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October 4, 2019
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October 18, 2019

How to Stand Out On Social Media As A New Mompreneur

As a brand new entrepreneur, it’s super important that you STAND OUT  💫on social media. You have to stand out above all the others.


There’s a very loud 🔊 and noisy social media world between Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat, and LinkedIN.


So how is it exactly that you can be different and stand out as a new Mompreneur 🤱 on social media?


In this episode, I’m going to go over 3 ways you can do this to gain an advantage against all the others that are out there.




Not only that, I’m also going to give you 3 extra bonus tips because that’s how much I love you 💕 and want you to SUCCEED.


These tips apply not only to network marketers, but they will work for ANY kind of business that is building on social media.


Let’s jump right in with the first 3️⃣ ways you can stand out on social media.






These three things are the absolute KEY 🔑 to your success on social media as an entrepreneur. For me personally, they have been absolutely pivotal in building my personal brand.


Why? Because when people figure out your brand, they attach themselves to it.


When they attach themselves to your brand and who you are, they’re going to watch you, fall in love 😍 with you, and end up joining you.


It’s really important that as you are branding yourself or building your business, you stay credible, stay consistent, and stay personal. Now, let’s get into each a little more.


#1: Be Credible:

This has been something that I’ve noticed a lot of people struggle with.

If you’re not credible and you’re getting on to just share some information without doing proper research, you sound like a dumb a$$. Just keeping in 💯.



It’s critical that you’re sharing information that is up-to-date and accurate. For example, if you’re sharing something from two years ago, it’s not relevant to today. That makes you look like an a$$.


Most people who are successful in their industry have done research upon research to stay current.


The bottom line is this…


You have to be credible to build an influence. Click To Tweet



Hey mama, I know life can get a little hectic when it comes to posting on social.

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#2: Be Personal:

Think about your favorite musician 🎶 for a second. Why does that particular artist stand out to you so much?


It’s because you personally have connected with them.

You’ve emotionally connected to their words or their story! If you’re not getting personal and sharing stories + obstacles you’ve been through, people will have a hard time connecting + relating to you.


Or maybe it's your favorite author, same thing! And by the way I am currently rereading The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. 



If you haven't read this yet it's literally one of my favs. Tim shares all the things and one that you may just love is How to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours! BOOM. That's what I'm talking about boo boo. 


I found it on Amazon and you can check it out or grab your very own copy. 


When you’re sharing on social media, ask yourself: 


➡️”Are people connecting with what I’m saying, or am I just sharing crap?”


#3: Be Consistent:

This is where people legit fall off the wagon. I’ve been guilty of this. Are you getting friggin tired of doing live videos, doing posts, and keeping up with your schedule on social media?


It can feel draining 😫. I get it and I’ve been there. Sometimes building an influence on social media can be exhausting. So here’s the problem with that.


💥If you’re not consistent, you won’t stand out.


💥If you’re not in my face in social media, I don’t see you.


💥If you’re not consistent, the algorithm on Facebook is going to mess with you and hide you from the world boo boo.



🌟Now I’m going to give you  3 extra bonus tips  because I really want you to be slay it across all social media platforms. 🌟



📌#1: Get Social:

Post inspirational comments on other people’s posts. This will help you stand out. You need to get social because social media is about being social. Simple as that. Want 1 comment, go give 10. Be a go giver. 



📌#2: Get Comfortable on Camera:

I know it’s weird and can feel like you’re talking to yourself. I was not great being on camera 2 years ago. This means that in another 2 years I’ll be even better.


I kept at it and it got easier. Keep at it boo boo because the more you practice, the more comfortable you will get on camera.




📌#3: Look for the Success Recipe on Social Media:


What is that success recipe?

Ask yourself: 👇

  • What times of day should you be posting?
  • What times of day is your following on?
  • If you don’t have a following yet, where is the type of person hanging out that you want to be a part of your following?
  • Where are they at?
  • What are the topics that you should be posting about?


One of the things I love about Tailwind is that it actually analyzes your profile on Instagram for you and actually tells you what times are best to post. You're welcome boo boo. Click —> here for your free trail. 


Branding yourself and building a personal brand can be rough. It takes TIME. ⌛ I need you to understand that it does not happen over night.


When it comes to social media, you can’t expect to do one great Facebook Live 📱, and then expect every single one after that to be the same way.


No matter what, make sure you stay consistent, and success will catch up. 🎉



These are 6 tips that I want you to understand. I know that a lot of people struggle with building their personal brand. I know that because I used to be one of those people.


It took me a lot of energy ,🔋 money💸, and time to figure out little tricks of the trade here and there to grow my personal brand faster.


In conclusion, be credible, be consistent, and be personal.


If you’re not doing these three things, you are not standing out in the social media world.


Get social, get comfortable on camera 📷, and look for the success recipe on social media.


Doing these things takes time, but is worth it because it will help you build a tribe 👠 and make you more visible across social media platforms 📲.


Until next time Heelers,

Marina Simone xoxoxo


P.s. As a busy mom we need self love + self care too to make us feel human again from the inside out. 

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Enjoy my ISH boo boo. 😘



Marina Simone

Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest. 👠❤️


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