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June 7, 2019
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June 30, 2019

5 Tools to Collect Leads From Social Media and never lose them!

FIND leads then WHAT do we do with them?

Organization has always been a downfall of mine.  I also can't stand spreadsheets because they remind me of when I used to work in a cubicle! NO THANK YOU!

So are there tools you can use to collect leads on social media?



The answer is YES Heeler!


In this Episode, I break down 5 tools that have helped me stay organized with my leads.


I can tell you that these tools have helped me stay organized. I have to be real with you…


I have an organization issue. (Maybe not so much when it comes to doing certain things for my business, like collecting leads and making lists)


I can't wait to share the 5 tools plus 1 bonus TOOL!

I first want to say congratulations to all of the Heelers that have actually registered for the 5 Day Lead Slayer challenge, where you can get 100 NEW leads in just 5 days utilizing Facebook.


Some of these tools you might already know. However, I am going to share with you exactly how to use them to collect leads from social media. We’re talking Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, SnapChat, and even for your blog.

Someone asked me the other day, “Do you use excel and spreadsheets  to keep track of your leads?”


And I was legit like, “Dude, when I use spreadsheets I get severe anxiety. I used to work for the 3rd party company for Amazon and I would have to upload & download spreadsheets, ALL THE TIME.”


Even now, when I download the spreadsheet from my back office for my Network Marketing Company, I literally start to get hives and want to throw up.



You want me to do WHAT with a spreadsheet…..????

It reminds me of when I worked in a cubicle. NOPE, mama sits on a thrown now.

So you’ve got lists, emails, business pages, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…


Where do you start and what do you do?

How do you stay organized?


I know, you’re probably like, “Can’t I just write names down and keep them in my phone?”

Yes but there are ways to stay in front of peoples faces without being that bugaboo and for me that was a really big deal. I wanted to be able to connect with new leads and build true relationships with humans.

That was one of my main concerns. Let me ask you. Do you feel like you’re a bugaboo when it comes to exposing your leads or prospects to the product or business?

There are ways around being a bugaboo and there are direct ways you’ll need to pull out as well. But for now, I am going to talk about collecting these leads and how to stay organized.


My goal for you at the end of this episode is to have 3 new ways you didn’t know about that you use to collect NEW leads from social media. No matter what platform you’re using.


Tool #1 – Calendly

I use an app called Calendly.  Have you heard of this before? Calendly helps with scheduling meetings  without the back and forth emails.


Think about it Heeler. What if you have a lead or prospect and you keep going back and forth in Facebook messenger, struggling to actually pick a time with one another. Maybe it’s an influencer. Maybe you have clients trying to get in contact and book you. Maybe you hired an assistant or VA to book appointments for you when they can be helping with something else.  Thats where this tool comes in.


Do you have to have spend $100 a month?

No! This is actually a free service you can use. (There is also a paid version but check out the free one before to see if you need to upgrade or not. Click here to go straight to the website.)


Yes, you can create notifications in Facebook messenger. I love doing that, but what if you had a way for people you don’t know that had the option to book a consult call with you?


  • Maybe a free weight loss coaching call with you?
  • Maybe a ‘join my team’ option? (Remember, don’t mention the name of your company. You don’t want to be blasting this everywhere.)
  • Maybe some skincare tips?
  • Or maybe it’s a way you can upsell them to something else.


Calendly is a great way for you to have a link in your profile on all social media platforms.


Since I have been using Calendly for over two years now, I wake up to calls that are booked to work with me privately in personal coaching, want to join my team, or that want to learn more about the Elite Heeler Community.



Tool #2 –

I utilize this on my Instagram. What the heck is this?

If you go to my Instagram account, @Marinaannsimone, you’ll see that I have a link in my bio section.


Do you see in the photo below where I wrote, “Free Challenge! How to get 100 leads in just 5 days!” Well, there is a link right underneath that ( this is it!



What’s great about this is that I am not leading people to my company website. I am using it as an opportunity to send them to my YouTube channel where I show then an opportunity video I created or, sending them to my Facebook group, or to a Free download.


In the you are able to list out links with different titles on them to direct your leads to your Facebook live replay or a free challenge you may be running.


This is powerful because it allows you to drive people from your stories, posts, and highlights to the link in your bio for Instagram. (If you’re in the Heels Up Academy or InstaBoost workshop, there is a detailed explanation on how to do this).


Tool #3 – Facebook Groups

Obviously! You may or may not be using them. Listen, any way that you can be in front  of your leads face for more than just a day is important.


Your Facebook group is a place you can go where you can JUST BE YOU and share valuable information about your products and about the industry you love.


If you don’t have a Facebook group, you should think about it because its a great way to collect leads and names. Then, from inside the group you can post links, maybe the one you have for your Calendly.


(P.S. I don’t suggest doing this if you have a huge Facebook group with thousands and thousands of people in it. I would literally be booked for the rest of my life – LOL if I posted this inside the Free Moms and Heels Facebook group.)


If you have people who are feeling lost when it comes to connecting to their new leads and get things out there to talk to them, these tools I share today I personally utilize and highly recommend. Helllerrrr, I wouldn’t be sharing something if I didn’t use it or didn’t believe in it.


Tool #4 – Email Lists

This tool was actually shared with me by my mentor, Ray Higdon (I’m in his Top Earner club). He brought in Diane Hochman and she talked about using email lists.


Seriously, if something were to happen where your:

  • Facebook group gets deleted, yes this has happened to a top leader that I am coaching, what would you do with all of those leads, prospects and current customers?
  • Your Facebook page gets ripped away from you for no reason (yes, I had clients who had this happen to them as well and they had over 600k likes)?
  • How about if Instagram shut you down and all of these social media platforms disappear?


It’s important for you to have multiple ways for you to collect your leads and email lists are definitely one of them. This is something that I have been doing for a long time but never have taught this to my team because I felt like it was “too much.”  

This was a moment where I thought to myself, “what if the past 7 years in my Network Marketing journey that every business card I got, email I received, or connection I ever made, I added their name to my email list?” (Obviously with their permission)


“With a touch of a button you can be in their face every single week.” Dianne Hochman Click To Tweet


You OWN that email list.



Do you have retention issues?

This helped me have an AHA moment. Even if your team just did this for their customers it would help with retention.

Start thinking outside the box when it comes to lead sources. Believe me I get it, your back office has a place for you to collect your customers but what if you walked away from that company? They own your list.


Tool #5 – 5 Day Lead Slayer Challenge

We have literally been hustling our butts off over here getting ready for this  5 Day Lead Slayer challenge.


We came across a new tool that is so freaking exciting. I can’t wait to train my team on it but we’re going to take it a step further and I am going to teach this last tool on the last day of the  5 Day Lead Slayer challenge.



I am going to go into detail on what to do with all of those leads that you got during those 5 days and how to transition them to learning about your product or business opportunity.It’s like my secret sauce and I am so pumped to share this with you. When I came across this I was like, “Why isn’t everyone doing this in network marketing?”


So,  if you want to find out about this bonus tool all you have to do is get yourself on the waitlist for the 5 Day Lead Slayer challenge! If you want your team to know about this tool, not run out of people to talk to, and help you talk to those who are interested in your product or business you DEF want them to register as well.

It’s legit going to help you in this crazy social media world.



I hope you got value from this episode. Remember, my goal was to teach you  new tools to use that you have not used before or that you aren’t utilizing yet.

Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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