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July 19, 2019
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5 Ways to Sell Your Product Online Using Videos

In this Episode, I dive into different ways you can sell your product online using video. This could be a live, prerecorded, YouTube, IGTV, LinkedIn, or Facebook video (mainly anything social media).


First, it’s really important that you understand there is no perfect way of doing this. You just need to find your mojo to get started. I really want to challenge you to do 5 things in the next 5 weeks.


It is totally okay to repurpose videos. What do I mean by that? When I create a blog for example, I am repurposing a video using the InSquare or InShot app.


First, I want you to understand that when you do a Facebook Live, I don’t want you to just go save it and upload it to YouTube. I want you to first edit out the parts in the video that let people know you are live. You can do that by using iMovie or another movie editing software. It’s the same with IGTV. You can repurpose a video but make sure you cut out the parts that are live. You could also record a quick video and just upload that to YouTube.



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Think about it. Somehow or someway, I bet you found me through a video. Whether it was a live video, a Facebook ad that went out, a live webinar, or me boosting a post, you probably found me through a video. Basically, I train you through video, which is why it’s so powerful. They are a great way to get eyeballs on your product, service, or business. You need to be leveraging video and thats keeping it 100 with you guys.


If there is anything keeping you from doing videos, I really need you guys to push through it and do them anyway. I have been a HOT MESS in some of my videos, but I still did them and got results. People don’t need perfection to receive your message. As a matter of fact, perfection can push people away from you because perfection is less relatable.


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At the end of the day, the video is POWERFUL! It is an amazing tool that helps people get to know you and your business.

Now let’s get into it.


5 ways to sell your product online using videos

1.) Unboxing Videos:

How many of you have kids who have watched videos of LOL dolls getting unboxed?

How many of you have watched the Fab Fit getting unboxed? Bottom line?



People, including myself, can get sucked into watching unboxing videos because they are compelling. You can do this in your Instagram stories, So I want you to think about what is included in your flagship products.


If it’s a weight loss product, for example, unbox and go through the benefits of the product and what each product does. You can talk about how excited you are about a new product. If it shows the company name, put masking tape on it to cover it up.


I recommend you do an unboxing video once a month. You can also challenge your team or other people in your company to do the same. As weird as it sounds, people love to watch people open things. I guarantee you will get engagement if you do an unboxing video!

2.) Showing How Your Product Can Be Used:

Kylie Jenner for example has Instagram stories where I swipe up every time. Why? She shows how her makeup products can be used! If you sell eyelashes, do a story where you’re showing people how to put on the eyelashes. It is SUPER important that you are showing people how your product or service can be used. This is a great way to engage people and draw them in. Yes, please!




3.) Giving Value Before Asking for the Sale:

My webinars, for example, are a way that I give value before asking anyone to buy anything. Tutorials are also an awesome way to give value. Think about it.


How many times have you bought something and then googled a tutorial on how to use that particular product? I know I have!


If you have a weight loss program, for example, specify exactly how the program works. Giving value builds credibility and makes people more likely to like you and trust you. You can use tutorials across social media platforms. LinkedIn even has video now. You want to be first right? Be first and start posting on LinkedIn. “How To” videos are amazeballs and a great way to add value.


4.) Showing the Different Ways a Product Can Be Used:

This is a fabulous way to attract different TYPES of customers from different markets. Weight loss for example. You may have a customer who wants to lose 30 pounds, and then another customer who doesn’t want to lose any weight at all. This just means that you adjust the conversation around that product.


For the customer wanting to lose weight, you would say something like: This Bye Bye Belly Product will help you on your journey to lose 30 pounds.  For the customer who doesn’t want to lose any weight, you could say something like: You’re going to use this product to inhibit fat absorption and maintain your weight. it’s a different message and a different application of the same product. It’s starting to make a lot more sense now huh? Kylie Jenner shows people that her lip balm can also be used as eye shadow. Find the different uses for your product, then tailor the message accordingly boo boo.


Different uses = more customers.


5.) Problem Solving:

This one is HUGE! You want to fix a problem that your target audience has. Magazines are a great way to find content and turn it into a video where you can explain and solve someone’s problem. If you’re in the weight loss industry, for example, there are TONS of magazines where you can get ideas. I’ve done it, we’ve all done it.


Sometimes our minds are so overworked that we can’t even think straight. I get it. This is a little trick I do when my mind is all over the place. Once you find a problem, you can make a video explaining the problem and ways to fix it. Magazines are a great way to find out what problems are TRENDING so this way you can solve the problem that your target market is facing.


I want you to keep these tips in mind when you make your next video and challenge yourself to utilize all of them. In my opinion, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Stories are all great platforms to post your video. I am so excited for you guys to get started!


See you next time Heeler, Byeeeeeeee


Marina Simone


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Marina Simone

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