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June 30, 2019
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Three Secrets to Leveraging LinkedIn in Less Than an Hour a Day with Guest Angela Brooks

In this episode, I get the opportunity to chat with my girl Angela Brooks. She generates over a million a month in her own Network Marketing business and also happens to be the first person I told I was preggers with Baby Madelyn! Anyways, she has A LOT to teach us about LinkedIn, so lets jump right in.


Angela says LinkedIn is much more powerful than we give it credit and is sometimes misunderstood.


Most people think that LinkedIn is just for posting a resume if you need a job, but it turns out to be so much more! It can help you prospect for quality sales leads, establish your public image, and helps referral relationships. Click To Tweet



LinkedIn is used by an ISH ton of professionals looking to do business and on top of that, they have TWICE the buying power. And the cherry on top? There is no algorithm to limit your presence on the platform! Say What? Another fun fact: 50% of social media traffic is generated by LinkedIn.

That’s cray cray! Why aren’t more people using this?



Because they don’t know any better. It comes down to this: Facebook is for fun. LinkedIn is for doing business.

There are so many benefits to using LinkedIn. It's a fabulous way to get your business some attention and opens doors for networking, which means a TON of potential clients! Let’s be real for a sec. Sometimes, chatting with people on Facebook can be time-consuming and feel like your dancing around the subject.


With LinkedIn, you get to get right down to business. LinkedIn gives you higher credibility and an opportunity to show off your accomplishments. When you rank up, for example, that’s an accomplishment, and it lets you list that. Super awesome right?


LinkedIn lets you target your demographic through key words. It shows how many people have seen your profile in a day (again possible connections).
Sidenote: If you’re launching a new product, that would go on your dashboard so people can see that when searching for you. On this platform, your prospects have a registered account, which means they’re already looking. This means they come to you!

This platform is an awesome source of prospects for any marketer. I mean, Fortune 500 decision makers and executives spend their time on LinkedIn. It is filled with people looking for content, not wedding pictures and what people ate for lunch. In the background of LinkedIn is called the “Pulse”. This is an intel of businesses available to free users and subscribers. Right now, they have an intel system that puts your content in front of the right people with just a post.


Heller?? Is LinkedIn is starting to make a hell of a lot more sense now?



You know that InMail dance we all hate dealing with sometimes? Guess what? With LinkedIn, you get in touch with prospects where they’re most likely to respond to you. That's amazeballs! The marketer-friendly algorithm has a bot that categorizes every update you post (even if it’s just an image) into either


1.) Spam,

2.) Low-Quality,

or 3.) Clear


Content is then left on the feed to temporarily measure engagement. Things like comments, likes, and shares will signal whether your content is good enough to pass the stage 3 of the algorithm’s spam filter. Good to know yes??


It’s a good idea to regularly review your connections, delete anyone who isn’t relevant, block creepers, and most importantly, get in touch with people who can help build your business. You can message or delete anyone directly from the Connections tab on the homepage.


It’s best if you start out building an engagement group so you can build a community of like-minded people. The cool part is that adding people to a group starts building a community that you hand pick yourself! If you post a new podcast, it goes in the group. If you post a new blog, it goes in the group.


Whats AMAZEBALLS about LinkedIn is that groups don’t need as much attention as Facebook groups do.


This means less work for you!


For prospecting, Angela recommends that you use LinkedIn’s search functionality upgrade to premium, which uncaps the limit on your searches to find prospects. It also gives you the ability to use a tool that helps you find who you want to talk to. This platform helps you to automate some of your daily tasks like messaging, prospecting, lead generation, and follow up (it automatically follows up for you every 3 days). She also suggests using LinkedIn once a day ONLY on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Helpful tip: Getting back to people in your message inbox the next day shows people you’re busy.


The Sales Navigator lets you type in a keyword for the people you’re looking for (for example: fitness, beauty, network marketers) The filters allow you to really define the industry/ type of people you’re looking for, which is SUPER helpful if you’re already busy! Leonard is a separate entity from LinkedIn, but will automatically send a follow up message to anyone you message who hasn’t yet opened the message. Leonard sounds like a guy I want to get to know!


The KEY for success on LinkedIn is to create a conversation and ultimately take them from an engagement group member to and interested prospect in the opportunity you’re offering them. Angela sends about 100 connections per day. The max is 200 allowed per day to people that match your target market using the search software.


LinkedIn Articles (or the “Pulse”) is content that is integrated into your LinkedIn homepage feed. The publishing platform has over 130,000 unique, original articles. Since less than 1 percent of LinkedIn users have published a single article on LinkedIn.


How does this help you? Something as simple as republishing your content can put you in a unique group of contributors boosting each piece of content you create. You can convert your blog posts into LinkedIn article content to get more traction back to the website. And the platform’s algorithm? Native posts published through this platform seem to get more love than external links. Say what?! I am getting so amped just writing this. This is an untapped opportunity Heelers!


FYI-It’s okay if you’re not a blogger. An article can be a Facebook article you broke down even more, a Facebook Live you did and then transcribed, a podcast, etc. Your article may be searchable both on and off LinkedIn, depending on your profile settings.


Having your public profile set to “everyone” will distribute your articles publicly. This is recommended since it means more eyes on you! But remember that your content will be displayed to a PROFESSIONAL audience. This just means that you have to adjust your verbiage accordingly.

Tips for using LinkedIn Pulse articles:

1.) Feature a Keyword that makes it easier for your audience to find you
2.) Use algorithm grabbing headlines
3.) Publish frequently or on a schedule
4.) Promote your own post- don’t rely on LinkedIn alone to spread the word
5.) Add images
6.) Publish at times that a professional would most likely be reading during the day. (Angela recommends between noon and 5pm)
7.) Stay consistent/engaged


Fun fact: Word of mouth is the BEST advertising you could ask for. Click To Tweet


LinkedIn lets you ask other professionals you’ve worked with to write recommendations. Even though the platform endorsements may be popular these days, it’s the recommendations that benefit your business most. Make sense? My girl Angela knows her stuff!


If you haven’t been using LinkedIn up until this point, no worries. It’s never too late to start. I hope you guys learned a lot from this (I know I did!!) and a special thanks to Angela Brooks for sharing her insights and knowledge with us today.

Until next time, Byyyeee



Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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