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August 11, 2019
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The One Secret Why Network Marketers Aren’t Having Success Online

In this Episode, I called upon a really great friend of mine, Rob Sperry. He’s built an incredible space for Network Marketers who are just getting started. Rob’s the author of “The Game of Networking” and he’s been involved in the industry for over a decade and has literally driven companies to billions of dollars.




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Today we’re going to create awesome content and pull out all the stops. He’s been through the trenches and has tons of experience to share. We’re bringing the heat for you Heelers so let’s jump right in! Rob has had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but still manages to bring it in this business and his stats are AMAZEBALLS. His background involves being the number 1 recruiter out of a million distributors in a multi-billion dollar company!


He was able to take a company that had generated about 4 billion dollars in sales, and create a new brand. He started online marketing when not many people were doing it. Rob spoke in 9 different countries last year and is a total rockstar!


Even though Rob describes himself as a crazy ambitious introvert, he has had a lot of success in this industry. Despite this, Rob said he would weigh his fears on a scale of 1-10 at a 9. Even though Rob was fearful, his goals and ambitions were BIG and outweighed his fears. So remember, you’re not the only one with fears in Network Marketing!


Rob quit his job too soon because he didn’t know the difference between bonus income and residual income. He found himself in his fourth month only making $400 for the month! So in a nutshell, Rob has experienced the highest of highs, but also the lowest of lows.


I think the most important thing about Rob’s story is the fact that he’s willing to share it even though it’s not perfect. I can’t stress this enough:


Your STORY is powerful.



Even if you think your story

1.) isn't sad enough,

2.) hasn’t had enough obstacles, or

3.) is too scary,

it is still super IMPORTANT.



When you share it, it’s authentic (you can’t go wrong being honest because people respect that). Remember Heeler, when you tell your story, it comes and it flows because it’s real for you. Not only that, there may be someone going through the exact same thing who can relate to you on a deeper level.




We understand that you guys have fear. So do we. It’s important to remember that people are always going to judge. The key is to find a way to be BOLD and just be your authentic self. We all learn as we go. Part of your story is the part that isn’t written yet, so sell your future self.


The truth is that…


..Success is always harder than we think it will be so do WHATEVER IT TAKES! Click To Tweet



If you haven’t had tons of success yet then sell your COMMITMENT (future self). Back in 2014 before I had the success I do now, I was selling my future self which was my committed self. Being that social media is so huge right now, it should be your platform for selling your future self.  


What are the reasons Network Marketers are failing on social media?

According to Rob, most people consume a ton, but don’t take ACTION. If you ask any top leader who has crushed it and had success, and they will tell you that they took massive action and a couple of the simple income producing activities.


It really comes down to providing value on a daily basis. When you approach someone about doing business and get a “no” don’t get discouraged. They may say no, but then see your content consistently and start to like what you’re about. This could bridge the gap between you and that person without having to have a thousand conversations with them.


As you provide value for others, you become better and that’s keeping it 100. Providing content and value can even kick-start attraction marketing where they come to you!


Posting consistent content can even help you become a better speaker and more effective communicator. Rob says that,


Good leaders have vision, but GREAT leaders know how to GIVE vision. Click To Tweet


This makes an ISH ton of sense to me! From a social media standpoint, consistency is key. Once you start doing posts and stories, you will gain insights about yourself and what your audience wants to see.


There are so many ways you can provide value for your audience without being a professional coach or teacher. Can you sleep train your baby? Can you show me how you decorated your living room in under $300? Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet? The point is, you can provide value by literally showing someone how to do anything.


As long as you shift your mindset from fear of judgement, you can overcome other fears also. This is because fear of judgement surrounds most of your other fears. You can’t be all things to all people and that's OK. Your brand may evolve and change and that’s OK too. What you want to do is create a TRIBE.


Having a tribe means having people who genuinely like your content. If they don’t like your content, you actually want them to unfriend or unfollow you. It’s not bad because everyone has their likes and dislikes. Think about it.



Would you want to have 100 people that really like you, or 300 people who dislike you?




You want to have people in your tribe who resonate with your message. Then all of a sudden, you have your own group of like-minded people and you find your niche. Holy Guacamole, my guy Rob knows his stuff, and this is why I love learning from him so much!


If you look at everyone who is successful in business, you find out that they have a niche. They have a certain style or personality. In a nutshell, you’re aiming to have your own niche and stand out. The world has enough followers so don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Get over the fear of judgement because no matter what, people are always going to judge. They will judge you for being too successful. They will judge you for not being successful enough. It’s impossible to be everything to everyone and it’s OK because you are you.



Just be your authentic self Heeler!

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Marina Simone


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