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July 12, 2019
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July 29, 2019

5 Steps of Building an Online Business Using Duplicable Strategies

Why do you think people join Network Marketing?

Is it the promise of Time Freedom or More Money?

Or Maybe is The fear of missing out (FOMO) and wanting to belong to something More?


…. or all of the above? Duh Marina, all of the above…


If time, money, fear of missing out, and wanting to belong to something BIGGER is sooooooo important to those that join this incredible industry, why do more than 50% of people drop out in their first year? 


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If you struggle with:

  • Prospecting
  • Connecting
  • ATMing Like a QUEEN does
  • The Follow Up
  • Or having a System

This will BLOW YOUR MIND! In this episode, I get the opportunity to chat with John Melton (aka Mr. ATM).



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For those of you who don’t know, he and his wife, Nadya, are absolutely amazing. His wife taught me about outsourcing, which totally helped me build my business and my brand. They both go out of their ways to help this industry with the ATM system and it’s super awesome. I’m so grateful for you guys!


I’m going to keep it real. Mr. ATM has had a major impact on me in so many ways. From watching his email marketing, to the way he treats his team and others, this guy is a rockstar. It’s been such an incredible learning experience and I feel so lucky to have met this human.


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Mr. ATM knows the ins and outs. Here I am with a baby, and I’m able to build a successful online business based on so many things that John has taught me.



John got involved in Network Marketing 17 years ago with no background in business and no idea what MLM meant. But Network Marketing sounded better to him than college, student debt, and a JOB (Journey Of the Broke). There is nothing wrong with having a job, but most people do not enjoy what they do. And even if you do go to work everyday with enthusiasm, it’s still nice to have another stream of income.



A lot of moms are drawn to this industry because they prefer Mom Care to Day Care. Having the freedom and flexibility to work from home is appealing to so many people, regardless their backgrounds. I know for me, being able to stay at home with Baby Madelyn is something I wouldn’t give up for ANYTHING



Content creation and lead generation are super important, but also know this: You don’t need a huge following or a massive influence to grow your online business. John was sick of cold-calling, running ads, and picking business cards off cork boards.


He wanted people to reach out to him with questions like: What are you selling? How do you make money? What is it that you do? He was sick of chasing people down, which totally makes sense. It can be a yucky feeling hounding people who aren’t even quality leads to begin with. So now, I’m so stoked to dive right into these 5 strategies for slaying online sales!




Step 1.) Prospecting and Marketing:


These are the most important. Marketing is not taught inside the network marketing profession. We learn how to network sell, network pitch, and make presentations, but we never really learn marketing. And a lot of the brand marketing doesn’t align with network marketing, which can make it especially tricky.



Doing a FB live to launch your business or creating curiosity posts are great ways to prospect and market your business. Your goal isn’t just to get them interested, but to ask a question that peaks their curiosity. Then you can tell your story and get them added to a group. This is prospecting/ proactively reaching out to people. This doesn’t mean cold calling strangers with a cheesy script. This means getting people to just look more into it. We’re looking for lookers!


Don’t get discouraged if someone else’s curiosity post gets more comments and likes than you, because there will always be someone doing better than you in this industry. So don’t compare yourself in this industry and remember: It’s okay if you suck at some of these things at first, because you’re new at it. Don’t get so wrapped up in the results. Instead, throw your energy into the activity and telling stories. This will get you far in prospecting and marketing your product or brand.



Step 2.) Connecting with Humans:


This means having conversations and leading as a human first and marketer second. If you’re only talking about product and opportunity and not asking questions, you’re going to come off with commission breath. If you can build a brand, you can build a business. It’s okay to not have a lot of engagement and leads in the beginning.


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Everything you’re doing now is getting you ready for your future videos, future posts, and future conversations. Make sure that you’re LISTENING to people and taking the time to ask questions. Remember, initially you’re not selling someone something, but just getting that someone into the group. The goal is to convince them just to look. Selling comes later. 



Step 3.) “Create a Tool/ Don’t be a Fool”:


This means that once someone expresses interest, you can direct them to a live video, group, or the ATM system. First, you’re plugging them into the community (testimonials, before and after pics, rank advancements, recognition, etc). This allows people to see people winning, along with the culture of the group.


Then you’re at the phase where you can talk more about products and opportunity. Make sense? ATM groups can be so important because once someone is in the group, you can see who added them and keep track of how they got into the group. This is powerful because let’s say you add 10 people to the group.


Then one of those people 6 months later wants to buy the product, the moderator of that group can go in, look that person up, and see exactly who added them to connect them back to that person. Heller? That is powerful stuff. People share their experiences, people are tagged in the post, and BOOM: hot leads!


Step 4.) Follow Up and Close:


This step is both an art and a science. It’s super important to improve your follow up and close skills because you work so hard with the first three steps and the fortune is truly in the follow up! That’s keeping it 100 with you guys. If you don’t follow up, all the work you did (the ATM system, the live videos, the content creation, the calls) will be for nothing. Ask those questions and have fun with it.


Building a business can be difficult, but you know what else is difficult? Being broke or at a job you hate. 



Step 5.) Get People Plugged into the System:


Doing this helps you to master the other 4 steps. Teaching people the system, duplication, and leadership development is everything. Here’s the truth. People want to go out and build a thriving successful business, but the truth is you know you can do more. You could do more live videos and more personal development. You have people right now on your list that you haven’t talked to. And as for the leaders with downlines?


Think about the number of Facebook friends you have. Then think about how many people are in your team. If you have big dreams and big plans, but you’re only talking to less than 5% of your people, you will let yourself down. If you want maximum results in your life, you need to talk to a maximum amount of people. People don’t do this because they’re nervous and don’t like rejection.


Nobody likes rejection, but you have to understand that the word “no” is just the beginning. Every “no” gets you closer to the next “yes”. Anytime you get rejected, it’s important that you learn from that experience. Sometimes you learn and sometimes you earn heelers!


Rejection is a part of being human and it’s a part of being in business.



The kinds of things that are difficult for people to handle are things like rejection, procrastination, and comparing themselves to others. But you can’t let these mental road blocks hold you back. We (along with many other industry leaders) have been there.


There are times when we struggle with confidence and keep going. Learn from it. Let it make you stronger. There are days where we don’t want to check the billion messages in our inbox but guess what? There WILL be times when your feelings don’t care about your dreams and your dreams don’t care about your feelings. That’s just keeping it 100. 



Remember Heelers, 10,000 hours of doing something makes you an expert! The 5 steps we just went over are a roadmap to building your online business. You have to master these steps and put that time in.



Even when you don’t feel like showing up (I’ve been there), show up and tell people where you’re at. There is nothing wrong with being human and people will relate to you. There will be people who let you know that you helped them, but the truth is that they help you just as much. Even though it can be difficult, successful people push through it anyway. 


Until next time Heeler! 


Marina Simone



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Marina Simone

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