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August 23, 2019
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How to Get Hot Leads to Reach Out Through Instagram™ Stories

How to get Hot Leads to reach out through Instagram Stories

The Instagram™ Story Outline with High Converting

Call to Action to Get Your Hot Leads to Reach Out



In this training, we’re going to be talking everything Instagram Stories! We’ll also be talking about how you can leverage Instagram Stories into more sales for your business.



Here’s a quick background on me. I’ve been building online since 2014 and was able to build a social media following of 150,000. I’ve also built an organization of 20,000 customers and distributors in less than two years ALL ONLINE!


I’m so pumped to share with you some things I do on Instagram Stories that have helped me recruit 15 people in the past month. So let’s jump right in shall we?


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You want to be where the people are (yes, just like Ariel).

Where are all the people right now?




They’re in Instagram Stories! If you aren’t leveraging Instagram Stories online for your business, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.


First and foremost, every single great story has a beginning, a middle, a climax, and an end. Think about watching a movie 🎥.


⇒ There is a beginning that gives you some sort of backstory.

⇒ Then there’s a middle that can be boring, but gives you the information you need to know.

⇒ Then there’s the climax where they get you super excited about what comes next.

⇒ Then there’s an end that ties everything together.


 By the time you get to the end of your Instagram Stories, there needs to be a CALL 📢 TO 📢 ACTION . If you don’t do this, you will lose leads to the people who are.


What are you doing wrong in your Instagram Stories online? I need you all to understand that “Spammy Tammy’s don’t win Grammys”. You don’t spam your Facebook feed. DON’T spam your Instagram Stories, (the same thing applies to your Facebook Stories).


Example: Here’s a before and after. Here’s a flyer for a BOGO. NO! These 15 minute snip its are not meant to spam your audience. At the end of the day, your company is already branded and you need to brand YOU boo boo!




People are attracted to your story. They want to know who you are and what you have going on. These social media sharing stories are an opportunity for people to know you, like you, and trust you really quick.


Here are some questions you can think about when creating your Instagram stories online.




1.) What do I have planned for today? For me, I will be shooting video content. I’m also preparing for an online event that I’m doing tomorrow. Then, I will be doing some things with my daughters.




2.) What details of my day are going to be beneficial to share with my audience? For example, since I’m creating video content for today, I could create a behind the scenes 🎬 Instagram story sharing how I got perfect lighting for my video.


Since my audience is mostly online Network Marketers and personal Brand Builders, I could share this great hack with them. Now I’m telling a story that provides value for my audience.




3.)What are some highlights of the events I had today that can be the climax of my story? Since I’m creating a video right now, I could have my husband or a friend recording little snip its of me. This could be the climax of a call to action I have in the next couple stories.


If there are benefits you’ve gotten from using a product, it can be a climax since you’re building up to the end and a call to action.




4.) How can you share stories through social media in a creative way that would be brand building towards you? I use a high heel because it’s a part of my personal online brand. Think of some fun ways you can share some wins you’ve had. For example, I could create a Instagram story about going to the gym. I could use a heel to say,


“Finally getting out of the heels and into some sneakers to get rid of the mom pouch!”


Think about the way people see it and the way people feel it when sharing your story.




5.) If I had to describe my story or wins for the day, What would they be? I don’t want you to finish watching or reading this, and then go run wild and have a free-for-all with your stories.

Remember that this outline is meant to help you write YOUR story. I don’t want you treating your business like a fake Italian. You want to avoid throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks.




6.)What business or product happenings are important for me to mention at this time? Do you have a sale going on in your business? Do you have access to a top business leader in your company? What’s going on and what can you leverage from what’s already going on inside your company? You could leverage giveaways and incentives inside your stories.


Example: I could create a story that says,

“If you’re ready to get started today, I would love to help you because in the next 72 hours I will be picking people to launch with. Not only will you be launching with me, but you will be launching with two TOP leaders. What can I do to help you get started TODAY”


I used this last month to enroll 15 people (Thank you Frazer Brooks!)



Here are some questions you can ask yourself when creating the beginning. middle, climax, and end of your story on social media




What can you post at the beginning of the day to set the scene and give people a little hint of anticipation? This can be kind of like a teaser. What’s your teaser? Think of the trailer of a movie. It gives you hints of what the movie is about and then you decide to watch it or not. You want to show people just enough so they’re looking for you in Stories to see what’s next.




👠The Middle:

What can you post that begins to build the anticipation for the climax of your story? First off, if you want to post a BOGO deal or a before and after pic, don’t be a Spamela Tamala. This is something you would post at the end of your story. The before and after could come in your story telling (it’s called a story sequence) At the end you could even use a poll of either “Yes I’m interested” or “Not interested at this time”.



👠The Climax:

This is the part of the story where everything is going to come to a head. You’ve been building up to the climax. This is the most exciting or peak of your story. For me, that would be talking about the mom pouch.



👠The End:

What can you post that would be a good summary of your day? This is the part where everything comes full circle. This usually is the product or the business. When I sold bottles in a club, I used teasers. I would text customers the theme of the club that week, and then let them know we were having a sale on all liquor. The theme was the climax and the sale was the end of the story. It was so simple, but it allowed me to sell out of bottles EVERY TIME!


When you’re creating your stories, make sure everyone can see your face. If you’re inundating everyone with flyers and deals, they’re not going to be interested babe.



🌟 Let’s talk Social Media Call To Action ideas! 🌟



Below I’ve listed some things you can say to jump start a call to action on your social media:


People want to give you their opinions so ask them this:

“Leave me a message and let me know your thoughts on this”

“Send me a DM and tell me, what is your opinion?” 

Questions like these bring on engagement and start conversations.

“Message me. Have you ever heard of this before?”

“Message me. Has this ever bothered you before?”

“Message me. Do you agree with me on this?” 

“DM me. What is your take on this topic?”

“What do you really think?”





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To sum it all up, YOU are the author of your story. Make sure your story flows and has a beginning, middle, climax, and end. You want to work up to a call to action.


Remember that you’re not branding your online company, but you’re branding yourself. These stories are meant for people to get a glimpse into your world, so get creative with it!


Make sure to ask yourself the questions I’ve listed before going balls to the wall with your story. This outline is meant to help you connect to your audience on a deeper level than “Come Buy This.” Finally, I listed some call to action messages you can send.


I hope you all found value in this Instagram Story training! I can’t wait to see you next time.

Keep on slaying Heelers!

xoxo, Marina Simone




Marina Simone

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