be more real and authentic to the people you are connecting to every single day

…and, let’s not forget, attract more humans to you.


I don’t wake up every single morning and think, “who can I recruit today into my Network Marketing business?” or “who can I close on a personal coaching deal?” or “who can I close on the brand new Leader Lab mastermind group that just launched?” 




That’s not what I think about when I wake up in the morning. I think about how many NEW conversations I can have and who can i impact today with one story? How can I serve this new follower I just attracted?


Maybe I have a conversation with someone about what they are going through in their life. I can help give them a suggestion.

Maybe I share how to make a bun for the busy mom because she’s exhausted and can’t do her hair for work so I share with her how I do it. (No, I don’t make a dollar off of doing this but I think about how I can make an impact and how I can serve on purpose.)


In the world we live in today, people are walking around with entitlement behaviors. They walk around with “what can I get” and not looking how they can serve with purpose.


So when you come into the social media world and you think how you can serve and seek conversations to make an impact on others,  you’re going to stand out from the rest of those GROSS humans that take take take….

When you have that kind heart you’re going to stand out from all those other people in this world and then you are going to have that conversation asking them if they are open to taking a look at your opportunity.


People begin to know, like, and trust you. 



Here’s what I want you to focus on moving forward:

  1. Compliment and Connect: How many people can you compliment a day? How many people can you connect to today?
  2. Find Your Number: This is where the tracking and strategy comes in. Commit to a number of people you connect to a day.
  3. Follow my SOS Tracker: This is my FREE download that is going to help you track your activity and seek more conversations on Facebook.
  4. Tell your story to more people. When they ask you “what do you do?” Share your story (not the I work for X company). Share the impact you want to make.


If you can focus more on how you can have more conversations and the activity of the number of people every single day, I promise you everything will change in your business.


Don’t forget to grab my FREE SOS TRACKING GUIDE!



Marina Simone


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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  1. Caitlin says:

    Absolutely amazing training Marina! Thank you for helping us get out of our own head and laying out a simple path we all can follow if we choose!

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