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July 29, 2019
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How Can I Sell the Business Opportunity If I Haven’t Had Success Yet?

I want to get into this because I feel this is a topic that a lot of you are struggling with. Just recently, a client of mine asked how she could talk to people about making money if she herself couldn’t make a lot of money in this business. I understand that this can be a concern and am going to explain how you can overcome this problemo.


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How can I talk about making money if I’m not making any money?






First and foremost, I want to let you know that this can be a major mental block in growing your business. This idea is surrounded around the belief that people are going to connect to the big money and not the small money. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. When I think about building an online brand or network marketing business, I think about what the masses will connect to.


Example: If I sit here and talk about making seven figures, you might get excited about making seven figures, but you may not even be making six figures. Will you really connect to my seven figures story? Most likely, no. The masses of people are not making money in a Network Marketing Business.


Think about this for a sec. When you approach someone about a business opportunity and all you’re talking about is making the big bucks, you might actually scare them off. So it doesn’t really matter that you’re making all this money because a majority of people can not relate to that.


The first few years that I was in Network Marketing, I was only making $500 per month. I actually ended up spending more than I was making. Even before I was making money, I was still enrolling people and getting customers. I remember thinking that the reason I wasn’t having massive success was because I wasn’t making huge amounts of money so I understand the feeling. I want to help you get rid of the blockages that are keeping you from experiencing business growth.


If you think you have to be this huge influencer to be successful in your business, you are absolutely wrong. It is a MYTH to think that people will not join you just because you’re not making tons of money. The simplest person, with the most normal life can have success and that I can promise you. the truth is that your STORY makes way more of an impact than the number in your bank account!


Your story is important and impactful. This is what you should be using to recruit. Your story is your connection to people. When people feel a connection to you, they will join you. It’s that simple.


Don’t let “I don’t make enough money” blockages keep you from connecting with people. Tell your story! It impacts people and helps them relate to you. Forget the amount of money you’re making because it’s not relatable to the masses anyway. People have to relate to you and connect to you in order to feel an impact by you. Bottom line? You’re story sells and that’s just keeping it 100 with you guys.


The biggest thing is the thought that if you don’t have success, you’re not going to be able to enroll people. This blockage is what is holding you back. For example, if you’re always focused on the fact that you’re not making money, you will continue to not make money. You want to focus on RAINING dollar bills!



We want to visualize money growing on trees. A “no money”mentality will push people away because that’s the kind of crap and desperation you’re putting off. You’re not all the way there in your belief in yourself. Therefore, you’re coming off with no confidence.


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It’s so important to understand that this stinkin' thinking is what’s holding you off from greatness.


I need you to dream of money growing on trees. I need you to literally do snow angels in the money you’re dreaming about. Most importantly, I need you to FEEL IT. I’ve enrolled 15 people this month so far. How? My belief in this industry is so strong because I’ve heard STORIES and I know what this industry can do for others.


I’ve heard the story of the man working 3 jobs to just put food on the table for his family. Is that my story? No.


BUT I can still leverage that story when I’m talking to a man with the same story. You see what I’m saying? So that block of no success means that you can’t have success is complete ISH.


People don’t care how much you know, it's how much you care. You may think you can’t have success because you don’t know everything about everything. I don’t know the ingredients, I don’t know exactly how to do the presentation, I don’t know what to say exactly.


I want you to know that you will get information constipation if you’re trying to figure all those things out. It’s like you’re putting a knife in your foot and trying to walk, it’s just going to make it worse. That knife is going to grind in your foot because you think you have to know all the information.


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Okay, now back to my regularly scheduled blog…


Let me be clear. I don’t know all the information about all the things and products. Most people don’t need to know exactly how something works. They just need to hear a story and know it works. Show interest in people when you’re talking to them. When they know how much you care, it doesn’t matter how much you make.


If you think you have to be an influencer to have success in this industry, that’s a bunch of BS. I was making money before I was an influencer. Why? I just got through the numbers, I invited a whole lot of people, I never stopped following up, I wasn’t attached to the no’s, and I was building belly to belly. So your system needs to be the issue, NOTYOU boo boo.


You think your story isn’t unique or enough, but your story is more powerful than mine. Why? Your people are going to relate to your story and my people are going to relate to my story. Your story sells. Steve Jobs talked about it and applied it to selling iPhones. At first, I didn’t jump on the iPhone train. What made me change my mind and get an iPhone? The STORIES. I had to see the stories of people talking about how amazing and convenient it was.


When I got preggers with Anaiyah, I had a blackberry and it took horrible pictures. The stories showing the social proof of people winning with their phone is what got me in the end. The stories sold me and it’s that simple. Your audience is your audience and my audience is mine. Don’t try to be like everyone else.You are your brand and you need to figure out how to tell your story!  Your story is impactful. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to tell your story, that’s something we do in the Heels Up Academy.



When I think about the misconception that you can’t have success if you’re not already successful, I think about four companies. FedEx, Amazon, ESPN, and Tesla all have one thing in common. For the first 5 years of doing business, they all did not make one dollar. Heller? Now all four of those companies are raking in the dough. Think about that for a second. Let that sink in. Holy guacamole!


Here are 3 things you can do to get rid of the stinkin’ thinkin:  


1.) I want you to celebrate the small wins. Get really really good at telling the stories. If you want to attract the masses of people, we need to speak to the masses. The fact is this. The masses of people like the little stories because they’re more believable. If I told you I was making seven figures and you could do the same thing, it’s less relatable. So you may be excited for a minute, but eventually go home with the stinkin thinkin that I can’t do that. That type of thinking is only going to keep you from the little wins which lead to success.



2.) Your mindset needs to get over your fear of being successful. Everyone defines success differently. For me success could mean a certain number, but for someone else it might mean a certain lifestyle. Personally, I used to define success as time freedom. Now, I define success as reaching my impact goal. This goal is getting 1,000 women out of their cubicles and putting them on a throne. So figure out what success means to you because it’s different for everyone.




3.) Stop over-promising to yourself, and then under-delivering. You have to have a stairway to success where each step is a small win. It’s possible to make it up to a certain point on the staircase, and then get knocked down by someone or something. It’s okay I promise you. It’s not a straight shot up the stairway to success and there is no elevator to get there. Embrace the suck because that’s life. Focus on the activity and the small wins and you will deliver every single time!


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You can do this, I believe in you. Until next time Heeler, Byyyeee


Marina Simone




Marina Simone

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