How to get Hot Leads to reach out through Instagram Stories
How to Get Hot Leads to Reach Out Through Instagram™ Stories
August 30, 2019
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October 4, 2019

How to Slay Your Online Business As An Exhausted New Mom

In this episode, I get the opportunity to be interviewed by my girl, Jessica Higdon.


Jess and her husband Ray have inspired me beyond words. I truly believe that the empowerment they provide is so important in this industry, and want to thank them for being mentors for me.


They are AMAZEBALLS. 😍



When I first started in this business, I was a single mom and working my a$$ off in a cubicle just to keep the lights on.



The idea of Network Marketing was super appealing and I had the vision, but I just didn’t know if I could pull it off. I missed my oldest daughter Anaiyah’s first steps and it gave me a huge desire 🔥 to not miss out on anymore of those moments.


That moment (along with the nay-sayers) was the push I needed to go balls to the wall with this thing + run with it. This business has given me the opportunity to ALWAYS be there, and that is something I wouldn’t give up for anything.


In the beginning, I was especially determined to prove the nay-sayers wrong. The truth was that they only fueled me to work harder.


What if I had given up?

What if I left that next stone unturned?



I wouldn’t have the success I have today. 


To watch the FULL Interview click —–> here


At the start of my journey, I was a single mom working for a company doing the job of 3 people (I literally had three computers 💻 at my desk).


I was pulled aside by a superior of mine and told not to talk about Network Marketing on the job.


I will never forget how I responded.


I said, “I’m not living to work, I’m working to live.” Since I couldn’t talk to my co-workers anymore, what did I do? I used my 30 minute lunch break trying to connect 📲 with people on social media. 


Then on my 15 minute drive from work to my daughters daycare, I used that time to be on three way calls with people. Even though I felt stuck, I used any and all of my free time building my business.


I was intentional with my time.One thing I did to do this was set a timer on my phone for 20 minutes so I could get into my inbox.


I did this so I wouldn’t get stuck in the “scroll hole”.



Another tool I used when prospecting was building rapport in 72 hours and then seeing if they were open to the opportunity I was presenting.



You’ve got to rip of that bandaid boo boo!



You can build rapport with people by trying to understand who they are and then just asking them if they’re open to just taking a look 👀.



I removed the anxiety of caring what people thought. It was hard for me at the time but once I did that and went outside of my comfort zone, my business started to really blow up.


You’re never going to get to that next step if you keep caring and that’s just keeping it  💯 with you guys.


The aha moment for me was that I had something that could help other people and if they said no, who cares?


I need you all to remember that everything won’t always be peachy 🍑 keen. Even as I am doing this interview, my baby is screaming. The struggle is real.


It’s not ideal, but over time I've learned to just roll with it. At the end of the day, a screaming baby in the background is more relatable than everything being perfect all the time.


Life changes are going to happen. Since I've had baby Madelyn, I’ve had to find my mojo all over again. (Plus having my mommy makeover kit has helped me feel human again)


Building a successful business with a 9 year old was easy for me. Building and working my business with a newborn= Challenging.



This time around I’m keeping it real. I’ve decided to just share my authentic self- my disorganized, flustered, anxious, can’t keep my ISH together authentic self.


Being truthful with everyone about my struggles as a new mom with a growing business has caused me to grow even more!


Let go of the perfectionism and thinking you have to be perfect. There’s already too much of that on social media. Learn the skill set, mess up, be okay with it, and never give up.


That’s when you will really start to see RESULTS + GROWTH. 🌱


If you’re a mom building a business, I have some advice. You have to learn how to PIVOT when things go bad and try not to react. The struggle for me has been not reacting when I hit an obstacle.



We need to yank ourselves out of tough situations and know that this too shall pass. Ask yourself what impact you want to make, and then start taking baby steps to get there.


You have to know what drives you when you get knocked down. What drives me is giving moms the opportunity to build a successful business without taking away from their ability to be a great mom. That’s what keeps me going when things around me are falling to ISH.


I also want you guys to understand that your past does not define you. People in my past viewed me as this ghetto chick who worked in clubs and hung around questionable people.


In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to build a successful business when people saw me in this negative light. How was I supposed to empower other women when I myself wasn’t empowered?


God had a different plan for me and I went from vodka bottle to microphone.



All of the bad things I'd went through led me to my impact goal. I was able to use my past and what I had learned from it to inspire others who have been through similar situations.


I want you guys to know that you can have success regardless of what your story used to be.



Now I’m going to share something that helped me enroll 15 people in 7 days.



I don’t share with people the money I make or how many people I have in my business because they’re not my recruiting points. It’s not what attracted me to this business and it’s not what’s going to recruit the next person.




If you think money or the size of your business is what’s keeping you from recruiting more people, I need you to get that out of your head. You just need to be honest + be interested + rip off the band-aid.


Instagram stories are huge. If you’re not using these, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. 


Same thing with Facebook stories. Be honest when you’re talking to people. If you don’t like something, don’t compliment them on it. It’s that simple.



Being fake doesn’t work for me.



Be honest with people when you compliment them. The 3-3-3 strategy I use is to compliment someone three times in three days, then rip off the band-aid.


Comment on 3 of their posts, respond to 3 of their stories, then in 3 days, ask them if they’re interested in taking a look at the opportunity.


In conclusion, be intentional with your time. Use your time to build rapport with people you like and want in your tribe. Get rid 👋 of the anxiety of caring what people think. It’s okay if you’re not perceived as perfect. At the end of the day….


Perfect is not relatable Click To Tweet


Keeping it real and being your authentic self will draw more people to you. Learn the skill set, mess up, be okay with it, and never give up.


Try not to react when things get messy, but instead just PIVOT. Ask yourself what impact you want to make, and then start taking baby steps to get there. Keep in mind your impact goal and what drives you when you get knocked down.


I promise you it will pick you right up and make you even STRONGER.


Don’t let your past define you because you can still have success regardless of what your story used to be.

When building rapport with people it’s super important that you are honest and interested. Implement the 3-3-3 strategy I talked about above and then rip off that band-aid!


Until next time Heeler,

Marina Simone xoxoxo



Marina Simone

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